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Budget up to 1.000 $.  Using them at home.   So many bright headphones !? Are Denon really that bright?? What's about the "normal" Audio-Technicas ?
How about other brands? AKG, Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser or Denon.   Are Grados the only ones which play Metal und Rock music very well?
I think I don't want to spend too much money for headphones anymore because of further acquirements in the near future (fridge, car tires). 2.500 $ are at the moment too much, so I lower the budget to 1.000 $.   Stax headphones will be bought when I am retired can spend much money in headphones.   So I think headphones up to 1.000 $ (or a little bit more) should deliver me a very good listening expierence.
So much Grado owner around here no recommendation for a Grado model?
So I've removed Stax out of my listing.   Grado headphones appear to be a good choice and not so pricey.
These would be my first headphone, so I think for a start I should take conventional headphones thus non-electrostatic ones.
  Okay, but 2.500 $ are still too much for a headphone.
Thanks men!   Which which of the following Grados would be recommendable??   - SR225i   - SR325is   - RS2i   - RS1i   - GS1000i   - PS1000
Hello,   I am listening to Rock and Metal Music for 25 years. I got a very good loudspeaker but I had to sell them because of job-related reasons.   Now I looking for the a headphone showing me Rock (Hard Rock, Classic Rock, AOR, Stoner Rock, etc.) and Metal (Heavy Metal, True Metal, Speed Metal, Power Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal, etc.) in perfektion respectively nearby perfection.   I have found some premium manufactures like Stax, Grado,...
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