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and it stopped working again 
Just bought one. Not bad, not bad at all. Forward robust mids with decent bass. Slightly lacking air and detail in the highs but I will take this over the m50 anyday
epic bump. LOL I was saying this based on a pattern that all the cans I have tried regardless of tonality or impedance were affected the same way with the same coloration.
Are the original brown pads readily available from somewhere whenever spares are needed?
yah, thats what I thought. It was pretty clear on the review that it was compared to a stock mk2. I got confused when Seencreative was talking about it just being compared with modded cans.
yes its a usb 3 port. only problem is, it wont work on the usb 2 port as well. this config right now is fine so far
http://www.head-fi.org/products/fostex-t50rp-closed-ear-stereo-headphones/reviews/13593 It does have comparisons vs the old one
Oh, whats nuts is that I connected the non powered hub to the powered hub and It works. It sounds better that way vs just using the non-powered hub alone.  I really don't understand why it needs the non-powered hub in the chain to work though. Very WEIRD!
Ok now that the MODI already worked with a regular (non-powered) USB hub, I decided to buy a powered hub to increase or improve the power. I'm back to the same issue again. Attached are some screenshots. I would be fine with the regular hub except it doesn't sound as good as it did without any hub connected at all which is why I got the powered hub. Any Ideas?    
Damn! T1? Edition 8? Those are insane! I mean I hate those cans lol
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