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I have a wee now.  Its good with lambda's, but the 007 mk1's sound a bit harsh up top and don't punch as tight down low as the kgss did.
It was here on the FS forum. They sold very quickly. I asked some questions about them like an hour after they were posted and the seller responded they were sold. He said he picked them up off audiogon originally.
There was one for $2600 a few weeks ago. Other than that mostly $3100 or higher
Are you using the MHA100's DAC?  if so, its definitely bass heavy compared to other DACs I've heard.
good:)  thanks.
Quick question: is the he-6 voiced similar to the he-500?
so like....i guess youre a fan of the verto box?  please tell us some more details i'm very interested.
What if you do all those....and also buy  If only it were an either or
Any plans to produce another solid state electrostat amp after the blue hawaii builds stop?
Between those 2 headphones the beyer is the clear choice for classical imo.
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