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- I believe only the very early LCD3 models suffered from the veil issue and it has long since been fixed.  I would bet very few "veiled" pairs are still around, so that should be a non-issue. - I also believe that Audeze is no longer offering the Fazor upgrade because there was a lack of interest in the service.  Though I'd also bet if you called/emailed them they might work with you.  Could be wrong on both of those, but that was the status of these issues last I recall.
i know nothing about this and yet already know that i irrationally need this.   also....is that amp marble?
Just grabbed the weekend pass.  Maybe I'll see some of you around:)
Beautiful. Classic design.
 I do not know what the actual failure rate is.  I'm not sure they would disclose that number publicly and I am not in the industry or affiliated with them in any way. When I said "not being addressed"  my point was "why are these failing"....is it people using them incorrectly with bad 3rd party amps, is it bad solder, was it a bad batch of drivers, are the drivers fundamentally flawed, is it a cable problem...etc. And I do agree, you will definitely see more posts...
 Agreed, every product will have a failure rate.  But the thought here, is that the failure rate is much higher and not being addressed as to why.  Perhaps I simply haven't been looking, but I don't recall any other flagship headphones reaching into the 4-digit price range that have this level of posts documenting failures.  I think its a valid concern. By all accounts Audeze is very good at responding to customers problems and repairing the headphones.  Which is great, no...
I've been very lucky with my LCD2.2's and have had no problems in years.  However the stock 1/4" cable that came with it did have a bent plug right out of the box and was pretty annoying for that price point.   Really been tempted to get a pair of the LCD-X's or 3's lately as I love the sound, yet and every time I consider it I read so many quality issues.  There must be at least one post a day on the X or 3 threads about drivers randomly failing, and not even on older...
on mobile now so i cant write at length. but yes i own the lcd2.2 without fazors and borrowed a friends 1540 for a weekend. The lcd is IMO significantly better. i liked the 1540 but there was something funky going on in the low mids. the lcd sounds cleaner.had the akg 7xx on loan at the same time and felt they bettered the 1540 as well. like all things, this may just be my preference.
Well thats a scary thiought. Id be pretty pissed if that happened.Did you notice anything odd before or after? It just went dead and won't turn on? Scary for a piece of gear this price.
 You can open it up and lower gain.  I believe the manual shows how, if not, they're always responsive by email and would walk you through I bet.  They do state that the default gain is high for pairing with their power amp, but could be too high for other equipment.
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