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tired of it. The modi is either going to someone that can use it or the garbage can. What a waste. I mean of course we can blame windows but since my laptop is more expensive than the modi then reality sets in and what do you think will get replaced... hmmmm
on and off like mine
I have talked to schiit already and tried all their suggestions but it seems hopeless now
And then when used with another computer everything is fine. What a mystery
It doesn't even work with the powered hub unless connected to another non-powered hub at the same time. That stopped working too.
I give up. It works with my other laptops so its not damaged either. This is very weird.
This laptop is about a year old or so with an i3 processor. Probably not a Skylake
its intermittent with my windows 10 but it was totally fine with windows 7 and slightly worse with windows 8.
and it stopped working againĀ 
Just bought one. Not bad, not bad at all. Forward robust mids with decent bass. Slightly lacking air and detail in the highs but I will take this over the m50 anyday
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