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darkarn Silent because the sound may have gotten slightly more integrated over time but there is no specific person I can quote on this except for some comments Ive read over the years saying the newer the better on these hd6.. models
darkarn, yes white/silvery. and maybe some silent revisions after that.
just curious if the vali 2 works well with these
Cool, Interested. But I may want to buy it though lol. Done reviews of at least 20 or so cans over the paste decade and a half on headfi and other sites as well.
you can also tell from the back
2007 is the year they changed to the silver material I think and the reason for it was the paper material was inconsistent making variations in manufacturing more common. Since then though I think there have been a few silent improvements as well maybe just changing the thickness of the front and rear foam etc... just my guess on that one though.
uhuhh I've heard that line before. The only way thats going to happen is if you forget headfi ever existed.
sorry for the wrong terminology... All I know is that all amps sound different. noob engineers always think school is the rule only to find out that in the real world it is not enough to rely on science alone. I'm done with the topic since I apparently know nothing like Jon Snow lol
sometimes it doesn't give good PRaT if it only has the frequencies but doesn't deliver it with good speed. In the end, you'll hear the difference. I've never ever found any amp to sound the same with hd600s
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