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 Don't give them any more ideas.
Yeah a t2 clone would be amazing. I think even a clone would be too pricey for me now though:(
 I saw one on the FS forums within the last few days.  I believe negura was selling his pair. 
Yes and no. There are some very nice models above 1k. But also like a previous commenter said, there are many nice models for $300 (hd600). I think its worth the money, but i never recommend higher priced models to people who havent demo'd or gotten their feet wet first.
To the OP, if you are deciding between 535's and w4:   I find the shure to sound sweeter, more colored (the mids have this very rich tone), and more fatiguing.  The w4 is not as exciting (maybe a little blander) but i prefer its sound signature and comfort.  I can listen to the w4 for hours and its very good to my ears across many genres.  To be noted though, its slightly warm and bass punch its not its strong point.    Either are great iems, its just going to come to...
They do not need an amp.
I wasnt bashing you, i was agreeing with your statement.
I love when real people smack down parroting impressions.I actually think these will be very good phones, but can we all just shut up with the unwarranted hype. Listen to them first then offer comparisons to the cd3000 or r10. If u havent heard all 3 then stfu
No chance in hell. They may turn out to be very good. And priced competively to their peers. But lets be real, calling them the second coming of a rare uber priced legendery phone is just unfounded. I consulted stephen hawking, bill gates, nate silver, and jesus. They all said wait 2 yearrs after the release and if you still want them then they are ok.
 Yeah, that could be interesting.  If you find any of that out let us know.
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