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Okay, i've read around the confusing forums and know what to do to flash/root the galaxy s.   I'm just stuck on deciding between cm7.1 , darky 10.2.2 final OR gingerbread 2.3.5   I want top performance when it comes to calling- i'm in a nasty part of middle london. I mean no freezez, no random stops starts. And top performance when it comes to wifi strength. Also full battery is nice (rules out cm7.1?)   I also want voodoo sound AND color. Can I get voodoo...
I can't see why no one's given a real go at the k271 vs k550 comparison.   Because please remember, before the k550 was realeased the k271 was the flagship closed headphone from akg. (still is in the uk!!)   yesterdays flagship closed akg vs todays flagship closed akg. Makes sense??
bose suck.   1000% overpriced. Literally.   If something of bose costs £200, it really should be for £20. Full stop.
Im not sure about pricing elsewhere,   But the fiio e9/e10 is for £130 here, with the nfb 12 at £190.   The fiio e9/e10 beats the nfb (stock filter) in SQ comfortably. Yes, comfortably, in my opinion.   Okay, you don't have optical and coax features, but you do have a cute ultra compact usb dac/amp in the e10- that smashes to bits the udac2. And the e9/10 occupies a much smaller footprint on my desk than the nfb12.    Anyway.
Very good question.    Yea, I wanna know that too.   Leak like a denon d2k? or don't leak like a ultrasone ed8?
Thanks for your impressions muppetface.   You've talked positively about its sound stage, which is nice. No doubt i'll be getting these when they come out for the uk.    
I'm okay thank you....!.
lucky lucky     AGAIN.    YES   AGAIN   THE UK LOOKS TO BE THE LAST PLACE ON EARTH THESE WILL BE RELEASED.     I've checked in 'specialist' london headphone shops, and searched the net all over. One german seller on amazon uk selling these for £320. I ain't giving him a healthy £100 over rrp for these, now way!!!  
Here the nfb is around £50 more than the fiio's.(original prices)   Actually, the second best thing is its function as a mini heater. The first is the multitude of connection options. My tv has optical audio out so there's a use for it there someday.    But yea, the fact that the've released a new version with adjustable sq really sucks for those who've got the old one. Especially considering how long people had to wait for this thing. But that's fine- as one poster put...
I was tidying up and there was a box under my bed, with this nfb 12 in it!   Completely forgot about it. Why, I remember a few months ago after a 300hr burn in (for whatever reason) with all my headphones that I had I compared the sound of the nfb 12 to fiio e9/e7.   I have never witnessed two 'different' headfi products perform so similarly SQ wise. Just to keep this post short, as I don't have a point to proove, my methods of testing are rigorous, trust me....
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