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Thanks for your impressions! I'm actually waiting for my pair of H6 V2 to be delivered in a couple of days. I also have a pair of Oppo PM3 which i love. The only issue i have with the PM3 is that they are not very well driven by my iPhone and iPod touch. I have a question: how do you find the bass of the H6 V2 compared to the Oppo? (I didn't buy the V1 just because they were said to be bass light but i bought V2 as some people reported that they have more and  tighter bass...
Post can closed as i've already found one.
I tried three different DX80 with my Shure Se846 and they all had hiss. The amp in the DX80 is off then not playing music so to check this out , in a quiet room, play a song and set volume to 0 (low or high gain doesn't matter). You will hear a faint hiss. For many not a deal breaker as it is very faint but i prefer the pitch black noise floor of the Dx90 with the Se846.
There is no hiss with the Dx90 and Shure Se846  
Many thanks! Anybody had the chance to try the X7 with the Shure Se846? How is the pairing? I'm especially interested if there is hiss with them as the Se846 are very sensitive. Unfortunately i cannot find any post in this thread with this info 
Hi guys, anybody using the Ak100 II with the Shure Se846? How is the pairing and do you detect any hiss?   How powerful is the amp in the Ak100 II, would it be possible to drive headphones like the Oppo pm3  (or even better the sennheiser Hd650?)   Many thanks!!
Hi, anybody using the x7 with the Shure Se846? how is the pairing? Do you detect any hiss?   anybody using Apple music on the X7?   Last question: Is the X7 default amp powerful enough to drive headphones like the Oppo pm3 (or maybe even the senn hd650)?   Many thanks!
Hi, anybody use the Se846 with the Fiio x7 or Ak 100 II?   Any thoughts of the pairing or brief comparison if you are lucky enough to have the two? I'm especially interested in the presence of hiss with the Se846.   Thanks!
After receiving two defective DX80 (one with battery moving inside and one with faulty sd slot..i was very unlucky) i received a new DX80 directly from iBasso and it is perfect!Many thanks to Paul!! Great customer service is what makes iBasso a great company. Now it's time for some burn in and a comparison between DX80 and DX90
Hi Paul, I answered the PM. Thanks!
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