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Has someone here compared the modi2 or uber to the modi 1?
I may be in the minority here but I prefer the bumps vs no bumps. I am saying this based on a comparison between my k240s and Q701. The K240 becomes itchy after a while under the headband matbe due to heat. The Q701 bumps help in getting some air in there.  
The rattling sound went away with my Q701 after some burn in. The amp may also be better on one channel vs the other making it rattle more on one side. Is your test with a test tome with the same exact volume on the left and right?
the 2khz thing goes away when the drivers loosen up. I mean it is still there but it looses that hard blurry harsh edge over time.
the plugging in all night thing has been talked about to death hehehe. Its not even an issue
Based on those numbers, these cans shouldn't be distorting. maybe it is due to burn in after all. well see
How is this supposed to be tested other than running the headphones to levels where they distort. Isnt that the point where the amp is maxxed out?
I highly doubt this. Power runs out fast with headphones these insensitive
No. LOL All cans have frequency imbalances and the graph here is amazing on this one
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