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The German maestro has a more consumer oriented sound of having that one dimensional bass and treble without the midrange articulation of the dt250-250 though. You just need to get a good amp to match them. I have compared the GM and the dt250-250 side by side by the way. I may have also had the 80 ohm at the same time. 
There you go my latest craze. Bottom pic shows the electrical tape          
No. DT250-250 is much more enjoyable to me The dt880 sounds dead and sterile. It just lacks mids and has a treble spike that makes matters worse. I like it more than the t1 though LOL   Now I have heard great things about the dt880 when paired with tube equipment using tubes with forward mids though to compensate for its flaws. and almost forgot... dt880 bass is better and tighter than dt250-250 bass
I don't know if I have already said it but the RS2i with taped bowls has never given me listener fatigue even though I have been using them for hours on end. My old sr225i gave me tinitus once in a while. There must be something about the plastic grados that makes them need pads other than bowls unless the E series fixed that issue since they do mention internal resonances are fixed now.
Purely Bodacious and most Excellent Thread!!!
It should work. No harm in trying I guess
Final thoughts on the RS2i I just purchased. I am loving them to bits! The electrical tape modded Bowls (L-Cush) are amazing! I havent stopped listening to music for at least 5 hours now :D I am even banging my head to classical and love ballads hehehe
I am still ordering senn pads and flats along with a vali just to change things up but I have a feeling the taped bowls will be the best
I guess I am unlucky since my pair sounded distorted grrr.
Real yet subtle enough not to touch the good parts about the Grado sound. But, It will not stop me from buying lots of other pads for them hehhe. Krutsch, search for innerfidelity grado mod then read that article. That should give you the basics. Its an old mod but I cant find the original headfi links right now. I have so many mods myself ever since the 90s but I'll talk about those later.
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