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Thats what I meant hehehe
 So the NAD is V-Shaped?
Thats really weird that Focal has mids
Just curious by the way if anyone here has owned both the ma900s and the hd600s and can say whether the ma900s have things that it can do better than the senns.   EDIT: I just saw Astroid's post. Anyone else with hd600s to add a second opinion?
ASR, Let us know what you think of those NAD cans, especially against the kef m500s.
where did you order them?
2 ohms should be fine. I just don't like the sound of the audio GD amps I have heard though.
I think the bass may be fine if only the high upper mids to lower treble weren't so forward making the bass seem less than it actually is.
^I noticed that. Definitely needs to be fixed.
You can also damage them if you blast them at full volume with an underpowered source with very high gain... just like with speakers. The only reason why headphone people tend to not worry about damaging cans due to the lack of power is because low powered devices tend to also be low gain devices and turning them up to full volume doesn't usually make them output their full power capability with a lot of cans. Turning the ipod up to full will not distort or give an...
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