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Lol. Only a matter of time mate.
 You've got one too many if you're struggling for space in your room....
 I saw this too just the other day. Good movie. The longer I watch a movie with Al Pacino in it the more believable it becomes, until many times it just feels real. The best actor ever for me. 
 Oh wow! Had a feeling they'll get some.  What £20k Black Widow headphones are these.  For the regular harrods customer a £5k headphone probably isn't special. They'll have shoes / handbags / coats that cost more, not to mention jewellery that costs much much more. Heck, even a celebratory wine for them must cost more.   
Nice. Would like to hear these myself.
I fell asleep, twice, watching Oblivion.    Actually it nearly cost me dearly as I was wearing my d7k's though luckily I hit my bed/duvet face down first. On either side and something would have broke.    As for the movie - all that I can remember is tom cruise wearing a white space jacket/trousers and a few spherical bots spinning around aimlessly. 
I'll be surprised at anyone hearing my Sig Pro's and not stating that it's a (very) good sound. These and the phonak 232's have been my main headphones in use for over a month.   If ultrasone didn't exist then what I just said would change to just the Phonak's since I can't find another closed circumaural portable headphone that is good enough, both in sound and in build.    The Ed5 can sound like what it want's. I kind of don't care (way out of my £ league). My point...
 Some music will have artifacts inherent in the recording. A good headphone should unveil these and make it clear to see. If it's pop / hip-hop / popular rock then expect distortions and noise when you play back songs. What I'm trying to say is that things won't sound crystal clear because there is no such clarity present in the original recording.  The samsung galaxy s3 should be fine, though it's not the best out there for sound quality. An Iphone sounds definitely better.
Where do you get your music from? What's the bitrate quality.   The m50 won't introduce artifacts. 
'Why do people like bass so much'   I can't understand it. 
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