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Its only a foobar plugin. Anyway, it seems that just like any other plugin, synergy is also important because I don't like them with the q701s
The only thing I don't like about these cans are their lack of ability to play loud without congestion and distortion. If these could only play at loud enough volumes where I can hear the full dynamics of an orchestra without strain or hip hop beats without clipping, these would easily go up in value to double the price in my book. I like them a lot and they are certainly far better than my old K701 that I despised for being too bright.
Put it this way, I compared the magni to the o2 and preferred the o2 overall for my senn hd518. The o2 may also be a little better than the vali for the m50 but since the m50 isnt going to improve or change as much as the hd600s, I would prioritize those first and get the Vali... or get a ragnarok and forget about worrying if something will sound good or not out of them hehehe
The answer to to your question would depend on what exact amp you are getting. The Vali for xample has no adjustable gain setting. Its fine.
About amps, the best cheap amp for the HD600s are the Schiit Vali IMO. The Modi Vali stack is hard to beat for these cans at this price. Heck the Vali is just plain great with the hd6xx series regardless of price :D
Back to the Q701... after over 24 hours of burn in, these are FANTABULOUS! I will do a shootout against hd580/600s soon but these are very promising now. No more congestion due to the blurry upper mids. I can now pick things apart while enjoying the music at the same time. Its been a while since I have not had the urge to always change tracks in the middle of songs
just use good judgement. dont make the sound constantly clip, rattle or distort any way that is clearly audible and you will be fine.
Doing a loop of some burn in tracks from my library and I noticed that very bassy/low bass tones shake the enclosure causing it to rattle. At first I thought it was the driver but whats weird is that if I hold on to some parts of the cup, the vibrations lessen. Anyone experience this? Of course the drivers rattle as well but thats at a higher volume than what I am playing them at right now.   The specific track where I can hear it right away in the first 3 seconds or so...
Yes these are brand new and stock. I'm using a schiit vali by the way. Just saying because they sound thin out of my ipad
Just got the Q701s and first impressions are that they are a little bassy and dark with a little peak in the upper mids and are slightly recessed in the lower mids. They lack some detail vs hd600s. hmm I didn't expect this because my k701s were bright as hell lol
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