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Has anyone had a chance to listen to the new ety flagships and compare them with the hf5?
Haven't done a direct comparison against the GOV2 so I cannot say
Although the red may also benefit with a warm up, it generally doesn't run hot like the GO1k. I didn't notice as much differences with the df warmed up vs the go1k
follow up: doing a comparison on my diy horns of the df red against the lhlabs go1000 fully warmed up and it is a different story. The go1k has more depth, meat but is just as detailed and sounds better overall. I'm thinking with the geek out, warm up is a significant factor since it is a class A design and since it wasnt warm when tested out of my house with the magnepans, it was not sounding as good as it could while when tested on my system, it was already connected for...
If you want a less transparent drier sound and want to save money then get the black but if you want more detail and depth and just a generally higher end sound then the red will be better. This was based on jriver use and I have no comments about mobile phone usage
red would be better for that due to higher quality sound and higher output
Finally got to compare the red and the black along with the lhlabs go1000. Black=good value for the money but lacks depth and speakers don't dissapear. A little dry and lacking in depth. A jitterbug improves the depth a little but takes the price up to 150. LH Labs GO1000 better depth and more complete sounding than the black and improves with the jitterbug as well. The Red=Blows both out of the water in detail, tightness, depth wow! The red also sounds best to me without...
I havent compared 96 vs 192 yet though
actually tried upsampling on the dfb and the sound became more spacious yet softer. With the go1ks hardware upsampling though all my cd quality tracks sound more high end with more metal detail on cymbals on top of the airier soundstage. I prefer no upsampling on the dfb and upsampling on the go1k. on native hi res though thw go1k sounds amazing but Im not sure how much of it is attributed to the mastering itself. transcoding the hires files to 16/44 from 24/192 makes a...
anyone able to compare them side by side sonically? I am interested in hf detail more than brightness as well as midrange definition and dynamics. I'm only interested in using it for windows as well.
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