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The 518 is AWESOME! The best combination of being dynamic, alive, punchy, airy, and smooth at the same time with a nice soundstage. These are what I consider the most musical sounding pair of headphones I've heard under $300. Above 300 I like the hd600 but the 518 has the soundstage and musicality pegged and the hd600 can sometimes sound boring in comparison.
The ma900s sound good but only to a certain degree of volume. If anyone wants mine, let me know. I'll sell it for a huge loss even though I just got it for 250 including shipping. I'll just get an hd518 or something. Heck if someone can buy a senn hd518 new and send it to me, I'll gladly trade it for my ma900 as long as you pay the shipping cost from me to you for the ma900.
Anyone know who to contact for replacements/repair/etc? Sony at facebook just gave me the runaround and sent me to the sony home page. They didnt give me any specific email address or anything. Epic fail for sony. I really regret ever buying these cans unless someone from sony steps up like the way sennheiser does business.
I really don't get this. Is the Japanese model so much worse than the US one? Why is mine distorted and why does it seem like I am the only one with this problem? It is so weird though since both drivers distort at the same level making me think it is normal and not a defective pair WTF :(
ahh, alright thanks
To get more of an idea of your taste Katun, do you like the hd598 more than the hd600?
I love the sound signature of the ma900 so much more. Mids are more forward/less hollow, highs are very smooth yet extended, but the bass on the dt880 is better since it doesn't distort. Now that last issue has been something only I have been complaining about so far so it may be an amp issue that I cannot confirm yet. Kman1211 has commented about the amping a few posts above though.
I really hope its just the amp not matching well with the cans. I hope these aren't defective. It would be weird if it was defective though because both drivers behave the same way. Defective cans are usually broken on one side and not both at the same time :D
Anyone here driving them with an o2 by the way? It could just be the matching that I am having a problem with. Maybe the o2 totally sucks with 12 ohms.
pads and the way they are worn have nothing to do with the drivers crapping out. So far as placement is concerned, Ive experimented and got the best sound out of them already. Thats not the problem at all since they sound fantastic at lower volumes before the drivers  go brrrrrrp :D
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