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Those seem to be very random impressions there so it may just be a batch to batch thing and not due to them being supposedly different.
Are your 598s the SE model or the standard beige one?
It was with any source since its way down low around 4khz or so but I know some people are more sensitive to it than others. I just happen to be one of the people that found it slightly unnatural.
I had the 558 and find the 598 SE to be more refined without that weird peak around the low treble that the 558 had. Vocals are more natural on these as well. Just the power handling though grrr
These sound almost ideal to me just except for the power handling that I could use a little more of
thise distortion levels arent that bad for a 2011 dynamic headphone. Cant touch a current production planar though and some new dynamics. Too bad no new dynamics have the nice tonality these have though. These are just so airy and nice almost like an electrostaic
About the short cables, they are now ever so slightly less veiled than the longer wire without the slight veiling that it had yesterday :D
http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/SennheiserHD598.pdf   check that out. The impedance curve of the hd598 bumps up high at the upper bass making it sound very bloated out of very high output impedance jacks. Ive experienced the same thing with many of my integrated amps and receivers with all of the senn 5xx series cans.
I don't want to argue about science but used cables sound ever so slightly better than brand new ones. I dont know why.
By the way, Ive been burning my pair in using the long cables and now the long wires sound ever so slightly better than the short ones. Were talking very subtle differences here but I am starting to run a burn in track using the short wire to see if it becomes the same exact sound as the long wires as well.
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