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Not sure if I can make it but if I can I'll have Melco na1 Yggy Eddie Current BA 45-2a3 Audeze LCD-x Maybes are my single power mxp3 toaster and audio technica w3k
I will attend, just not sure what will be on the gear list that far out, thanks for organizing this I loved the last one and the space is fantastic! 
I am now downgraded to a maybe for the meet, I have a work event that may interfere with getting out there in time. 
Hi guys, work cold cut in on this one for me unfortunately. I am down to a  game day maybe at this point. My apologies as I was really looking forward to seeing everyone. 
 Thanks my play is to be there early and be ready and set up at 10am 
I'd love to try a Senn HD800s on my Balancing Act, does anyone have a pair of these they can bring to the meet? 
 The headband may be one of the best implemented in the industry, comfortable and incredibly strong.  I did to want to live the either and the C as much as I did as I constantly consider adding them to my Audio Technica W3k and Audeze X line up 
  I concur with Blackmore and would say the K1000 journey was one of my more rewarding Headfi rabbit hole I went down. My 300b Wavac was phenomenal with the K1000s. Enjoy the ride I think I went through 7-8 amps before settling in to a used Wavac.
    Will do I will pack up the rig and bring both the EC BA and the Melco. Looking forward to hanging with the Lawng Island crew (grew up in Hicksville)  Tom not sure if you have any interesting 6sn7s we could try in the BA while I'm there? Right now I am running a Syl 7n7 and a TS Mouse Ear with a few 6f8g variants but have a Syl metal base USN on the way and am thinking of plunking $$ on a TS BGRP but I've heard they are somewhat over rated. 
Tom if I bring my rig it will be Melco NA1 > Schiit Yggy > Eddie Current BA (2a3/45 version) (just received it) plus the LCD-X and maybe the AT W3000s    Deciding  on staying over at my sisters place in Long Beach Friday night then making the drive out in the am or toughing it out and coming straight from PA Saturday early am. Looking forward to seeing you all 
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