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standard for pro audio or higher end dacs
hey its worth asking plus its not really a mod. its a pretty standard thing to have 4 volt outputs.
for more gain when fed into a passive preamp then into single ended triode tube power amps
Precisely why we want schiit to do it for us
It still doesn't explain why they wouldn't reply though. besides having a 4 volt rca output may not be too hard to have in a dac that has a balanced output that gives even more anyways
calling schiit customer service: Since you haven't replied to my cousin's email I'll post it here... Is it possible to buy an yggdrassil with the rca outs modded to 4 volts instead of the stock 2 volts? He wanted to buy one asap but he never got a reply to the email sent last weekend.
What is up with Schiit these days? My cousin sent an email asking schiit if the yggdrassil could be modded to have 4 volt rca outs because he wanted to purchase one. No reply since the weekend.
^ A simple Geek Out 1000 works well for me with these cans
By the way you guys should try the J. Meier setting of the bs2b crossfeed for the 598 SE. The sound is a match made in heaven for these cans IMO.
Can anyone post any free albums that sound like this style?
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