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dx90 mp3 (320kbps 16/44.1) playback: 8.5hrs   dx90 flac (level 6, 16/44.1) playback: 4.5   Rough figures with phonak 232 at normal volumes and no browsing or other activity in between
Thanks for the suggestion. I've asked him now and I'll see what he says.
Definitely softens after continued use. I didn't like it at first because of the same reasons, but now am okay with it. Still a stiff headphone cable, but manageable.
Thanks for the response guys.     It's actually quite scary how the cable disintegrates almost naturally. It's my third beyer T5p it's happened to. Putting it in context; the most experienced headphone manufacturer out there and this is their (joint) highest priced product. Oversight or what.    Still in contact with polar audio, beyers registered dealer in the UK - want to know the exact cable they'll replace it with.    I Was thinking though to send this headphone...
Oh right. Must be new then. I take it that it's as supple and light as before.   Reckon this will break soon too??
One other thing - is there anyone here that has had a copper recable for this headphone (and can describe the change in sound!) ??
  I've just had the same thing happen to me as well.  Had mine for 6 months and have sparsely used them (at home only). This new cable you talk of - is the entire cable new or just the termination??
''I tell you, dacs and players have dome a long ways in just the past couple of years.''   Agree completely. Have for the past week or so been listening to the hrt microstreamer and the audioquest dragonfly II (which I've got now), and they both perform a level at least above the audinst / O2 ODAC  
So just got the DX90 and I'm really impressed. Like the amazon reviewer said, it does sound good with these T5p's.      I updated the firmware pretty much straight away and this is how I did it:   1) Downloaded and unzipped the firmware off Ibasso's site (in their downloads section).     Thread starter provided the link in the first post:    2) Followed simple instructions in the Readme file in the firmware...
You wouldn't think you'd find dangerous spiders in London UK now would you??
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