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 Some music will have artifacts inherent in the recording. A good headphone should unveil these and make it clear to see. If it's pop / hip-hop / popular rock then expect distortions and noise when you play back songs. What I'm trying to say is that things won't sound crystal clear because there is no such clarity present in the original recording.  The samsung galaxy s3 should be fine, though it's not the best out there for sound quality. An Iphone sounds definitely better.
Where do you get your music from? What's the bitrate quality.   The m50 won't introduce artifacts. 
'Why do people like bass so much'   I can't understand it.    Had no Idea.
Forgot all about Focal!
The French seem to like things fine. Fine dining, wine, clothing.......So I'm surprised that I don't see much french folk into fine headphones. Or maybe I haven't looked hard enough.    Any of you guys from France?    Another one there.    Nice one guys - Makes it easier to navigate don't it. Like Imagine if the Fiio threads didn't have Clios or other people on the first page providing links/updated impressions! Messy huh? 
That's useful. No don't mind at all. I think there's a way to link posts so users can get there by clicking through. There's a few other impressions lingering somewhere within these pages. Not sure where though.    People still confused about the price / release date / physical aspects means that browsing through the pages is difficult (50+ so don't blame them), so I think the first page should be more useful. It's a problem I find with loads of other threads and when...
  @ HiFiGuy528  Can you please update the first post to include links to reviews and info in this thread. Updating the title too (removing the 'pro') would be good too. It will avoid repeating the same questions and answers especially useful as it looks like it won't be at least a month till more reviews come in.  Brand new, the K812 will sell for £1000. The HD800 brand new still sells for £1000. Priced the same guys. 
 x2 x3 .. This thread has too much K701 stuff going on. The K812 is a solid deviation from that sound signature. 
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