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Music playing when pulling headphones out would be fine with me. I consider that a plus. That is cool especially when comparing the headphone audio vs what is coming out of your speakers after taking out the headphone. I mean you can always stop the playback manually.
Where is the link for the latest firmware? This one only has 1.1.6 as the latest. No 1.2 here
Has there been any announcement from ibasso as to when the next update will be released?
BUGS:   -Ogg Vorbis files don't display album art.    -When connecting to a usb port and the dx50 is off, the computer tries to install a device and fails. The unit keeps on charging but it is annoying that everytime the unit is connected, it tries to install harware. If the unit is on, there is no problem.   -Volume control stopped working, was fixed by rebooting.   -Cueing to next track sometimes doesn't work. When I hit the next button it just repeated the same...
Anyway, I will be listening to these in a few weeks.
Originally Posted by DMax99  This is what akg has told me on Facebook about the differences between the new k612 and the older k601 : "The new K612 PRO has new capsules that have a wider frequency response and thus, the headphones sounds more open. ",   ^^This is from this thread
I saw someone post on this thread or the k712 thread that the k612 has a different capsule than the k601 according to a person from akg
The capsules are suppoosedly different and the pads look different too so they may be totally new but tuned in a similar fashion
Well I don't listen loud all the time but there are those urges once in a while hehehe
By the way, can the m500 play loud before distorting? The reason I ask is that it says in the company specs that they can only handle 30mW max
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