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I am not seeing the replacement parts you are talking about. Mind sending me the link?   Thanks! I would love to get these guys back to 100% working order.
Small room for the summer but I like it...    
How do you like the ducky shine? I have been considering getting one myself, but have never tried mechanical switches before.  
Awesome! How did you bend the metal like that?
Very interesting results!    What was the silver wire used? Or where did you buy it?
hmm interesting. I could have sworn I saw some posts where someone made his/her own wooden cups (not from Smeggy) for the fostex t50rp.   The biggest hurdle is figuring out the measurements and dimensions of everything. From there, one would probably need a lathe to cut nice smooth bowls into the wood to make the cups. As for the construction of the baffles, I have no idea.
So I have been thinking about enhancing the acoustics in my room for music listening and I have a couple basic questions about acoustic foam and treatment.   Where are the most important areas to have acoustic foam? I am a DIY kinda person and am wondering if there are any kind of DIY acoustic foam/bass traps threads or links around? What are some good and reasonably cheap acoustic material to use? I came across this stuff, it seems like it would be nice to go...
Are there any tutorials, design plans, how-to's, or people with helpful advice regarding constructing wooden ear cups for the Fostex T50RP and the assembly of the drivers into the cups? I think this would be a fun and challenging modification to the headphones to try. Thanks for any and all help!
Why do you have your KRKs laying flat on their side? And how do they sound compared to whatever you had before?    
    I have no idea about being able to return it or no. The hanger holder is broken. They are normally joined by plastic, but the plastic snapped at the joint. I can still kinda manage to wear them without too much problem, I just have to keep the head banging down.    Other than that, I am going to keep burning them in the mean time.    
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