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You need a good amp for them though. Out of an ipad mini they sound thin and lack volume at the same time. They are legions better out of the schiit modi/vali stack.
Has anyone here ever thought about using crossfeed to eq the sound as well as give the crossfeed benefits? I mean many people complain that bs2b dulls the sound for example but doesn't anyone think that it may be a good thing for headphones tuned like the q701s?
For the beatles and exaggerated stereo recordings however if I just decide to turn the effect on only for those specific recordings this is the best plugin for me. The post above talking about the JRiver crossfeed being best is for all around use if the plugin is just left on for all music
hmm sometimes I still prefer no crossfeed again and if I do use crossfeed, I'm back to Jrivers standard crossfeed setting for random music. I guess even though the tonality changes more with the jrmc plugin vs this meier crossfeed plugin, the jrmc plug feels like it is more like what happens in real life.
also I tend to like a little sparkle around 10khz so its actually better to me with a slight peak than a slight dip in that region
ahh okay. I'm fine with that peak out of the schiit modi/vali stack. It doesn't really bother me
kman 1211 I dont find the studio to have ragged treble. maybe thats due to the velour pads of the mk2
It sounded thick and forward and lacked air on the top end
I didn't like the sextett
technically speaking like I mentioned about the distortion and ability to slam etc... the hd650 is more advanced but you know what, I find the k240s to sound more realistic. The akgs have more natural sounding vocals and instruments at a certain volume level but the hd650s sound more like a stadium concert in its ability to sound more visceral. Bottom line is since we are not even in the same price level, the akg is outstanding and in fact, if I didnt know the price of the...
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