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Well I don't listen loud all the time but there are those urges once in a while hehehe
By the way, can the m500 play loud before distorting? The reason I ask is that it says in the company specs that they can only handle 30mW max
Beagle, Let us know whether you prefer these to the kef m500s once you do finally get to listen to them.
I am buying one. i don't mind the looks anymore At first i was a little afraid that these might be another epic fail from a speaker company that just wants to get into making headphones like the matin logan and the b&ws... It seems they are actually made in-house and are tuned by kef people. That in itself combined with the good things everyone is saying about them is making me order one for sure!
 I felt the same way with my hd558. They had that extra sparkle around 5khz that made them have that hyper detailed and slightly fatiguing feel. It went away a little with burn in but it could have been me getting used to the sound because when switching to the hd595, the older senns sounded smoother. Now as for the 598, I have yet to hear one. I will be buying one soon though.
Any Sony MA900 owners here? Besides the people on the other threads that seem to prefer the ma900 over the 598, does anyone here have both these cans and prefer the 598 instead? 
Don't worry, they aren't that great anyway Hifiguy :)
Whatever it is, I just borrowed one and i can tell you that the sound isn't bad at all. Not bad for the $60 that j&R charges for them anyways. The highs are the strongest point since they sound like the highs of open cans or higher end closed cans. As for the bass, it is just there, not overpowering yet not really that outstanding either and the mids are slightly weird with the lower mids being more recessed than the upper mids. they kinda remind me of beyer dt231/235...
Why is there an interest for alternate pads? Are they not comfy as they are or is the question more about replacement in case they get old.
These are supposed to be the same casing as the px360 but with different drivers so those measurements don't apply.
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