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I got that but there are other versions as well. SSE2, core2 etc...
Which version of ulilith would be best for an i3 running windows 8.1? Is there any advantage to running anything other than the x86 version?
any more impressions on these? are they musical enough to be fun to listen to?
Then again, if I just want to play music without thinking of simulating any correct speaker image angle and just want the instruments to sound like they are the correct phasing without doing much else, the 1 setting is a perfectly fine "set and forget" setting. I am really appreciating how great this plugin is again. I just wish there will be a vst version so that it can be used with Jriver among other wares.
For an all around setting not just for hard panned recordings, I find that 2 is my favorite setting. I felt that the plugin still gave a coloration to the sound but the more I play with the sliders and comparing on vs off, I think that these colorations are from the headphones I am using and that they just get more spotlit when the image is more centered and focused.
Doing a crossfeed comparison again and really find this plugin at the 3 setting to be a great all around setting for most hard panned recordings. I am just now trying out standard recordings that are not hard panned though and am trying to decide whether I can be happy if I just leave it on at all times.   By the way, does anyone know of a vst version of this plugin?
Anyway I think he is getting an yggy regardless of it being 2volts. It was just a question that needed an answer. Nothing to get worked up about.
Ok thanks for the reply. I will pass him the message. He may still be interested though regardless of not having a 4 volt option.
^It's going to be connected to a passive preamp to feed into a  single ended tube amp
well I guess a certain market segment will have to skip the yggy. too bad
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