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Okie-dokie, now we offer some parts separately - http://www.head-fi.org/t/786119/fa-003ti-parts
  http://fischeraudio.com/shop/fa-003ti-parts/   FA-003Ti parts   We are thankful to those who supporting us and made a choice in favor of our headphones during many years as: FA-002/FA-003/FA-002W and modern FA-003Ti and FA-003 Ti-W. According to numerous requests we are ready to give you the possibility of upgrading the sounding of old version your Headphones, also to strengthen the construction by replacing the plastic headband construction to metallic. Moreover...
Greetings. We want to remind that we released original FA-003 in 2008, and stopped making them in 2012, once rebrands started showing around. Current model is FA-003 Ti, with different driver which is does not sound the same. Also yoke part was changed from plastic to metal, as broken plastic yoke was the second most popular flaw after the usual cable problems.
Depends. I'm not saying it is big, but its not necessary the same. Ti's will not this reveision anytime soon (if ever), as recent bunch was made with older one, and we still have many in stock.
Actually there is little more to it still. Damping and resonance suppression tuning also applied, and newer driver revision.
Fantastic technology. Sometimes it seems that they are only somewhere on television and in movie plots.     BUT! The fact that only recently seemed quite real - now appears in our lives in ordinary things, raising their level of comfort and quality to great heights. And here they are attractive to us, ordinary users. We can safely say that the earphone Fischer Audio Dubliz - is one of such products. Their unusual driver can surely be attributed to the innovative...
Full-range is not limited at both ends in any way.About one, but he was a big one!
Site must be ok now =)
Oh r-r-right. Somebody forgot to pay for hosting. Sorry for inconvenience, we will fix it today, after I bash some people
Well, I can say that TBA indeed reminds Tandem in sound signature. To what extend - it is individual :)
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