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  I've just had the same thing happen to me as well.  Had mine for 6 months and have sparsely used them (at home only). This new cable you talk of - is the entire cable new or just the termination??
''I tell you, dacs and players have dome a long ways in just the past couple of years.''   Agree completely. Have for the past week or so been listening to the hrt microstreamer and the audioquest dragonfly II (which I've got now), and they both perform a level at least above the audinst / O2 ODAC  
So just got the DX90 and I'm really impressed. Like the amazon reviewer said, it does sound good with these T5p's.      I updated the firmware pretty much straight away and this is how I did it:   1) Downloaded and unzipped the firmware off Ibasso's site (in their downloads section).     Thread starter provided the link in the first post:    2) Followed simple instructions in the Readme file in the firmware...
You wouldn't think you'd find dangerous spiders in London UK now would you??
I'm getting one of these very soon.    I just find the minerva custom mi performer pro (my first proper set of customs) have me listening more than ever before on mp3 players. So I need a better one...   Asked Ibasso for an update to the dx90 usb dac capability and this is what they said:   - should sound very similar / the same over usb to how it sounds when used as portable player - 64bit system compatibility could be released in the next few days - they're just...
Love them pictures...though that's a dangerous spider I think. 
Probably took them less than half an hour to make that headphone sound better. Some solder a screwdriver and probably (if you like jeremy clarkson) a hammer too.
Execs: 'We need something to boost our Music division. What should we do?'.  Tim: 'Beats me.'    Sorry, had to quote this from the web. Borderline cheesy/funny. I think it's cheesy
Yep, Wow!!    Most read on BBC...cos apple and beats are both kind of popular...   That's the one I got. Just in ebay type in 'ultrasone oyaide' and them are the types of cables that pop up. The connector to the headphone on one end is the same and on the other there's a choice of 1/4 or 1/8 inch. Think that the cable comes in two lengths - I've the shorter length.
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