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  Exactly what I said when I clicked on this thread!
akg k450
My world would be very different if headphones were crappy cos they're wired :)   Got to say though, quite a lot of headphones have not so great/reliable wired designs, especially if one's going to put it through rough times. Get a wired headphone that allows for user replacable wires.There are quite a few in the $50 price ranges.    Wireless will have it's own problems in the reliability sector, I'm sure of it!
Thanks for that info.
 Cheers mate.I was looking for some nice on ear's. Not afraid to stretch the clamp out of headphones - but would this be required with these?
This martin logan headphone hasn't hit the Europe (UK specifically) shelves right?   Can't find one here.   Does anyone know when I'm likely to do so - I'd love to hear these headphones.
Ludovico Einaudi.   My favourite artist of all time!
If I were to have two flagships then one will have to be a closed back. And I mean properly closed back, ideally portable.    My T1's and T5p's actually act and fulfill that duo role quite well. The T1's a nice open headphone and the T5p's a great open sounding heavily isolating closed back. Both headphones are not that amp picky and their sound signature complement each other well (though not in an opposite'ish kind of way). For more variety then I replace the T5p's...
 The W3000ANV look the best though. Agree? If I had the money I'll have this headphone for decorative purposes in my room (the odd occasional listen would be allowed).
Awesome write up.    The 232's are perhaps my all time favourite headphone. Don't know where I'd be without them to be honest.   I want to get customs quite soon though meaning that I found your review very useful!
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