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yes its a usb 3 port. only problem is, it wont work on the usb 2 port as well. this config right now is fine so far
http://www.head-fi.org/products/fostex-t50rp-closed-ear-stereo-headphones/reviews/13593 It does have comparisons vs the old one
Oh, whats nuts is that I connected the non powered hub to the powered hub and It works. It sounds better that way vs just using the non-powered hub alone.  I really don't understand why it needs the non-powered hub in the chain to work though. Very WEIRD!
Ok now that the MODI already worked with a regular (non-powered) USB hub, I decided to buy a powered hub to increase or improve the power. I'm back to the same issue again. Attached are some screenshots. I would be fine with the regular hub except it doesn't sound as good as it did without any hub connected at all which is why I got the powered hub. Any Ideas?    
Damn! T1? Edition 8? Those are insane! I mean I hate those cans lol
The review of the t50rp3 was up a while back in case you missed it. Anakchan did the comparison of the old and new t50rps
Has someone done a comparison of the 3 series models?
It now works with a USB hub. The sound is slightly less dynamic though maybe due to power degradation. I'll buy a powered hub and see what happens.
and by the way, its not even showing up anywhere in device manager or under the sound drivers.
I need to try a USB hub but I am seriously doubting that it is the issue. Can someone chime in with their experience with the modi and windows 10?
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