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OK i got the Kef m500 today, two days delivery from amazon.   Let's start with saying that they don't slip as much as i was scared they would.Their clamp is fine and they are absolutely ok to walk around or twist the head (i have average/small head).   They look FANTASTIC! Really, guys, these headphone are real beauties (and they are probably one of the best looking headphones i've ever seen (classy and modern at the same time). The construction quality is sturdy and...
That's good to hear :-)! This really makes me want to try the Kef, i can' t wait to compare them to my momentums and the other headphones in my collection :-) And from the pictures the Kef look very nice
After reading this thread i've just purchased a pair of Kef m500 to add to my Headphones collection..can't wait for them to arrive. Damn you! hopefully they will not fall from my head like few other headfiers pointed out.. (however i'm not going to run with them)
I collect headphones and i have many of them (momentum, mdr 1r, amperior, dt1350, p5 and many others you can see in my signature..it's all Headfi's fault :-P) but none of them has the sound signature of the m100. There's something so good in their sound i cannot even explain and, when i have to choose which headphones to listen to, i usually choose the m100 :-)
Thank you Craigster!justa pity i can't see and try the u6000 before buying (here in ireland they have just beats and..beats).As i said my main concern is how big they are as i would not feel comfortable going around with huge headphones on my head (for me beats pro are huge for example)
Btw,would you still recommend the U6000 over the PSB M4U 2 for sound quality/Look/Portability and leakage?
Thanks Craigster!I was actually very interested in the PSB M4U 2 but all the reports i've seen about the cracking issue made me consider the cheaper U6000 (i want to add a good portable and good looking noise cancelling headphones to the ones i'm using now - Sony Mdr-1R)  Just a pity the build quality of the M4U 2 seems to be not very good..
Are the U6000 bigger than psb m4u 2?From all the pics i saw i couldn't understand if the U6000 can be portable and and if i could wear them around the neck... Also,reading all the posts it's not very clear if they can be driven fine from an ipod classic and if the leakage is bad or not..
I've noticed that the tissue inside the pads (that kind of net)is not perfectly smooth on the surface of the drivers but kinda of loose.is this on your pairs as well? Sorry I'm kinda of perfectionist with my gear Btw,is it possible and easy to replace the pads ? I was trying to take them out to check the drivers but they didnt come out (or maybe i was too delicate with them:))
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