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Guys i need your help. Recently i've changed from using iPod to Walkman, and everything seems fine, except the tagging for converted file. Before i've been using always Easy CD-DA Extractor for converting FLAC file and for adding information to my music, and it was totally fine, without any problem at all. But now when i'm using Walkman (A10 series), for some reason, all of my tagging, information are now unable to be seen. Everything remains "unknow", without album cover,...
Well i guess we just need to turn on that yolo mode whenever we feel desperate..Or just think of Shia Labeouf and his motto...
Well glad that my problem somehow accidentally helped everyone of us :D
There mate: https://www.sony.co.uk/support/en/content/cnt-dwnl/prd-dna/sony-nwza15-firmware-update-ver110-win/NWZ-A17 
Well i just download the firmware from Sony site and ya. I already knew that we can't rollback or whatsoever but i was too desperated with the situation so i just tried it. And now my A17 is in 1.10 again.
Just downgraded to 1.10 and anything is finally normal again. Really weird issue tbh. Btw i want to ask u guys one thing. I just started to use A17 for about few days ago, and before the Touch 5 is my best bud. I've "extracted" all of my music on my old Touch to my PC, and everything seems fine, but when i put them on the A17, all of my converted music (from FLAC to m4a) lost it's tag, which mean no cover art, no info, wrong filename, and sort of. And these files still...
So yesterday i upgraded my A17 to 1.20, but some weird thing started to happen. Before there are no problems at all, but now, when i select a certain song, the A17 will start to freeze and restart again. I've tried to reset setting/ formatting/ rebuild library but still the problem occurs whenever i play that song. But if i only copy those "problematic" song (not the entire folder - mine is about 3.000 songs) into the A17, they can still be played normally. And i've...
Since i'm just an amateur hence i've asked my friend who is a professional to do that, but anw thank you for the warning :->
 You're the man (y). Thank you so much
Does anyone know how to open up these things? Mine has a problem yesterday and i think it's about the jack input in the headphone but apparently these thing can't be disassembled since there aren't any screw or sort of.
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