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any reccomendations for a good quality clip on in that price range?
Maybe try the DAC and the splitter with another computer. You could be picking up static interference from your computer itself (ie grounding issue, esp with a big PSU), working on the assumption that your ADG1's are more sensitive and you have had no issues on the iPad/smartphone.
I am leaning towards the ADG1's as for the AD700x + mic solution, my previous experiences with mic's are that they are normally dodgy quality (clip-on) or hard to position usefully (desktop mic) unless they are more expensive. The noise cancelling mic on the ADG1 sounds pretty good from the youtube clips that have been recorded with it.
Just read this thread, I have been looking at the ADG1's and the PC360's...I am leaning towards the ADG1's but would like to try them first. Anyone have any ideas where I can try a set in Sydney?
Not yet
I have been holding off replying as I have not been using them all that much. I love the sound of IEMs and the isolation + compactness but unfortunately I develop a recurring inflammation in my left ear which means I cannot use them for more than a few days in a row without risking inflammation. My thoughts on the M-Duo's? I am currently using them with the smallest double cup tips, isolation is wonderful and I feel like I am getting more depth and richness in tones than...
I am not sure, but it may be a wiring thing, maybe start a thread on it (in an applicable sub-forum) and maybe someone will be able to shine some light on the issue
That was my original use for this unit...I will probably use it with my laptop more in the near future. The LP conversion ability was a major drawcard, even though i don't have any LP's or a record player at the moment
Yes I have tried that. Going as far as dialing on board sound from the BIOS
The x-fi drivers do allow you to control channel balance. It would be very useful in your case.
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