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Oh so far as imaging is concerned, the meier is definitely better for me as well. I was pretty darn impressed that I actually made a thread about it a while back. Right now I use no crossfeed at all though. Try The Jriver crossfeed by the way. Sometimes it works quite nicely.
The meier xfeed is good. Its similar to the naive xfeed though in that it makes the sound a little thinner than neutral.
better than itunes vbr? how so? I find itunes vbr 320 to be transparent
Has anyone done any serious comparisons between ogg(sse3) at q.8 or so vs aac vbr fdk?
electrical tape on bowls. Here...      
But weird thing is... I like the sr60e more than the rs2i using the same taped bowls so go figure :D
Well all grados are like that. Small differences from model to model. I was more interested in what the differences actually were and in this case, most people including fourrobert13 above has mentioned that its mostly just a difference in the bass region. I mentioned bowls maybe being better suited to 80es than 60es since the bowls sound thinner and am assuming that the bassier sr80e will be a better match with them.
ah ok thanks for that. I have a feeling then that the 80e will be better than the 60e when used with bowl pads. I have the 60e as well by the way. Great value cans!
I'll bump this thread to ask if anyone has actually compared the 60e and the 80e. I am wondering if the 80e is significantly better.
tired of it. The modi is either going to someone that can use it or the garbage can. What a waste. I mean of course we can blame windows but since my laptop is more expensive than the modi then reality sets in and what do you think will get replaced... hmmmm
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