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The new orpheus is already out isn't it?
the Z models are supposedly different
Anyone here try the new Z model closed art series from audio technica for metal? like the a1000z, w1000z, etc or the new beyer amiron?
any measurements on these anywhere? I am really interested in seeing the relative measurements of the w1000z, a1000z, and a2000z
To me pink noise is better than standard music for burn in especially for multi driver systems like speakers because if you are playing just bass music, you may not even be giving any sound to the midrange driver etc but for single driver headphones I can't imagine a huge difference unless the enclosure needs to rattle its resonances as well to settle.
Loving mine and the bass tames down a little after a while as well. I love the coiled cord
HD200pro? whats that? Ill check it out
Thats the only thing Ive seen so far
Anyone? Everyone is getting into the high end these days I guess and not using cans directly from their mobile phones anymore. I'm just waiting for crickets to comment krik krik krik lol
Yah Sennheiser give me some and Ill review them :-)
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