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I have them on my head right now with 2 pad options. q701 pads ang stock pads. the inner foam was removed by the owner though and i am still waiting for them in case they fix the sound. But yah, I don't find them natural as they are now although i find the stock pads slightly more natural than the q701 pads.
Although I haven't heard the ma900 yet and I want to get one, I just wanted to comment that if it is a general thing that the k612 mids destroy the ma900 mids then ma900 mids are probably really bad and the sennheiser hd598 without question destroys the sound of the sony's because the akg to me can't even sound a tenth as good as even the older hd595s. But since there are people that have AKG open headphone compatible ears, I still know that the sonys can totally demolish...
Bump this old thread for sub 1k players available today. Any experience with Yamaha, Pro-ject, yamaha, Tascam, Teac, etc... here?
I am not really over complicating things. What would be the use of comparing two measurements from one site when one of the measurements was done with a different microphone and different method for example.   Also about the hd650, reason why you are surprised is because they don't all sound the same.
Yes they may show the relative differences between the two but if you are already used to the 2khz peak then other cans become lacking in that area. To fresh ears (people that have never heard the k701/702s before, I always get people complaining about the shoutiness/honkiness in the upper mids which agrees with what I hear also which is why I find the changstar and goldenears graphs to be closer to how i hear them vs the headroom graph.
They all have their ups and downs so far as comparison is concerned. I believe that all of the sites have changed their methods throughout the years possibly making old measurements not comparable to the ones done recently. Back to the k701/k702 look at the changstar graph... Still has a 2khz peak so that is definitely something in common with the goldenears graph. The headroom graph for these cans are further from accurate to my ears.
So far as using them for basis on how one compares to another... ^^Yes that is true. I just don't like the idea of saying that one graph is more accurate than the other like what acix was saying.... Until there is a real standard of measurement that totally translates to the exact thing we hear. The goldenears graph has the right idea for the k702 though. Even though I didn't see that I would draw the graph myself to be like that by ear.
Guys it is pointless to argue about graphs that are smoothed to produce those curves. This is why goldenears, changstar, headroom, and innerfidelity have different results in measuring the same headphone. Here's the k702 mesuring more like it actually sounds...  
I'm still waiting for someone to do an in depth KEF M500 vs NAD Viso HP50 comparison :)
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