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Hi Guys,   I need a recommendation for a new compact portable headphones under $130. My music source will be portable audio player (I have a portable amp, but I don't use it all the time).   I read some reviews on the forum about some models but still not sure which of them will be the best choice for me. I mainly listen to Vocal Trance and I do like bass.   So far this is my list to choose from -   AKG 518DJ JVC S400/S500 KOSS DJ100 AT...
Back with an update.   Phiaton replay my mail, according to them if my phone supports BT v3.0 or higher I can play lossless audio without losing quality.     Thanks all 
I sent an email to Phiaton asking them about it. Thank you  
I did some reading, the AptX technology comes with BT v2.1 (3MB/s) the BT v3.0 has x8 the v2.1 bandwidth (24MB/s) so I think it's more than enough to deliver hi-quality lossless audio, am I wrong ?  
I know that my phone (Samsung Galaxy S3) have BT v4.0 and AptX. I think that the Phiaton doesn't have it (but they support BT v3.0).   I'm not sure that AptX IEMs even exist yet...
Hi guys,   I'm looking for decent wireless IEMs for workout at the gym.   My main IEMs are Shure SE535. When I workout i'm using the SoundMagic PL-50 and I want to replace them with wireless BT set.     Any recommendations ?     What do you think about the Phiaton PS 20 BT ?     Thanks
It worked   Thanks ClieOS!  
Hi guys,     Is it normal that turning the volume up/down makes noise (like changing the channel in an old radio) in the E11 ?     Thanks
What about DealExtreme ? Do they sell authentic FiiO products ?   I bought from them Fiio E5.
This is so beautiful  
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