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Ive been here for a while I guess. Ive been into headphones ever since the 80s though and really got addicted during the early 90s when I bought some Grados, Senns, and the Koss Stats
flats have to be included here :D
Which one is your fave now? Quarter modded comfies? If you remember sending some tubes to me years ago... for the little dots I think it was or was it the havana hmm anyway I'm still in the Philippines.
cool I think I may need to try a new pair of grados now LOL
HD414 in stock form?
Heatfan, which pads do you like best overall when factoring in sound and comfort for the 125i. Have you tried them with flats as well?
Whats with the pages of discussion about the 1/4 inch vs 1/8 inch jacks? hahaha. We audiophiles are a paranoid bunch aren't we? LOL
I bet the 125e with bowls are better than the 225i with bowls. I had a pair of 225is and thought they were so-so and harsh with the 325is being much better. I did hear the 125 with a good tube amp and they were quite a bit better than my 225 out of some standard equipment.
The old 125s were also nice with bowls. I wonder how the new one is. What I remember from before was that the 125 had the least offensive upper mids peaks among all the other models I have tried.
   Like Hadrosaur said above, The 80 is bassier and less bright which to me makes them a little dull and muffled when using the stock comfy pads. The sr60i just matches better with the stock pads for me. But when used with bowls, the sr60i becomes a little too thin and bright making the 80i the better headphone using those pads... So in the end, if comfies (S-Cush pads) are all you are going to use then I see no reason to go for the 80i unless you want a more muffled sound...
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