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lol ok. I guess I was looking for some add to cart page hehehe
Seriously though, If I wanted one now how do I place the order?
By the way, does this have a cool case or something that would make it feel more like a collector's item vs the standard model?
Sennheiser send me one for free! In all seriousness though, I am very excited about this even though I can't afford one
Guys in he US with old 598s or access to a friend's old 598s, please buy a pair of these 598se's so that we can confirm whether they are exactly the same headphones.
get a schiit Bifrost multibit and a Valhalla2 and you will be set. Those will be awesome with all the high impedance cans. With the hd598 however, I would get something thats good for lower impedances. An asgard2 will do the trick for example.
plus the black one looks cool. Who is taking one for the team?
They are spec'd to be slightly heavier. Maybe better resonance control/tweaks inside? :D
After making those speakers, I went nuts about audio and dreamed of all the unobtanium I was reading about in stereophile and the absolute sound.
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