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Do the instruments like percussions and the attack of even just voices have the same tactile feel on the ma900 vs the planars? I have noticed typically that smaller dynamic drivers just don't have that tactile feel that planars have.
Isn't the audio cards 5.1 or 7.1 just about the outputs? Can't you create a virtual surround via software even with a 2ch soundcard?    Are you talking about actually using the 7 channel outputs and plugging them into some sort of processor to then be connected to the headphone? Sorry I've been into cans for more than 20 years but I am a noob when it comes to surround processing for headphones.
5.1, 7.1, all insignificant to headphone audio
hahahaha I agree. They have BASS :) I don't understand people calling them bass shy too.
I have a bunch of comments already :D
Alright I got the k612 foams. It fixed the annoying reverbey sound. I just compared the q701 pads vs the stock pads with the foam inside and the q701 pads add some bass punch and make the highs a little weird. I prefer it in all stock configuration best. Now I am actually liking this headphone. It is now smooth yet not lacking in highs. My only gripe about them is the slight 2khz peak but this is not anything like the annoying k701. I think I still prefer the modded hd595...
 I will report back after I receive the foams. I'm expecting them maybe Saturday. EDIT: And yes, I agree with your findings about modding most cans.
I have them on my head right now with 2 pad options. q701 pads ang stock pads. the inner foam was removed by the owner though and i am still waiting for them in case they fix the sound. But yah, I don't find them natural as they are now although i find the stock pads slightly more natural than the q701 pads.
Although I haven't heard the ma900 yet and I want to get one, I just wanted to comment that if it is a general thing that the k612 mids destroy the ma900 mids then ma900 mids are probably really bad and the sennheiser hd598 without question destroys the sound of the sony's because the akg to me can't even sound a tenth as good as even the older hd595s. But since there are people that have AKG open headphone compatible ears, I still know that the sonys can totally demolish...
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