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They are spec'd to be slightly heavier. Maybe better resonance control/tweaks inside? :D
After making those speakers, I went nuts about audio and dreamed of all the unobtanium I was reading about in stereophile and the absolute sound.
I have had experience in recording and mixing but I'm mostly an enthusiast. Built my own speakers when I was in High school back in the 80s
In the end, The colorations the different plugins gave would make me like one over the other depending on the headphones being used. The synergy of the tonality became more important than the effect of the imaging in the end so I went back to using no crossfeed at all. So far as the sound perception is concerned, I just basically repeated what castleofargh said in a different angle.
Yes we will hear it the same but we wont think the same way about its realism since we hear things differently in real life. This is why speakers are more universal... The crossfeed is automatic and different for everyone right away due to our body measurements.
Oh so far as imaging is concerned, the meier is definitely better for me as well. I was pretty darn impressed that I actually made a thread about it a while back. Right now I use no crossfeed at all though. Try The Jriver crossfeed by the way. Sometimes it works quite nicely.
The meier xfeed is good. Its similar to the naive xfeed though in that it makes the sound a little thinner than neutral.
better than itunes vbr? how so? I find itunes vbr 320 to be transparent
Has anyone done any serious comparisons between ogg(sse3) at q.8 or so vs aac vbr fdk?
electrical tape on bowls. Here...      
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