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That is a good thing. Then the ma900 would be perfect for me. The ma300 is a different sound if based on the graphs at GEars. It looks like the lower end version of the ma500 while the ma100 looks more similar to the ma900 graph. Both the 300 and 100 have more csd ringing than the 500 and 900. But for 20 bucks who cares. The ma100 is pure Win!
I already know I am going to like the ma900s now because the $20 ma100 is more tonally correct to me than the AKG K612s that I recently tried LOL
I just heard the cheapo ma100 today and all i can say is WOW! Best 20 dollar headphone evaaaarrrr!!! Now I know that I will love the MA900
Beagle, how do you like them vs the KEF m500? Ive heard the NAD and still found them a little too colored for my tastes.
He was probably thinking out of the speaker taps LOL
hahaha but sometimes this is the case as well as lack of proper training/experience in listening and what to listen for. I for example have been an audiophile for around 25 years yet it took me a while the first time to train myself to hear differences between flac and high bitrate mp3s. Even until now for me, its hard to tell the difference all the time because not all recordings have the information that mp3s have a hard time reproducing. The occasional times where mp3s...
True on the synergy. I only used a jdslabs o2 on the k612. I imagine they would work better with tubes or the EF2 hybrid for that matter. So far as the hd555, as long as they are burned in they sound good out of most neutral-ish amps with low output impedance. They sound like junk out of any integrated amp/receiver headphone out with high  output impedances. The sound gets very bloated and undefined when connected to my old onkyo receiver for example. I feel it is due to...
I myself found the k612 just meh. The tonality isn't as offensive as the old k701 I had but that cheap sound is still there. A fake timbre glazing over everything. Bass/mids/treble balance is okay as a whole but I just can't get past that hollow sound. I would take a sennheiser hd555 over the k612 or k701 for that matter any day of the week.    I haven't heard the ma900 yet but if it is closer in tonality to sennheisers plus add the open angled sound, I may prefer them...
I was speaking about the tactile sound of instruments having punch and snap on top of a black background. Lots of dynamic cans sound sort of washed out as if the instruments are not being struck like they are in real life. 
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