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You need a warm sounding headphone with ear space, pads, definitively larger than the mdr 1r.    Closed or open? If open then something like the beyer dt880/990 or similar variants would be a good choice. 
Oh right. Completely missed it then!
Hopefully it isn't comfort - It'll be hard to get more comfortable than the mdr 1r with full size headphones!
I visitied Harrods last week and they said they know nothing on the ED5. They'll be getting a ED12 sometime in the new year though.     Spotted the £20k Black Widow headphone. Apparently nearly bought by a 20 something Asian girl but her mother wisked her away.   What headphone is this? Plus, where is it in store??
I'm still waiting for a closed Grado to show up.   Like an official one... you know....
Lol. Only a matter of time mate.
 You've got one too many if you're struggling for space in your room....
 I saw this too just the other day. Good movie. The longer I watch a movie with Al Pacino in it the more believable it becomes, until many times it just feels real. The best actor ever for me. 
 Oh wow! Had a feeling they'll get some.  What £20k Black Widow headphones are these.  For the regular harrods customer a £5k headphone probably isn't special. They'll have shoes / handbags / coats that cost more, not to mention jewellery that costs much much more. Heck, even a celebratory wine for them must cost more.   
Nice. Would like to hear these myself.
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