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Sometimes I like to listen to them at club volumes. My old senn 5xxxs would do fine
I do like the tonality of my 598 SE a lot. It's just the power handling thats leaving me craving for more.
So the sennheiser rep that said the SE version was exactly the same as the beige version was lying then. Unless... the beige ones are pre-burnt in
To any senn rep viewing this, Why does the new hd598SE seem to have lower power handling vs the other ones I have owned? Ive owned the 555/595/518/558 and they could all play louder before they start distorting. This is the best sounding 5xx I've owned at low to medium volumes but out of either my schiit vali, geek out 1000, or plain old ipad, these distort with bassy electronica faster than any of the other ones I have owned. Does it need more burn in than usual? I have...
Its all burn in related IMO. My 598SE arrived yesterday. Bright out of the box. Left it playing for two hours and it lost the excessive brightness. A day later, its even smoother and can play louder without distorting right away. The power handling issue in itself shows that the drivers were really a little tight out of the box.
I would like to read more impressions against the original vali with a decent variety of cans, Examples would be lower sub 32 ohm cans, mid impedance cans with a non-linear curve across the spectrum like the senn hd5xx series, and high impedance cans up to 600 ohms and up.
They don't sound the same tonally IMO. The bs2b sounds a little veiled (even at meier setting) while the meier plugin sounds a little thin. Simple sounds like testing out hard pans on speech may be similar but on music, the difference is clearly audible to me.
Talking about burn in, all the senn 5xx series cans I have owned are random when it comes to how much burn in they needed to sound their best. My 595 was fine out of the bix, my 558 was harsh, my 518 was fine, and my 555 was thin and shrill as hell and sounded damaged with lots of reverb but it ended up sounding warm and smooth after about 150 hours of use
donunus on massdrop   feature the new Sennheiser HD800S 
Looking forward to that
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