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ahh okay. I'm fine with that peak out of the schiit modi/vali stack. It doesn't really bother me
kman 1211 I dont find the studio to have ragged treble. maybe thats due to the velour pads of the mk2
It sounded thick and forward and lacked air on the top end
I didn't like the sextett
technically speaking like I mentioned about the distortion and ability to slam etc... the hd650 is more advanced but you know what, I find the k240s to sound more realistic. The akgs have more natural sounding vocals and instruments at a certain volume level but the hd650s sound more like a stadium concert in its ability to sound more visceral. Bottom line is since we are not even in the same price level, the akg is outstanding and in fact, if I didnt know the price of the...
Its been about a month now or so since I bought these again and out of the Vali/Modi stack, these are quite amazing. I never expected them to be as good as they are. The biggest weakness is the low-ish power handling making them distort with very heavy bass notes. If AKG only made the K240S with power handling like the hd650 where it can play loud enough to make the ears bleed before breaking up, I would be all over them even though I already own a pair.   Power handling...
try if the US amazon ships to Canada. Its should automatically display if the item ships to Canada if you are logged in to amazon
doesn't amazon do a good deal on shipping the vali? and yes, I wouldn't pair cans that are not too sensitive with the little dot mk2 unless they are at least 250 ohms
I would go with a vali over the ocean anyday
Is there any advantage in using 64 bit ulilith over the 32 bit version on windows 8.1?
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