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 I am starting the wonder if it is a card issue esp since a few other people have had issues with the EVO cards (on the Fiio Forums). I like the 128GB card as it will fit my FLAC collection and means I don't have to switch cards (microSD's are a pain to begin with). You may not have a need for such a large card but I am sure I am not the only one that would prefer to keep one in the machine rather than switching between (and losing) smaller cards.I actually use the same...
Just another update...>FW1.6 is still no good for me in terms of skipping/pausing it seems to have reverted to hard pausing rather than skipping to the next track. It is worse some days. I am going to try to get a faster card to see if it is related to the memory card speed (currently using Samsung EVO 128GB). Also was not able to get the new DAC software to play nice on this computer, I will try another. I have to say that the install of hte DAC software is much easier...
Just piping in to see if there is anything new on randomly skipping/pausing/restarting tracks on the X3II, currently running FW 1.4 with a 128GB Samsung Evo (looking for a smaller MicroSD to upgrade to 1.6). What has me intrigued is that if I manually restart the track it usually plays through, or if it skips it will skip from a different point. I have noticed it a lot more in the last week or so. Off Topic, will the FW1.6 be posted to the Head Fi thread eventually or are...
Thanks for the heads up...I guess I will be upgrading my FW....Maybe it will get rid of the pausing/skipping completely.
Thats interesting.....I wonder what is different about 1.5  I don't remember a change from 1.3 to 1.4 in terms of UI letters....but I do know what you mean but small/thin font, it could be better but at the same time as long as it is readable (I dont have any issues  in this regard)
Its been a while and I am happy to say that the pauses seem to have become very infrequent with this firmware version.
I just had another random pause, and earlier I had a few instances of the player restarting the track, but that could have been me pressing the previous track button accidentally without noticing.  Anyone else experiencing the random pauses? I will try to take notice and report back if it becomes frequent.
UPDATE: upgraded to FW1.4 last night and so far the random pausing seems to have ceased. The improvement with the scroll wheel is definitely noticeable. I am glad I chose the Fiio X3II as my new DAP. I'm loving this thing
I'm currently on FW1.3 I upgraded it as soon as I got the unit a few days ago. It worked fine yesterday but today it seems to randomly pause all the time. Should I just upgrade to FW1.4 and hope for the best?
I guess just for completeness, despite there being no replies I should just inform you what I ended up doing.   I managed to borrow a set of Senneheiser MMX450's and despite really enjoying the full feature set (ANC/Bluetooth) I found them to cause discomfort after a few hours. I managed to try the ATH-ANC9's at Minidisc.com.au (Wing was great help) and eventually, after almost a fortnight of mulling (and testing the MMX450's) I ended up making the purchase. They are a...
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