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If only based on the graph those do look a little bright as well. A slight Boom-Tish signature. Of course the graph is only a graph and I am not saying it sounds that way because i haven't heard them yet. Also, I am not sure how on-ear measurements should look.
Tyll seems to like these by the way. Can't wait to read the review while waiting for them to be available locally where I live.
Glad to see you posting again Xenithon. Its been a while. I hope this AKG is finally the one :D
I thought these were neutral. Those look bassy to me.
If the street prices are around $700 to $900 and the sound is really the best thing since sliced bread then that's a different story.
there are also many different sounding hd650s out there. I myself have heard three different sounding 650s.
Are you talking about the same Tyll? LOL He hates Grados and bright cans
By the way, just a quick note to AKG. If these came out at a street price around $900, I am buying them blind hehehe
The force is strong with this one! I am more excited about these than even the Audeze LCDX which I am also lusting after. Disclaimer: I tend to find AKG's just meh and the k701 to me was actually bad.
^ There are already a bunch of impressions from trustworthy individuals. What more is a review going to give you? Buy one! LOL
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