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Who's Siri?
Yea, it looks like pure speculation and a rumor from somewhere. 
Maybe that then. The headphones or the brand just can't be the only factors not least as it's over $3billion.   Time will tell, but apple aren't stupid. Well, they're famously shrewd rather, so there's got to be solid reasons behind it.      Looks like a headfier has had his say on the matter: 
This is actually really big news for the audio world. Wow.   I guess you can say that both apple and beats support the 'style over substance' methodology, so in that sense it's not surprising.    But yea, still surprised by this. 
Quite some time yea!   There's plenty of things now that work like this.   - Samsung S3 has usb OTG out. Just connect some small dac/amp, like the HRT microstreamer / graham slee bitzie, with a USB OTG cable.   - Fiio x5 does the same, though via optical out.    - Asus Transformer T100. Fully fledged PC that's also a tablet. It's got full windows 8.1 and USB OTG out in the tablet itself. The removable keyboard has a full on USB output.     I use the Last one.
 Very easy to do an A-B with these cables.  Easy to tell differences - even my audio(clueless) mates can tell. 
 They've got one hell of a crazy bass line. Like a new type of bass (sort of!).
Sorry for not posting before (busy at work, always).   For me when, with listening enjoyment, when one headphone subtracts the other adds.  The main difference between the two is the soundstage. The alpha dog's lateral soundstage depth is huge. It's hard not to notice it or be impressed by it. Compared to a T1 / K812 / HD800 it doesn't feel very tall though, affecting the overall 3D feel of the soundstage. I find it more enjoyable than the sig pro's soundstage but it's...
  I've had this cable for the ultrasones for nearly a year.I didn't want to say this before as it'll start bickering and arguments, but I wholeheartedly agree. The difference is very large.  It's not like swapping RCA/Phono cables, or digital ones where the difference in my opinion is tiny if at all detectable by ear. It's more like swapping amps - that's how big of a change it is. The mid bass emphasis is gone and a bit of hardness in the upper midrange also recedes....
Heard one of these little things today and was very impressed. It showed it's superiority over the audinst mx2 in more than a few ways.   There's always an answer here on headfi - I was experiencing the pops and clicks - and am sure the updated firmware would put it right. 
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