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Can anyone here talk more about the Sony MDR 7510? Maybe its a less sibilant version of the 7520 even though its not as detailed? 
sorry for the 2yr bump but I just had to ask... The zx700 brighter than v6?
oppo pm3 should also be in this lineup :D
This app cannot display ogg vorbis album art. Thats really my main gripe as well as the iphone style interface. They should make an ipad version.
My original comment was about the pm3... The reply was about the PM1 I guess
Only 140 dollars more for the oppo since the beyers are around 260 these days
Now its time these be compared to some formidable closed cans like the oppo pm3
get some orthos like some he400is. They may suit you better based on your complaints about the hd650 sound
I dont know if anyone has answered about the modi magni issue yet but I believe its the modi. Everytime you touch the modi while it is playing, there will be crackling. Its a modi issue that is well known among many modi users.
I'm back to using headfit now. I love them with the Shure SRH940
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