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plus it doesn't even play ogg vorbis files
I didnt like this player at all. It would have helped if the IEMs were at least good. Using regular cans is a pain with the hanging thin wire adapter and the interface is just blah. My Ipad kills it in power and sound quality. Overall I would say these are only good for people that just happen to like the included IEMs since I don't know of any other good IEM using the same balanced connector.
and again... very song dependent and 2 is the majority winner of all songs. Now to compare to no crossfeed at all and I'll get back to this thread next week for my final conclusion vs not using crossfeed at all.
ahh at the 3 setting it is better now again. I haven't lost hope yet. YES!
Alright, changed headphones and noticed some upper mid peak in the plugin. It is still not perfect yet then :) I was such a happy camper thinking this was it but I guess lets say.... NEXT.   STILL, it is the best Ive tried so far as software plugins are concerned.
This is the first time that I have been listening to music and have been comfortable leaving the crossfeed on without adjusting anything. This plugin is definitely the winner that rules them all in terms of what I want my crossfeed plugin to do to my music. The next thing to be done is to try them with different headphones besides my Grado RS2i with taped bowls.
It depends on your point of view on versatility because if you like the flat pads sound, the better matching 60 will sound better than the 80 using those pads.
The reason why I like the sr60 over the 80s especially in their I versions is because the 80i is too boomy when using TTVJ flats.
wow the k240S is amazing on there. It is better than the other akgs and in fact almost anything else at capturing the sound of the original file.
subscribing since I just ordered a pair again
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