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 Quite a few variables to consider. Pre production models/burn in/cable change and of course different ears.You'll probably hear it differently.
 I tried them T1's out of a few sources, including the AK340 from the adjacent table. And both the a20 and jds elements for desktop amps. Yea, the stall wasn't busy when I was there!
 I was not a fan of the DT770 at all, so for me it's a solid upgrade. I think they use tesla drivers for the DT1770, so surprised by the naming convention. I guess it's meant to be a studio headphone and with that very hard clamp resemble the 770 range. Much better treble and midrange rather than a strong U shape that the 770 had. Larger soundstage, definition and resolution. To be honest I should have listened to this longer, but that vice grip clamp was distracting...
Wanted to say a big thank you all for a great headphone event! The exhibits, location, attendance and setup were perfect. Okay I live close by but besides the general ease of getting there, Russell square hotel is a really nice venue. Great ambient match from the inside too, with the whole building similar to famous attractions like the Ritz and Harrods.   I learnt a real lot yesterday, and for me having been an audiophile for 5+ years it demonstrates a massive change....
 Yea, it'll be good I'm sure about that! Just reading the thread and I'd like to say also that there is decently priced accommodation/hotel rooms available.The venue is near kings cross, like a 15 min walk, and around that area there are plenty of options.  I'm a local anyway, so for me it's all good!
Just bought my ticket for Saturday now that I'm (pretty) sure I'll be around then.   Really liked the venue the last time I was there.     I've read a lot about canjam over the years, so looking forward to finally going to one! 
 You mind sharing the results of your experiments? But portable waterproof 2in1 headphone/speaker would be good. I'd buy one.
I was meaning to post closer to the time since I wasn't sure if I could make it.   Unfortunately for me it looks like I can't. Won't be in the UK most likely.   The last ones were really good and those who can make it I'm sure will have a great time!
I don't agree with that reviewer on the soundstage. It's much smaller than the hd800 and other top open back headphones. In my opinion that is, but I can safely say that's probably shared by nearly all headfiers. 
You should search up    open vs closed   on the headfi search box right at the top of the page (in the banner).     Don't mean it in a bad way. It's just that if you're expecting hd800 levels of soundstage I suggest looing into headphones in general and seeing in which band of headphones each belongs. Why closed, isolating headphones do what they do and how full size, large diameter, fully open back, angled driver....headphones like the hd800 differ.  
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