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Looking forward to the next set of impressions ASR. Thanks for the great summary.
Where is the price down on these? they are still usually $250
Is there a time when you guys miss the lack of deep bass? I know we would be asking for too much if we have it all for $200 but just wanted to ask anyways.
Alright, I just wanted to get a few more words about them before buying. They sound like a great deal at the price level so i'm ordering one.
So anyway, back to topic the bass of the sony's are more lightweight and nimble vs the hd650s though am I right? More in between the 600s and 650s I hope.
The E9 actually sounded better to me overall with the hd650 than a Burson HA160D. 
One of the hd650s did sound good even with my old FiiO E9 (not even the K version yet). The two other pairs sounded worse. One was the version with the old black felt material covering the driver, and the other was a silver driver material that didn't sound quite right.  
I actually like the senn 5xx series and don't find them muddy with the right amp (low output impedance). But as for the ma900 vs hd650 comparisons on this thread it makes me curious as to why no one has really said that the sony's are veiled or anything like that when the hd650s are at many times veiled with the wrong equipment pairing. Heck lots of older hd650s are veiled regardless of what you pair them with.
When can we buy these again?
Thats what I meant hehehe
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