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Great chapter! and a good read as always
I don't know if it has been posted here already but I just want to ask if anyone has noticed any differences or improvements since the Magni came out. Any changes made since the time when 220 volts came out etc...? Just curious
Thats a defect
Autoholic, please post your impressions here. I am interested in your thoughts and comparisons
Well the LE and the regular sound different to me. So the new ones sound like the LE or the old regular ones?
anyone here get to compare the latest m50 with the removeable cables against the LEs?
Oh my! 595 pads on the 518...AWESOME!
Has anyone here tried the hd518 using the 558/598/555/595 pads yet?
vaibhavp, I agree that the hd518 isn't too forgiving of bad recordings. They are quite detailed but at the same time they are fun to listen to regardless of being somewhat unforgiving. The one thing I find them to be forgiving at is with remasters. They have a dip at under 2khz that makes somewhat aggressive sounding remasters just right.    Listening to Depeche Mode remasters on the k518 is amazing. It feels as if the remasters were done using them as monitors :D
I also hear a 9khz peak on the hd518 thats true but the main difference that sets the 5xx vs the 6xx apart is the lower treble presence around 5khz IMO
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