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okay, finally these are on my head.    Initial breakdown (5hrs listening)   1) Looks. box looks good, so do the headphones. I'm not easily impressed by this kind of stuff though, so it doesn't bother me. Some may prefer the look and feel of the denon d2k here.   2) Comfort. Will take time to get used to it, but initially I feel that it's not the best. Nice plush pads, but there's a bit more pressure applied than the denon d2k. I'm not too sure about the...
Any opposition against audio gd's mess up here is opposed by the statement 'Can't get anything better for near the price. Still brilliant bang for your buck'   Well, that simply isn't true.
I base my opinion on 5 years of audio experience.   Testing nearly all of bose's products, extensively. Creative t10's (£25) sound better in every way than the bose companion 20's.   Knowing about the market for each of their products extensively.      And putting my money where my mouth is. £10k I reckon.   I'm a mathematician. I test everything with rigour. Everything.       Tell me about yourself. Where do you put you money + time? Where...
on the subject of 'sound not worth the price,' I've got something for you guys.     Maybe you've heard it before, or haven't. It's the panasonic htf600s. A 'closed' headphone that leaks a lot, isolates little, but is 'closed' nevertheless.   - it's the most comfortable headphone i've ever come across (Sub 200g, smallish portable phone). And you will think the same when you come across it. That's a guarantee. - it cost's £30 here. Reportedly around $30 in the...
  you can almost read my mind.
You highlight a major aspect of headfi researching and buying- price differences between countries.   In the uk, these are on amazon for £230, and the denon d2000 are for £220.   The shures are for £180/190.     So they're all about priced the same.    
Again, i'm not hot on the need a huge system and a £500+ investment to enjoy the denon d7k.   Just use it from a samsung galaxy s i9000 with voodoo sound installed. No amp. No lineout. Measurements put this in the same bracket of desktop amps/dac's like audio gd nfb12.   Having both the phone and the nfb12, I can confirm from a short test that with the denon d2/5k, they are similar.   The fuze is just a joke though. Seriously.
thanks for them answers about the kns8400.   I just don't have a need for a lowly isolating headphone, so i'll pass on this one thanks.     The first thing that the k550 has to pass with me is on the isolation front. Because remember on (what seems to be) a rough law- to make a headphone isolating, you have to sacrifice on some of the sq.
the denon's d2k and d5k are very easy to spot when the source doesn't quite cut the mustard. 2 things happen:   1) a degree of a collapse of the soundstage.   2) placement of the mids in relation to this soundstage   3) sub bass strength     This all happens when driven with the sansa fuze, rockboxed to the d5k. No equalisers or anything else on. I've done many tests, often with different pricepoint dacs, and i've many times been bewildered with the...
fair enough.   anyway, about this KRK KNS-8400.   How does it isolate and compare to other closed headphones in question?
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