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...ahhh that may explain it. And yes the one I had was one of the latest versions before the E series.
That too. I didn't have them both at the same time. I had different systems. The 325iS was hooked up to a basic fiio e10 while the 225i was connected to a better desktop amp which may have been too neutral for it. Its the hf2 and 325iS that I heard side by side out of the humble fiio e10. The weird thing is that the 325iS that I had wasn't much brighter than the hf2 as well. Maybe I had a dud hahaha.
I think I know what it is. Its probably the weight of the metal grados making them press harder into my ears making the sound thicker and seemingly less harsh.
I think it really depends on the particular frequencies one is sensitive to since I find that the 225i had harsher lower highs vs the 325i which had more highs in a slightly higher frequency. I felt the 325i was brighter in the 10khz and up region which I dont mind as much as the area from 5khz to 10khz being boosted.
night and day but many people prefer the rs2 for their more relaxed sound
well the rs1 is too fat... check the difference here vs 
The old 225i was still too shouty for me with bowls. The 325is however was good and much better than the 225i IMO.
Forgot... I also owned the 80i as well. It wasnt as fun as the 60i using the stock pads
From previous grado experience, the 60 has always been the king of value. I think the next worthy step up is the 325. Thats my opinion though and I haven't heard the I series grados except for the 60s, 225s, and 325s. So far as the E's are concerned I think I have to try the 60e first and if I feel it is a good step up then it will be time for me to get the best looking grados of all............. The RS2e :D
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