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  My Sig Pro's perform really well on the SQ front. Reliable and well built too.I was looking for something on the side, perhaps a flashier portable that sounds as good/better.   But like you I'm staying away from the Ed5 unlimited. No brainer really.Thanks to the guys here for documenting the issues. 
 I think I wrote about it last year on this thread. When I did a solid A/B, the bass extension was an immediate and noticeable difference. This reduced the midbass hump present and along with more sizzle in the higher frequencies contributed to 'opening up' the overall sound. BUT the stiffness (and corresponding microphonics) is annoying. If you're die-hard, you get used to it though  
That digital ear-scanner is a real positive! I'll definitely have one done if it comes to the UK.
I've tried quite a few headphone cables for the sig pro. Cheap aftermarket, silver/copper, pure silver and out of them all the oyaide cable impressed the most.    I personally think that the difference between the oyaide and stock is large with the sig pro. Switching cables on other headphones have resulted in less differences in my experience. 
The 5401 is one of my favourite phones to be honest. Glad that there's a liking here since i guess it's a low key headphone.    I've got a bigger-than-average head so it just about fits me, but the sound is impressive regardless of headphone price. Becomes even better when paired with a good dac/amp. 
Yea, I'm a big fan of these speakers. Had them every since and haven't considered 'upgrading.' 
These build quality issues are embarrassing really. Fair enough, price it as high as people are willing to pay for it, but shoddy build quality will annoy everyone.   But maybe their standards have dropped since my sig pro's are as tough as ever from over one year of continuous use.  I had the sig dj and ed8 before then and build quality seemed good too. 
 I store my sig pro's folded fully, so that there are always stretch forces at play on the headband. The earpads fully touch each other, yep. I just hated the stock clamping force. Pad thickness doesn't reduce too much to be honest - but putting them on a box would do that.  
Was meant to go to the national audio show, but my mistake, didn't look at the trains service. It was one of them engineering works sundays where it would have been quicker to fly to russia than to train it 60 miles north of London.    Never mind. I'll soon make a trip to hifi-lounge (was their headphone stall I think)   Hope you guys enjoy your ED5's!!
I'd seen that and was thinking to buy it but the reviews were not fantastic    There's quite a few more; just type in ebay 'HD598 cable.'   Might order a few just to see 
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