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HD200pro? whats that? Ill check it out
Thats the only thing Ive seen so far
Anyone? Everyone is getting into the high end these days I guess and not using cans directly from their mobile phones anymore. I'm just waiting for crickets to comment krik krik krik lol
Yah Sennheiser give me some and Ill review them :-)
I will take one for the team next week and get a pair. Still deciding 4.2 or 2.3
Ahh they have all of them here in the Philippines. I don't live in Manila though so I am talking with the owner to demo all of them for me. I did already get confirmation that the 4.3 is a little too bassy out of an iphone 5s vs the 4.2. Then the 2.3 is supposedly a very pleasant and rich sound with great mids but the usual limitations in transparency of an on ear design.
I hear great things about the 2.3 from a dealer here in the Philippines. Too bad I am not close enough to audition them since its a 2 day drive or a plane trip away
The 4.2 is around ear I think. The HD 2.3,2.2, and 2.1 are the on ears
exactly what I said about the HD4.2 as well. Even the new post I created is already collecting dust lol
Interested to know more about these. I just thought it to be weird that no one has posted any impressions here about these cans. Wondering if this was a great headphone for pairing directly from mobile phones or daps. Probably getting a pair next week to try them out for Apple music use out of my iphone 5s. They look comfy. They look cool in a modern way combined with the classic style sennheiser headband. Very Interesting.
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