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Depends. I'm not saying it is big, but its not necessary the same. Ti's will not this reveision anytime soon (if ever), as recent bunch was made with older one, and we still have many in stock.
Actually there is little more to it still. Damping and resonance suppression tuning also applied, and newer driver revision.
Fantastic technology. Sometimes it seems that they are only somewhere on television and in movie plots.     BUT! The fact that only recently seemed quite real - now appears in our lives in ordinary things, raising their level of comfort and quality to great heights. And here they are attractive to us, ordinary users. We can safely say that the earphone Fischer Audio Dubliz - is one of such products. Their unusual driver can surely be attributed to the innovative...
Full-range is not limited at both ends in any way.About one, but he was a big one!
Site must be ok now =)
Oh r-r-right. Somebody forgot to pay for hosting. Sorry for inconvenience, we will fix it today, after I bash some people
Well, I can say that TBA indeed reminds Tandem in sound signature. To what extend - it is individual :)
Good news everyone!   Promised long time ago, our first triple armature earphone is finally released!     When we started working on this model, nobody could imagine that it will lead to a 3 years development journey. We tried a lot of different approaches, and several new projects was born in the process. But this is another story for another time. For TBA, we wanted something special, something that is not present at the BA market today. But special does not...
  They will mostly fall in the 100-200 price range. More info will be there soon :) Possibly we will do woodie or both versions, still deciding. Two headphones might be costly to send around.
Also a small announcement. We are deciding to try a loan tour of FA-003Ti, as we are getting plenty of requests for a review sample. I know I asked it before, but it was a bit messy, so lets try again.   Anyone interested, including people who already mailed us before (and most likely did not get a reply) please toss a mail to Sergey - serge@fischeraudio.com with title "FA-003Ti loan tour request"   In the mail please insert link to your profile on head-fi...
New Posts  All Forums: