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I really hope its just the amp not matching well with the cans. I hope these aren't defective. It would be weird if it was defective though because both drivers behave the same way. Defective cans are usually broken on one side and not both at the same time :D
Anyone here driving them with an o2 by the way? It could just be the matching that I am having a problem with. Maybe the o2 totally sucks with 12 ohms.
pads and the way they are worn have nothing to do with the drivers crapping out. So far as placement is concerned, Ive experimented and got the best sound out of them already. Thats not the problem at all since they sound fantastic at lower volumes before the drivers  go brrrrrrp :D
^^ It could be possible that the ones made for international or US markets are burned in at the factory and the Japan one isn't.
What I meant by saying that i dont burn them in is that I don't usually have to do a burn in process before I can start to listen and enjoy the cans. One other headphone I had to burn in was the Sennheiser HD555. I had to burn them in because they sounded damaged too when I first got them. The senns had obscene amounts of reverb and highs it was really weird. I am burning these MA900s hoping that all of the distortion will go away.
I am burning them in now and the sound hasn't changed much in terms of tonality but their loudness capability has gone up compared to what I was hearing yesterday. I don't burn in every headphone I buy but these were an exception because they just didn't play loud enough for me before distorting. I still wished they played louder before distorting at the moment and hope that burn in still helps with it. Yesterday it sounded like listening to speakers while touching/holding...
One thing I can say about these MA900s is that pianos have that tactile realism that I haven't heard on another dynamic headphone. Well maybe the AT AD2000 has tactile pianos too but the ma900 combines that tactile presence with a very good tonality that the AD2000 can't touch. Now if only the power handling of the sony's were as powerful as the ATs. aaarghhh we can't have it all I guess. Listening to James Bond 30th anniversary 1st track of disc 2 and it sounds amazing on...
Yah but the sr80i even at full volume of any ipod is not loud enough for me either LOL. I want to be able to play them where I get the same volume as if I were playing drums slamming on the snares myself
It definitely wont happen with an ipod because even at full volume, it wont be nearly loud enough. With the o2 though, it can get loud so when it does is when I get that distortion. It can't be defective though since both drivers distort at the same volumes. Unless there is such a thing as matched damaged drivers LOL
I am using an o2. Any song with loud bass passages makes them distort. I'm thinking the volume is only around 100db and it is already distorting
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