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Also what is your take on the stock comfy pads vs stock hd414 pads. What do the yellow pads change in the tonality vs the comfy pads?
I look forward to that comparison whenever it happens
Too many old albums to enjoy anyway. I will only waste my time on a new album if a quick scan makes me feel it to be worthy
Now I am craving to know the new E series value king... That includes Alessandro's as well. I wonder if the new ms2e is great
Fallujah is overrated. Just listened to the new album and due to the washed out nature of the sound, I couldn't enjoy the music.
Metal Fans.... Has anyone tried any of the Grado E series cans? Are they really an improvement? And are they great with metal even with the stock comfy pads (in the case of the lower end models). Sorry for being off topic but even the guys at the E series thread are very vague about the differences :D plus I wanted the METALHEAD opinion
I dont see any flat pads, all I see are the comfies (S-cush)
Any updates on sr125e vs sr225i? And what pads are the final winner? :D
Listening to this one again. Love it!
Now I want to see measurements of the new E series. We need to see if it really improved in the ringing department since that is what Grado is boasting with the new polycarbonate material etc... If a Grado does not ring, it could be the most engaging sound in the world since I do love the grado tonality.   The ringing is the only thing that lets me move on right away. I hope it is finally cured! If there are no measurements by the end of the month, I guess I'll have to...
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