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I'd seen that and was thinking to buy it but the reviews were not fantastic    There's quite a few more; just type in ebay 'HD598 cable.'   Might order a few just to see 
The microstreamer is a competent piece of gear. I tried this alongside the dragonfly 1.2, in the end keeping the latter because of it's smoother treble rendition and it worked without pops/clicks on my laptop.   What you're hearing may be down to the headphone as apparently it's not very good. Never heard it myself but I can point you in this direction; 
        Not great images, sorry.    There's a small 'gap' but it's plenty secure enough. It just doesn't click into place, that's all. 
 I do that sometimes myself when on the move. I'm thinking about getting some other ebay cables for this purpose, ones that fit the hd598.  It's been over a year now and the sig pro has never let me down SQ wise. My favourite closed back, especially with the oyaide cable.  A thing peculiar about this headphone and down to (i think!) the way the ethiopian sheepskin leather works  - it becomes increasingly more comfortable during the course of a long listening session. It...
 Not a problem. I've actually listened to this thing quite a lot over the past few days and should probably write a review soon.
 Oh right - like MP3 then. I kept the gain low and volume at around 200+ 
Lol, I remember some random person sent me a PM which read:   BOOOOOOOOOOO!     No, I've tried Hi res files, 24/192, and it wasn't much worse. Difference between MP3 and FLAC is big though. 
dx90 mp3 (320kbps 16/44.1) playback: 8.5hrs   dx90 flac (level 6, 16/44.1) playback: 4.5   Rough figures with phonak 232 at normal volumes and no browsing or other activity in between
Thanks for the suggestion. I've asked him now and I'll see what he says.
Definitely softens after continued use. I didn't like it at first because of the same reasons, but now am okay with it. Still a stiff headphone cable, but manageable.
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