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 looks like groovy should get the rag then.
Are there other integrated amps that do this? I've never seen one. The benchmark will do this with one of the two headphone outs and the line out. Dacmini will have the line out active too. Not sure i know any units that leave the speaker output and headphone output active at the same time.
Yeah I saw someone recently post that they sounded the same as the T1's.  That was not my impression for the few short minutes I was able to spend with them.  Although I was also not particularly wow'ed by them either, but I was not really driving them properly.   Also saw a reddit review of the MHA100 that someone tried at a Magnolia saying it had noise floor problems and did not sound as resolving as a Bryston BHA-1.   Never had any noise floor issues with any...
Nope. You choose the output. No speaker output if any of the headphone impedance/gain presets are selected.
Really. Thats pretty surprising. Ive never heard that before.
Had a chance to try these yesterday (the closed back version).  Couldn't really make any determination sound-wise because it was a short listen at a loud meet, but I really liked their build/design.  Felt very solid and comfortable.  Nice job Audeze.
My recommendation for someone who just wants to be one-and-done and get best bang for the buck is always the Sennheiser HD600.  I think it does everything well and can be bought new for like ~$220ish these days.  I swear I saw it for that price recently.  If not you can find it used for that definitely,     To the poster regarding the missed HE500 deal.  May have been a blessing in disguise. I know they're universally loved on HeadFi, but I really disliked the HE500's. ...
Selling a Woo Wee.  Unit is aesthetically clean and has no functional problems.  Will ship in the original packaging. Looking to sell within the CONUS only.  Shipping is included in price.  Buyer covers any Paypal fees.  Prefer cash but trades I'm interested in (cash on either end):Westone UM3X RCShure 846  
Selling a pair of Sony EX1000.  Good condition.  Only used these indoors at my office sparingly.  Will come with with original box and all accessories.   Looking to sell within the CONUS only.  Shipping is included in price.  Buyer covers any Paypal fees.   Prefer cash but trades I'm interested in (cash on either end): Westone UM3X RC Shure 846
Selling a pair of Grado RS1.  These are the older version with the buttons.  They have the Joseph Grado Signature Ultra-Wide Bandwidth Reference Cable and were re-cabled to balanced termination by Headroom.    - I will include the 2x3pin balanced to 1/4" adapter. - I will include an extra pair of flat pads (as the current pads on them feel quite old and could be replaced. slight tear on the interior of one pad.  - Will ship with the original Grado box.   Not the...
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