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night and day but many people prefer the rs2 for their more relaxed sound
well the rs1 is too fat... check the difference hereĀ vsĀ 
The old 225i was still too shouty for me with bowls. The 325is however was good and much better than the 225i IMO.
Forgot... I also owned the 80i as well. It wasnt as fun as the 60i using the stock pads
From previous grado experience, the 60 has always been the king of value. I think the next worthy step up is the 325. Thats my opinion though and I haven't heard the I series grados except for the 60s, 225s, and 325s. So far as the E's are concerned I think I have to try the 60e first and if I feel it is a good step up then it will be time for me to get the best looking grados of all............. The RS2e :D
This thread is nuts. The hd518 kills the Grado in detail so as far as all genres in general is concerned, the hd518 is much better. But if you want things to be more congested and thick, the sr60s win. Now, so far as the sr60e's are concerned I am buying one for nostalgia sake so I may say I like them more at first but I have a feeling they won't compete with senns in the detail department.
Ive been here for a while I guess. Ive been into headphones ever since the 80s though and really got addicted during the early 90s when I bought some Grados, Senns, and the Koss Stats
flats have to be included here :D
Which one is your fave now? Quarter modded comfies? If you remember sending some tubes to me years ago... for the little dots I think it was or was it the havana hmm anyway I'm still in the Philippines.
cool I think I may need to try a new pair of grados now LOL
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