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Yep. It's actually easy to hear and with there being no excuse not to A/B test, forming that conclusion was straightforward.    I guess you could always give it back if you don't like the difference or can't notice it. Got to also say that i've never been a fan of the stiffness though! 
Not sure if i'm allowed to post links (not my store obviously but still)   Just type in ebay ultrasone oyaide cable and you should find one very quickly. I got the 3.5mm terminated one.
How does the ibasso sound when used as a  USB dac/amp.   Anyone to do the honors of comparing it to say an audioquest dragonfly, hrt micrsostreamer or something??   If it's been done in the previous 370 pages - can someone point me to it?
 Lol, that's a good way of saying it.
In most stores where I've seen beats headphones on display, they're broken. An earcup semi/fully detached, cable missing, headband broken, earpad dislodged.....and when I ask the shop assistant they often admit it's not because they're the most popular. Just simply fragile.   The pictures probably correct in that apple will fix that if they were to buy beats over. Maybe it was a story put out there just to see the consumer/media response. Clever way of testing.   Still...
 Lol, my safe search was off. Don't think she started the rumor. 
Who's Siri?
Yea, it looks like pure speculation and a rumor from somewhere. 
Maybe that then. The headphones or the brand just can't be the only factors not least as it's over $3billion.   Time will tell, but apple aren't stupid. Well, they're famously shrewd rather, so there's got to be solid reasons behind it.      Looks like a headfier has had his say on the matter: 
This is actually really big news for the audio world. Wow.   I guess you can say that both apple and beats support the 'style over substance' methodology, so in that sense it's not surprising.    But yea, still surprised by this. 
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