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I wasnt bashing you, i was agreeing with your statement.
I love when real people smack down parroting impressions.I actually think these will be very good phones, but can we all just shut up with the unwarranted hype. Listen to them first then offer comparisons to the cd3000 or r10. If u havent heard all 3 then stfu
No chance in hell. They may turn out to be very good. And priced competively to their peers. But lets be real, calling them the second coming of a rare uber priced legendery phone is just unfounded. I consulted stephen hawking, bill gates, nate silver, and jesus. They all said wait 2 yearrs after the release and if you still want them then they are ok.
 Yeah, that could be interesting.  If you find any of that out let us know.
clearly the most expensive gold one is best.  until the diamond encrusted platinum one is released at least.
Also it must do my taxes and laundry
Yeah a couple years ago when I originally bought mine the 1/4" plug on the stock cable was like bent at a significant angle. I guess thats still an issue. They have very accommodating support / customer service though so it wasnt a big deal.
One of the big reasons I opted to this was that it did have the speaker outs and DAC in 1 box.(limited desk space).  Things I would have liked them to add would have been the same DAC as the D100, a DAC-out on the back, and maybe a balanced headphone out. I think its a pretty versatile unit, but I can totally see the appeal only having the amp section.
I'd recommend trying the westone w4's.  They maybe called the w40's now, I'm not up to date on the new models.   They've been my favorite for a while now.  I consider them in the same grouping as the hd600 in that they are both slightly warm, non-fatiguing, and are a good jack-of-all-trades.   I believe westone releases some newer models since the w4, but I am not familiar with them.
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