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I have seen some posts saying the dt250 but there hasn't been anything specific talking about the beyer dt250-250 which is a lot more accurate than the 80 ohm model
I cant remember much about the xnor plugin since i didnt use it long enough. Lets just say I didnt like it from the start which is why I didnt use it for more than 2 minutes
the bs2b sounds veiled. Very different sound. the old naive crossfeed for foobar sounds thin, other ones like isone pro sound phasey, tbisone a little veiled and bassy, headfit slightly muddy as well. This is the first one I can just leave on at the standard low setting and feel like the music just got injected some life without making a tonality change. hard panned stuff are more solid while not becoming thick and sluggish like other plugins
New crossfeed plugin that works awesome with grados and maybe other cans to be tested tomorrow....... new foobar plugin the meier crossfeed plugin Fantastic amazing shyte   The last player that had the best crossfeed plugin was J River's own standard crossfeed plugin but this one takes the cake IMO. It sounds alive and tight and finally it fulfills the promise of a non fatiguing crossfeed! wow. I am very happy this was created
Advice is to go to RS2e or at least 325es directly and use L-cush with the electrical tape mod
Modi here as well. Do you also have one of the newer Vali's? I was told that these have damping inside which is the reason why theres not much in terms of microphonics anymore.
Update on a good inexpensive amp with awesome synergy with Grados.... Schiit Vali and RS2i. Amazing! No hiss/noise and the microphonics that people talk about are exaggerated. tapping the chassis with my nails and there is no ping at all. Sound is much better than my O2 for the RS2i.. More matured, more refined, less distortion and all the grado fun is intact!
ahh ok. The DT250-250 may sound even better than the soloist on a simple schiit vali though. It may give it a little more emotion and less of that analytical sound you describe
Thanks. One of these days, I'll try them out. I always have to try every pad that I see for my Grados LOL
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