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Still burning in but enjoying it all the same.
I sent the tube directly to Vinnie so he installed it during the build.  So no, I did not listen w/ the stock tubes.  He did send the JJs along, and I figured it is worth tube rolling only after the burn in.  Maybe I'll test it out next weekend.  In addition to the Dario Miniwatts recommendation from Vinnie, I also have some 60's era Amperex tubes.    I got in about 4 hours last night, and it's been burning in for another 8 or so.   -RC
My RWA Audeze Edition DAC/Amp arrived today.  It was a long wait until I got it unpacked this evening, after work, physical therapy and dinner w/ the family.  Vinnie was gracious enough to suggest Miniwatt 7308s to replace the JJs.  After going through the manual, I hooked it up to my Cambridge 840c and have thoroughly enjoyed listening to Dave Matthews Band at Wrigley Field over the last two hours.  It's hard to believe how much better it's going to get 98 hours from...
I use the LCD2s in bed w/ no problems.  But maybe that means my head is way too big.  In all seriousness, I do prop the pillows below the point that they would envelope the open vents for the 'phones.
Price drop.
Up for sale is a pair of Monster Turbine Pro Gold Edition IEMs.  I bought these in Changi Airport in Singapore in mid-May because I had forgotten my IE8s and these were the best ones I could find at the store.  After I got back, I bought a pair of Miles Davis Tributes which better suit my Dave Matthews Band live recordings.   They have about 40 hours of listening time on them (enough for a 5 day business trip and the return trip home).  This will include the original...
It took quite a while for me to get my xlr to rsa interconnect. It wasn't until I got his personal (Craig?) that I got a r esponse. And then it took another week after that.   It's official.
Just noticed this tweet from Headfonia:   I promptly called Vinnie and he went through a very lengthy explanation that this has been a thorough collaboration between him, Ken, and Alex to put together an optimum DAC/Amp combo for the LCD2s.  For 4k, you get a Amp/DAC, plus a 4 pin XLR balanced 6 foot cable and a custom carrying case that will fit everything, including the headphones in a water tight package (I...
I Recommend that you include a dac in your audio chain. Without going through either my Cambridge 840c or the algorhythm solo, the sound quality improvement may be limited.
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