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On the i models, I felt the 60 had better bass than the 80 as well. I felt the 80s to be a little loose and boomy :D
Well, almost all grados RS1 going down have small incremental differences so if you didn't do a side by side comparison, it's understandable as to why you thought the e and i versions sound the same. As for me, I feel the sr60e is great. In fact, I find them to be more musical against the RS2i both using tape modded L Cush Bowl pads.
thats fine. Just compare the ones you have heard
Great info on the blog there. Just waiting for the actual sonic impressions though on top of the soundstage comment. I am interested in knowing if any of the models sound more natural than the others. Sometimes, a large soundstage kills the naturalness
Okay maybe a short comparison of 207, 307, 407 and 507?
where are they for $50?
bump this thread, I want to know more about these cans. The CAL comparison would be a good start if somebody has compared them.
Rudewolf, Great Review of the Sony there. It would be great if you added the sony 7510, 7529, and cd900st to the reviews and to the supported cans for calibration in sonarworks
good list
Thanks Mike F, Sinocelt, and  others that have been helpful. I will try to see if I can understand the german text when translated. I think for the price, the 7510 is a no brainer since what I want is a relatively smooth and relatively accurate headphone that has a coiled cord and has good sensitivity as well,... I'll just take the risk and buy a pair. What have I got to lose? :-)
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