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When your competitor has a 'luxury' item at X price point, you'd better have one as expensive or more. The market for this stuff has moved past basic function. If you release a $500 flagship and your competitor's is $2000, well surely it must be better! Having a flagship or statement product is kind of saying "if price were no option this is the best we can offer".
For Sale:     NAD M51 in black.   Perfect working condition.  Slight scratch on the faceplate (see photos).  have the original Packaging / Accessories.
 Just the never ending quest to try new gear:)
 Well, I don't own any DSD material or have any plans to, so that's how I reconcile it.  But I get your point.
What is your reference for neutral?
For Sale;  Headamp GSX MK2 in black with the DACT option.    Throwing this out there as an interest check.  Raising money for a different setup.  Bought this in 2014 from another Head-Fi member and it has seen very little use just due to space in my apartment or a variety of equipment.  Cell-phone quality pics attached here, if there is serious interest I can attempt to take some better quality images.   - No functional or aesthetic flaws. - Will ship with the...
For Sale; HP1000 (HP2).  Bought via Head-Fi a few years ago.  Slimming down my collection. Pictures are cell-phone quality (sorry), if any are unclear feel free to ask questions   - Most of the lettering is gone. - Has the Grado ultra wide bandwidth reference cable. - Had been re-terminated balanced.  Will include the single ended adapter. - Has the L Cush pads on.  I did not care for the flat pads. - Will come with the Grado Wooden Box they re-released a couple...
For Sale; a Benchmark DAC2 HGC in black.  Perfectly functional no issues and with no cosmetic flaws.  (Pictures Added)   - Original Box / Manual / Remote included. - Shipping only to CONUS, I cover shipping fee you cover Paypal fee.   Moving to a matching Bryston stack so I will be selling off some headphones/amps/dacs   Possible trades I'm interested in: Stax 009 Chord DACs (Hugo / 2qute / TT)
 Wow, interested to compare the new model.  Wonder if they will offer the upgrade program for the MHA100.  If i'm reading this right that's going to be like $3000 more than the MHA100 retails for, better be one hell of a DAC upgrade or at least something else going on behind the scenes.
I can't help but think these will be bad.     I get the feeling the only reason they exist is so Audeze can say "Hey we have iems now too".  They look so unwieldy and at $2500 for the LCD i3 its not my cup of tea.  I'm going to hold out for the LCD i4 they're releasing next month for $5000.  It will sound basically the same but I get a carbon fiber cable.
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