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Same preference here especially focusing on the highlighted stuff. So what headphone/system did you end up with?
Any idea if the Philips ax1101 is any good?
hahaha or this is the weirdest form of marketing.... anyway, I ordered one
any final thoughts on this? I still see them as discontinued on B&H for example but there are lots available elsewhere. Whats the real news about the black q701s? Are they really discontinued?
note that the operative term is no "annoying" treble peak hehehe
ahh ok so 3.5mm with adapter. Not like the hd598 which is 1/4 inch with adapter to 3.5mm
mine is quite natural. No annoying treble peak
I know its both but the way its written should say 1/4 inch jack and adaptor OR 3.5mm and adaptor to convert to 1/4 inch. It doesnt specify whether it is terminated with the big or the small plug. Also when it says 3.5mm(1/4") it is telling us that 3.5mm is 1/4 inch ermmm whut? :D   I mean the question is whether it is like this or this
I am not sure since I have never used surround plugins
Grado SR60e with TTVJ flats and the headband loosened a little, just enough so that there is an inch distance from each earcup when not worn... BEAUTIFUL, IMPACTFUL, ENERGETIC. Its got everything I need from the Grado sound. RS2i for sale 
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