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A few years ago, I carried my Slee and Senns to a hi-fi shop to audition the Arcam FMJ 33 and Meridian G07 and G08. I ended up getting the G08 second-hand from Audiogon. Still very happy with this set-up.
Yeah, seconded. Jesus wept. One B-52 for each ear? I'm particularly curious to know how the Meridian scores in terms of PRAT compared to the Esoteric...when using the same amp, headphones, and music.
What is the new Pnau like, splaz? I revisited the first album a few weeks ago and quite enjoyed the drone-like tracks.
Quote: Originally Posted by GlendaleViper I've gotta say, if the recent remixed and remastered version of Rust in Peace is any indication, I'm going to go ahead and fully disagree. It's not that it sounds bad, just that it's (yet) another example of hot, clipping, general badness. You don't need to blow out the recording to sound "metal". Thanks. Truth be told, I've only heard the Megadeth remixes on speakers, not headphones, and then while I was...
I saw this album in the shop and was curious. I've grown tired of Trent's inner turmoil lyrics and nihilistic angst. Yawn. They always seemed to intrude into some interesting sounds and beats. Hopefully Ghosts is what The Fragile should have been but wasn't. Thanks for the tip!!
I have the remixed and remastered release. For all of the reduxes, it seems that the vocals have been given more prominence, which is distracting at first if you're used to the original mixes. However with added clarity for the instrumentation, I kind of accepted that and now enjoy them for what they are. I've not heard the MFSL edition, but suspect it was done before the recent reduxes. At a guess I'd say they both sound good....just different mixes. Since I have...
I second the trance recommendation. The progressive trance I've been collecting lately is mind-blowing on headphones. One resource... Psyshop Retailers locally have been dumping import dance stock for sale cheap, e.g. $34 AUD down to $16 and $9.95. I go for the progressive trance stuff. You usually get about 8-9 songs per CD because they are 7-9 min tracks. Cyber/tech-influenced CD artwork, band names, and song titles. Most are listenable at the very least. Some...
Aussie release also sounds awful. Identical master obviously. Groan.
I would have considered this if it was 220-240V. Too bad!
Quote: Originally Posted by MarkyMark I have used the HD650 with SAA Equinox cable and ALO-recabled K701's and preferred the latter. The HD650 has a weightier mid/upper bass and a "darker" sound but I always feel the mids/treble sound somewhat "veiled" to repeat that timeworn cliche. With the Solo, the K701 is clean, refined and dynamic - and where there is deep bass on a recording it definitely comes through. Can definitely recommend this...
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