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mine is quite natural. No annoying treble peak
I know its both but the way its written should say 1/4 inch jack and adaptor OR 3.5mm and adaptor to convert to 1/4 inch. It doesnt specify whether it is terminated with the big or the small plug. Also when it says 3.5mm(1/4") it is telling us that 3.5mm is 1/4 inch ermmm whut? :D   I mean the question is whether it is like this or this
I am not sure since I have never used surround plugins
Grado SR60e with TTVJ flats and the headband loosened a little, just enough so that there is an inch distance from each earcup when not worn... BEAUTIFUL, IMPACTFUL, ENERGETIC. Its got everything I need from the Grado sound. RS2i for sale 
got my k240s and they are amazing out of the schiit vali. These cans are more natural sounding than many more expensive cans. Such a great value!
conclusion: depending on how strong I want my crossfeed, I either use a setting of 1 or 2 (lowest 2 settings) Bottom line... This plugin Rocks! Best crossfeed plugin yet.
I was just actually pointing that out since I have owned both versions and have compared them side by side. I was saying that the dt250-250 is the superior headphone. I have actually started the appreciation thread here...
plus it doesn't even play ogg vorbis files
I didnt like this player at all. It would have helped if the IEMs were at least good. Using regular cans is a pain with the hanging thin wire adapter and the interface is just blah. My Ipad kills it in power and sound quality. Overall I would say these are only good for people that just happen to like the included IEMs since I don't know of any other good IEM using the same balanced connector.
and again... very song dependent and 2 is the majority winner of all songs. Now to compare to no crossfeed at all and I'll get back to this thread next week for my final conclusion vs not using crossfeed at all.
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