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For Sale;  Headamp GSX MK2 in black with the DACT option.    Throwing this out there as an interest check.  Raising money for a different setup.  Bought this in 2014 from another Head-Fi member and it has seen very little use just due to space in my apartment or a variety of equipment.  Cell-phone quality pics attached here, if there is serious interest I can attempt to take some better quality images.   - No functional or aesthetic flaws. - Will ship with the...
For Sale; HP1000 (HP2).  Bought via Head-Fi a few years ago.  Slimming down my collection. Pictures are cell-phone quality (sorry), if any are unclear feel free to ask questions   - Most of the lettering is gone. - Has the Grado ultra wide bandwidth reference cable. - Had been re-terminated balanced.  Will include the single ended adapter. - Has the L Cush pads on.  I did not care for the flat pads. - Will come with the Grado Wooden Box they re-released a couple...
For Sale; a Benchmark DAC2 HGC in black.  Perfectly functional no issues and with no cosmetic flaws.  Will add pictures upon inquiry.     - Original Box / Manual / Remote included. - Shipping only to CONUS, I cover shipping fee you cover Paypal fee.   Moving to a matching Bryston stack so I will be selling off some headphones/amps/dacs   Possible trades I'm interested in: Bryston BDA-2 (black) Bryston B135 (black) Stax 009 LCD-X (current 2016 versions)
 Wow, interested to compare the new model.  Wonder if they will offer the upgrade program for the MHA100.  If i'm reading this right that's going to be like $3000 more than the MHA100 retails for, better be one hell of a DAC upgrade or at least something else going on behind the scenes.
I can't help but think these will be bad.     I get the feeling the only reason they exist is so Audeze can say "Hey we have iems now too".  They look so unwieldy and at $2500 for the LCD i3 its not my cup of tea.  I'm going to hold out for the LCD i4 they're releasing next month for $5000.  It will sound basically the same but I get a carbon fiber cable.
Yeah ive got mine hooked up to a benchmark 2 and nad m51.  I think both are superior to the DAC included.  Though I think it comes down to synergy and personal preference in the end.  LS50's sound better with the benchmark....Harbeths sound better with the NAD.  I'm sure if you asked 10 different people you'd get 10 different answers.
Prices of audiophile / flagship equipment never really make sense.  I listened to the full range of Focal speakers up to whatever the $100,000 range La Scala models are, off at least $20,000 or more Mcintosh front end.  Know what I heard...they sounded the same as their $6,000 smaller models but bigger with more presence.  And neither sounded as good as their old models the dealer was liquidating for $1500.  After another friend and I both came to that conclusion the...
Price range?  These aren't particularly picky to drive, just some clean solid state amp with low output impedance. Only recommending things I've used before....they sounded fine from the Burson, Centrance, Benchmark gear, but I'd imagine even the entry level Schiit gear would be good.
I owned the W4's and the 535's.  By far I preferred the W4's though many would find them more boring than the 535's in comparison.   - W4's better cable - W4's much more comfortable to wear, 535's always hurt my ears in short time - W4's even non-fatiguing sound with better separation. - 535's have a sweetness to the mid-range that was great with some material...but not with others. - Both will be lacking in bass.  535's anemic, W4's slowish.   Overall I felt I got...
Quick question to you all:   Just got a pair of ASG 2.5's and the case it comes with, while nice, appears to be too small for the IEMs.  Anyone else run into this problem?  if so what case do you use to store them?
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