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^ There are already a bunch of impressions from trustworthy individuals. What more is a review going to give you? Buy one! LOL
Has anyone tried these with the Mad Dogs at RMAF? Also, I wonder if these add an extra special sauce to the sound of the HD600s.
Well, in that case then my guess would be NO :D
The Koss Portapro has been around since the 80s. The Sony MDR V6 is also an old one from the 80s. Both older than the esp950.
I wonder if these will do fine with the sony ma900. The Sony's are 12 ohms hmmm
^Yah it fades in the song a little
I sent you a PM. I guess I can read that before it gets deleted LOL
The momentum sounds dark and colored to me. Are you saying that even the momentum is clearer than the m500 and the hp50?
Are you talking about the kef m500s? So you prefer the KEF more sonically is what you are saying.
and why is this thread so quiet? These cans are very interesting due to the fact that a bonafide speaker maker none less than Paul S. Barton is actually handsĀ on in tuning the sound. Don't people care about this more than typical beats type marketing? I don't get it :)
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