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Soundstage is going to be the biggest difference.   Depending on luck / aftermarket cable modifications (faulty stock cable) something like a T5p would compare more easily to them open back headphones.    The sig pro meanwhile is more in the same line of the m50's, shure 840, focal spirit pro....The sig pro (with oyaide cable) excels these to the point where I'd find it strange if one didn't prefer the ultrasone. Overall it's a very rugged, well made, portable closed...
Sorry about that. Thanks for highlighting it.   Pretty poor from me to be honest not to re-read what I wrote before posting! Corrected now :)    Funny that you use the word 'wall,' since I felt like my interest in the ed5's hit a thick brick one after that audition. The £3k limited's were always too expensive for me, though interestingly after the brief audition I wasn't sure which sound I preferred - my sig pro's (oyaide cable) or these limited's. Would need more...
 Think I should weigh in since I went for the same option with customcans uk.They did a great job around 5 months ago now and I've been using the T5p's happily since. Good guys, who in a busy period (september and start of uni - demand from dj's..) took the time to do this for me. I got them to make me a cable fitted to a detailed spec, but I recently sold it. My system changed so no need for a short 3.5mm terminated cable. Might ask them again one day to make me a...
  I visited the london headphone event yesterday (metropolis studio) and the Edition 5's were there. I asked the ultrasone rep at the stall if he'd heard of this thread or any problems with the connectors - hadn't heard of this thread (and/or headfi?) and hadn't heard of any problems with the connector.  I a/b'd the Ed5 unlimited against my sig pro (oyaide cable) and felt like the Ed5's sounded poor.Very piercing shrill highs across the board and a scooped out midrange...
  My Sig Pro's perform really well on the SQ front. Reliable and well built too.I was looking for something on the side, perhaps a flashier portable that sounds as good/better.   But like you I'm staying away from the Ed5 unlimited. No brainer really.Thanks to the guys here for documenting the issues. 
 I think I wrote about it last year on this thread. When I did a solid A/B, the bass extension was an immediate and noticeable difference. This reduced the midbass hump present and along with more sizzle in the higher frequencies contributed to 'opening up' the overall sound. BUT the stiffness (and corresponding microphonics) is annoying. If you're die-hard, you get used to it though  
That digital ear-scanner is a real positive! I'll definitely have one done if it comes to the UK.
I've tried quite a few headphone cables for the sig pro. Cheap aftermarket, silver/copper, pure silver and out of them all the oyaide cable impressed the most.    I personally think that the difference between the oyaide and stock is large with the sig pro. Switching cables on other headphones have resulted in less differences in my experience. 
The 5401 is one of my favourite phones to be honest. Glad that there's a liking here since i guess it's a low key headphone.    I've got a bigger-than-average head so it just about fits me, but the sound is impressive regardless of headphone price. Becomes even better when paired with a good dac/amp. 
Yea, I'm a big fan of these speakers. Had them every since and haven't considered 'upgrading.' 
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