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Just got some rs2is on sale 35% off. A little on the thin side sonically... Burning them in now. Cant wait to see how they flesh out
waiting on some sr60e and rs2i... want to see if the new improvements on the 60e can touch an old I version at a higher league. I miss zem Grados regardless of all the bad press they get technically speaking.
meaning the kef is in a league above it in sound?
Greeni, the beyer facebook page is the place to ask for service, They reply very fast and I'm sure they would have even replaced your cans with a brand new pair like they did with mine even for channel imbalance issues.
Yes, Different sources can do that. I agree with you there.
I agree with everything except for the velour pads on the dt150. Those make the sound rich and warm and it makes the sound lose that hollowness but if one already has the dt250-250 anyways then the dt150 with stock pleather pads would be a better complement for its more bodacious sound :)
So how do you find these against the kef 500 and other portables Beagle
yes you can hear some of that peak with the stock pads but the bass masks it a little. I didnt have problems with sibilance though. However, dt100 velour pads made that peak totally disappear
 Heres the dt250-250 graph from the same site  The FR difference between the two in reality (sonically) does seem to be more dramatic than that though. Maybe the dt150 here was measured without a very good seal since I would think it to be bassier than that.
analytical Very detailed, almost to the point of excess. accuracy The degree to which the output signal from a component or system is perceived as replicating the sonic qualities of its input signal. An accurate device reproduces what is on the recording, which may or may not be an accurate representation of the original sound. These are the definitions based on the originator J Gordon Holt. I would say that in layman's terms the difference would be that analytical tries...
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