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I like the looks of those Panasonics too! Thanks for the recommendation
I've been doing more air travel recently and have more coming up. I either watch videos on my tablet or listen to music and podcasts through my iphone. I've been using my EarPods and they are decent but the isolation is bad so on the plane I have to crank the volume to the max at times just to hear the music. I also have a pair of koss port pros that I love but I don't think they will work well either due to isolation. I had high hopes for a pair of meelectronics M6's but...
Great, thank you! It just wasn't clear from anything else I saw, but I knew they were adjustable somehow.   Thanks!
I purchased a pair of Koss UR-55's today at bestbuy, unfortunately they are a little on the small side for my head so they just aren't that comfortable. I remember seeing a pair of HD203's on sale for 39.99 so my thought is to return the UR-55's for the HD203's. My question is that from the pictures online and what I recall seeing in the store I don't really get how the HD203's are adjustable, do the earpieces slide within the headband or something? Just don't want to...
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