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Quick question to you all:   Just got a pair of ASG 2.5's and the case it comes with, while nice, appears to be too small for the IEMs.  Anyone else run into this problem?  if so what case do you use to store them?
Checking to see if anyone has a pair of ASG 2.5's they are looking to sell or possibly make a trade.    Recently had my main set of IEM's break and was looking at new options.  Saw a pair of the ASG's 2.5 sell for a nice price (~450ish) a week or so ago and regret not acting faster.
 I have no idea how the nozzle broke.  I only use them at my office mainly.  Came in one morning and when i took them out of the carrying case the nozzle was just broken off laying loose in the case with the tip still attached. A mystery.
My W4's broke last week.  Nozzle just snapped right off where the tips fit on.  Any W4 lovers have some good recommendations for IEMs they like?  Whats the Westone um3x equivalent model these days?  Not looking to spend what flagships go for right now (...less than $500).
New NAD M51 addition to the mix this week.  This is an interesting DAC.  Definitely laid back, vocals sounds a bit soft.  Edges seem blunted/rounded.  Might take me some getting used to coming from the Benchmark:)  
 Oh Reallllllllllllly.  I was interested in that Pass amp but probably won't have the opportunity to listen to it for a very long time.  Would welcome any comparisons between that and the MHA100 (or any other amps you may have).
 I'll chime in again.  I know I've mentioned earlier in the thread I also felt the internal DAC was a weak point. It wasn't quite my flavor but I've come to enjoy it occasionally.  My main gripe with the DAC is the low end/bass just sounds a bit too boomy/loose compared to others I've tried.  It definitely sacrifices some up front details that say the Benchmark 2 has.  Though the Benchmark to me has a flatter presentation without as much depth. Pick your poison I suppose.
 Interested in another pair?  I've got one I'm looking to sell:)
Thank you all for the info!
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