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analytical Very detailed, almost to the point of excess. accuracy The degree to which the output signal from a component or system is perceived as replicating the sonic qualities of its input signal. An accurate device reproduces what is on the recording, which may or may not be an accurate representation of the original sound. These are the definitions based on the originator J Gordon Holt. I would say that in layman's terms the difference would be that analytical tries...
dt250-250 is the most accurate among these but its not analytical in any way either unlike beyer's own premium line dt880 or t1 which can sound sterile
I don't like the 80 ohm dt250 much but like the dt250-250 more than the dt150 overall due to its more neutral nature BUT the dt150 has a fun factor with Metal music thats addictive!
I love the dt150s however I do find the sound a little closed in and a little boomy with slightly recessed mids when using the stock pads. Changing the pads to the dt100 velours makes the midrange pop out and sounded better to me than the stock pleather pads on the old setup I was using them with... I believe I used them straight out of a udac (first version).
money4me247, all I can say is Common sense that it could be a manufacturing inconsistency but to argue with a person about what he experienced firsthand while you not even being there to disprove it is just
These specs don't really mean much. Has someone actually sat down and compared these models using their own headphones? Stellvertreter, how do they differ in sound with the cans you tested them with? Can you give more of a subjective description?
Can you give us a link to the pics again? I cant seem to find it
So how does the sound change when using the adapter vs not using it when plugging in standard /non-balanced headphones?
I really dig these cans. I agree with the original post on the sound. Slightly recessed mids with good bass and treble.. but I must mention that I had another m50 back around 2010 which was too bright and boomy for me. These new ones are definitely a step up. I am using a basic system around them comprised of a schiit modi DAC, a JDSLabs O2 amp used at low gain, Schiit USB cable and audioquest tower 3.5mm to RCA interconnects. Great simple system for the laptop. I have...
What about the Emperor/Palpatine = Joseph Grado
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