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For an all around setting not just for hard panned recordings, I find that 2 is my favorite setting. I felt that the plugin still gave a coloration to the sound but the more I play with the sliders and comparing on vs off, I think that these colorations are from the headphones I am using and that they just get more spotlit when the image is more centered and focused.
Doing a crossfeed comparison again and really find this plugin at the 3 setting to be a great all around setting for most hard panned recordings. I am just now trying out standard recordings that are not hard panned though and am trying to decide whether I can be happy if I just leave it on at all times.   By the way, does anyone know of a vst version of this plugin?
Anyway I think he is getting an yggy regardless of it being 2volts. It was just a question that needed an answer. Nothing to get worked up about.
Ok thanks for the reply. I will pass him the message. He may still be interested though regardless of not having a 4 volt option.
^It's going to be connected to a passive preamp to feed into a  single ended tube amp
well I guess a certain market segment will have to skip the yggy. too bad
standard for pro audio or higher end dacs
hey its worth asking plus its not really a mod. its a pretty standard thing to have 4 volt outputs.
for more gain when fed into a passive preamp then into single ended triode tube power amps
Precisely why we want schiit to do it for us
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