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T5p is very good for classical, though I'm not the biggest fan of this headphone in general, have to say.    I've given it a lot of time and chances (3rd pair) and it just doesn't hit the heights I wanted it to.
Clicked on this thread as I thought someone was asking advice on buying a can opener.     Real let down.
Play around with it and have fun    though keep the volume normal/low!
hmmm, with sinegen it's not the db that I would look at. It's the frequency.    Set the volume (db) at like a level where 100hz can be heard comfortably, then move the frequency control only. You're hearing will follow a curve ( but that's natural.
try a free program called 'sinegen'   probably better than the online one.
Your hearing is probably good - the headphone and your listening station may not extend well enough beyond 10khz. Persons hearing dropping off at 11.5khz is natural anyway.   Using them frequency tone generators isn't the way you really find all the differences between headphone capabilities. Listening to music is more useful. 
Sure mate.   It works perfectly fine, but not too great for sound quality. It acts as if to increase the amps output resistance and makes headphones seem darker / muddier / more closed in. This is especially true of the lower impedance ones i've got and say with a T1 it's much less pronounced.    None of this is surprising at all btw as this is how it's meant to work. Basically it does it's job perfectly!   It's quite big though (physically big I mean). I'll post a...      These philips ones are good.
  Exactly what I said when I clicked on this thread!
akg k450
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