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Lee thanks for putting on another GREAT meet! Your hospitality is incredibly appreciated and I love the studio as a great place to host the event.    Oddly I didn't listen that much but what I did listen to I'll put together some thoughts tonight. Great to see Ari (damn it has been too long!) and Peter. Hope to see you both in NYC. Frank always great so see you and thanks for the tip on that mid priced closed hp!.
  from memory those with gear pull into the alley way and unload but once done need to move to the street or municipal pkg across the street. I don't recall it being a pita given the sunday meet in a business type area  apologies in advance if I am not recalling correctly. 
Big shout out to the NYC OG crew that got the ball rolling with the first Headfi International meet! Be cool to resurrect some photos from that first meet that kicked off what eventually morphed into CanJam.    I should be there either Saturday or Sunday. Look forward to seeing some of the goodies since I am in the market for new IEMs since losing my JH 13s after 7 years or ownership. 
I have lived with the Sony Z1R for about a week now and I can say for sure that the headphone changes with some hours on it. So far my impressions are very favorable: great bass resolution - with the ability to resolve very deep bass and provide tone, texture and frequency extremely well. Often many cans will reproduce bass with somewhat indistinct frequency sounding one note or muddled.  Bass bump is clearly evident but reminds me of a large format speaker that can...
  Hi and welcome!!  The first rule I'd observe is ask before doing something. Generally unplugging a headphone from a set up to try with your phone (you may want to bring a 1/4 to 1/8 adapter) wouldn't bother me.Taking the headphone away from the rig without asking to try in other rigs would. People at meets tend to be really open and welcoming and your reason for going is exactly how I started 12 years ago (wow time and gear flies).  I would encourage you to check the...
so I picked up a pair of these and overall I do like them but has anyone detected a slight to mildly annoying treble issue? Two factors are a lower treble sibilance and a lack of top end extension? Bass and mids are some of the best I have heard as they are incredibly textured and detailed. 
 I'll stand by the definition, having said that I will be ordering a pair of these. 300 pages would indicate extreme and or fanatical support and belief. It may be due or it may not be due based on further subjective assessment. It will be well deserved once greater availability and broader listening opportunities are available. I am however skeptical about the relative merits given that they seem to compare to T1's and the Elear both significantly less expensive than the...
  Pretty sure that Summit Fi is not a moated and gated castle... If you want "acknowledgement" of the Sony in Summit FI area then just start a thread there rather than bemoaning that someone else hasn't sone it already. This 300 page thread complete with rabid excitement for the Z1R is enough in my eyes. If once the Sony gets out to meets and is heard and compared by more members I am sure it will finds its way into comparison threads with other end game headphones. 
  at least Sony has an actual headphone one can purchase... LMK where I can order the Mysphere... oh that's right  Hey as stated I'm excited to hear this when it comes out. A million years ago I organized a K1000 shootout at the second National Meet in San Jose and have owned the K1000 several times (and love them). I would however reserve comment until the 3.1 actually comes to fruition. 
  While I am excited to hear about this Mysphere development and will follow its release this hype train is a bit manipulative.
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