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Thanks. One of these days, I'll try them out. I always have to try every pad that I see for my Grados LOL
What source and amp were you using?
can you give me a link to where to buy those particular pads?
I series
I read that
    More pics of my baby love hehehe
So far, bear in Heaven and Teitanblood are among current faves
Well I find Beyers in general So-so but the dt250-250 is a homerun and the best Beyer headphone regardless of price for me :D
The German maestro has a more consumer oriented sound of having that one dimensional bass and treble without the midrange articulation of the dt250-250 though. You just need to get a good amp to match them. I have compared the GM and the dt250-250 side by side by the way. I may have also had the 80 ohm at the same time. 
There you go my latest craze. Bottom pic shows the electrical tape          
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