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thanks that is what I assumed 
  do you mean Monday the 31st or Sunday the 30th?? 
having more than a few meets myself I'd say you'll never find a date that satisfies all. Aim for the best possible knowing that those that can't make it are pretty vocal. I'd likely be up for attending but meets are funny to get the old guard there needs to be more of a social context and to gain newer members there needs to be vendor excitement. There is nothing like a snowball effect for these things, I'd also be conscious of other events that might conflict like RMAF or...
interested in hitting up this event 
bump with a major price drop!
  I absolutely love this pairing it is significantly better than my dx90 (which is no slouch) and I consider it the equal to the 901 (although the 901 has the advantage of a removable battery and amp card rolling)
I love love love the JH 13 with my Calyx, I was worried that I would need to use the clunky adapter but it sounds great straight out of the jack. Also it shockingly drives the Audeze LCD-X  with ease and sounds stunning.    My only quibble is the time it takes to read the cards each time I start it up and the meager battery life.
This sale if for the Jerry Harvey Audio (JH Audio) 3a system consisting of the 3a amp and JH 16 (Freqphase). The JH 16s here can be used with other portable amps or sources with the included adapter. I also have a silver dragon balanced adapter for HiFiMan 901 users and the spidf to 1/8 adapter as well from Moon audio.    While I have really loved this system I find myself listening to speakers mainly and headphones at work out of my iPhone.   Might consider a trade...
Love my Calyx M with a few minor quibbles, the unit makes clicking/static noise when starting to play a new album this noise does occur between songs from the same album. After the screen goes to sleep it takes a few seconds to be able to drag the circle down to wake it up to change songs.    That said it is a fantastic player and once I have some time I'll compare it to the DX 90 and HiFiMan 901 I've got on hand. I do think the 901 may edge ti out but the Calyx is a...
ok Team Florida I'm going to throw out a date of 1/31 (Saturday) with a time of 10am - 5pm for the meet and a location TBD. I'm going to dust off my local hotel numbers and see if we can get a meeting room in one. That entails people showing up given the meet room will likely be in the $100 range for the day.    Normally folks kick in a few bucks to off set the cost. If that is cool with you all then I'll post a new thread with the meet details. I'll be looking at hotels...
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