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 Mike, Nice review, enjoyed reading it.  I agree with most of your impressions, except the DAC.  I suppose on some level DACs come down to a personal preference, but I feel the DAC is a bit boring, lacks some detail, or at least the detail (like on stringed instruments, guitar etc) is set farther back behind a heavy low end. As I've mentioned earlier in the thread, I do not have experience with any high end DACs so I'm not sure if this is the desired voicing as you move up...
 I don't believe it can.  I had emailed Mcintosh about this and they said the preamp was only active when speakers were selected as the output.  So the headphone out would not be engaged.
Yeah, someone sell me one of these:)
It does not.  It has a preamp out that is only active when "speakers" are selected as the output. 
 That's going to come down to personal preference.  It's a good pairing in my opinion.  Solid state sounds amp, the DAC is very resolving of details and dynamic to my ears.
 I had a pair of the D5000 way back when.  Very fun sounding huge bass punch.  Lacked some detail resolution compared to my lawton modded D7000.  I think the J$ or angle pads on the D5000 were a step up in every way.  Pulled the bass out a bit.  Can always swap the stocks back on anytime.
Havent heard the he300 so i cant say. I do like the hd600 and would recommend that though.
Strongly disagree:)
 Fun is typically referred to as like an authoritative bass punch and sparkle up in the treble.  I do not have experience with the fostex 600, but I do with the previous Denon models they are similar too.  If the fostex 600 is anything like the denon d2000/5000/7000 then I would call it more fun than the lcd2.
Have you tried the lcd2? Nice mids and a solid low end. Sennheiser hd600 is also the best jack of all trades value around imo. Could try one of those.
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