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I still haven't discovered a 'flawless' album, maybe i'm being a little bit critical, but although I thoroughly enjoy some albums that are timeless - I still can't find an album that doesn't have at least one 'filler' track (track that i'll skip 90% of the time). 
As mentioned before, don't raise the pre-amp and if you've got a mate with a portable amp/any amp for that matter, try and see if this reduces the static?  and then i'd flick an e-mail to Audio Technica's customer support. Also, where did you purchase them from? 
Would love to do an interview with you and perhaps add in a Merlin section to the site. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Beats by Dre - Studio Beats, need I say more?  
For $500 what headphones & portable amp have the best synergy?  Question asked by a friend and I couldn't give a definitive answer. 
Sure is a great way to waste money. haha.
Gaming's great for stress relief.
They do look nice & shiny, although the cons obviously outweigh the shinyness here. 
Good luck with the success of your new product.  Liked on your Facebook page. 
My personal favorite track for the gym is Till I Collapse by Eminem. 
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