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donunus on massdrop   feature the new Sennheiser HD800S 
Looking forward to that
Its still on
Those differences are very audible. I've owned the silver driver 580s and 600s and the measurement looks about the same comparatively from listening.
Those measurements show pretty big differences
I cant seem to find the difference between the LH control panel buffer settings anywhere. What is the difference between safe, reliable, minimum latency, low latency etc... any specific info on this anywhere?
Nevermind... Think it was Placebo or I was just in a different mood. Sound seems to be the same with 2.29 and 2.23 but 2.29 was buggy. It made Jriver crash and the lights on the GO1000 would go haywire.
Yes I did try it and besides the auto function in the buffer samples, they seem to be the same. Sonically I feel that when upsampling using the new software, the difference in sound quality becomes more dramatic. It could just be due to the specific tracks I am trying it with which is why I am also curious as to how others feel about this. Its not easy to do a comparison between both since they cant be installed side by side for an AB comparison.
I am still waiting for any thoughts regarding the difference between 2.23 and 2.29 for the go1000 for sound quality and bugs etc... So far I have noticed 2.29 to respond differently when upsampling. Could be placebo but it seems that upsampling makes more of a difference now vs the 2.23 software.
I was replying to audio addict since he quoted me and only replied to your question
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