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New version came out! Awesome!!! Lost the thin sound that I was complaining about from the old one. I love it!
How well does the headphone jack perform going into an integrated amp for speakers?
I am really having a hard time with bandcamp's search engine. Does anyone know the link to the best of bandcamp compilations?
Don't worry about Beyer service since they pay for all the shipping in case the drivers are not balanced. I have done it myself before and they gave me a replacement pair. I live in the Philippines by the way and still got top notch service unlike sennheiser.
Senn was good to me before as well but I guess service has gone down the drain since then: At least for international users that is. It was a pain to even find who to contact. The email address provided by the senn wesite does not respond. The facebook channels don't reply except for one which cannot really answer questions without going through different channels. Such a pain since it also takes them days to answer and I would have to spend for shipping to have my cans...
oh when I said nice bass I meant punchy without distorting but definition is not there nor am I expecting it to be at this price range
Do you have a link on where to get the yaxi pads? I just want to make sure I get it from a good seller to make sure its the legit one if I ever get it.
so the k52 sounded even better with the k92 pads? and the k92 sounded worse with the k52 pads?
just got the k72. Crap out of the box. Not for Audiophiles. Nice bass, no distortion, but recessed mids and highs hav a little peak but not an annoying one. If the mids go up a little it would be fine. No contest against the k240s except these are so easy to drive. Burning it in now out of the Geek Out 1000. I'll check later whether they improve with some burn in.
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