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I dont know if anyone has answered about the modi magni issue yet but I believe its the modi. Everytime you touch the modi while it is playing, there will be crackling. Its a modi issue that is well known among many modi users.
I'm back to using headfit now. I love them with the Shure SRH940
Its time for the momentum 2 against the focal spirit pro :D
Has anyone compared the dt660 against the shure srh940? Similar lean sounding detailed sound the way they are being described.
Seems lots of us are from 2004 here. If only I knew about this site when it launched, I would have been here 2001 since I have been an audio nut since the 80s.
Focal Spirit Pro against the Shure SRH 840 not considering size and form factor... Is one much better than another? Noticing the graph here has about the same total number of points with the edge going to the focal but at about double the price.
so yah its either they just cant play loud enough or they arent rated correctly and could use a 3 watt amp or higher. I think i'll try them out of speaker jacks and see what happens
Sometimes it is the recording with all the loudness war stuff nowadays but I always double check by turning down the volume and a lot of times, it is the headphone itself. Its a common thing for both the q701 and the k240s but not on my grados and senns. Listening to classical with full on dynamics is where it gets annoying because one cant hear the big drums when they explode. The sound turns into mush
The weird thing though is that they are only rated 200mW max and the vali can give more than double at their rated impedance
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