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 Thanks Arb233! I've heard the stock cables being described as "garden hoses" before. I couldn't imagine why a $2000 headphone would come with a garden hose for a cable. ;) 
Thats a long time! I think Steve and I have changed quite a few aesthetic things about the cables since then, but glad to hear the design is still holding up! 
Glad to hear you guys are enjoying the cables!    @jtinto Did you get your cable on sale as well? 
I believe all the issues have been resolved. The last 2 weeks I've been able to reply to every email I get in a few hours. I was pretty slammed in April as I do also go to school in addition to work this full time. But now that it's summer I have way more time on my hands. Feel free to shoot me and email and I'll definitely get back to you. Sorry for the lul of bad customer service. I do acknowledge it was pretty bad. I'll be offering much more realistic lead times and...
 Hi Das, I did contact everyone I could at AKG and did not just have them sitting in the back room. I have multiple email chains to AKG with little to no response. That's why it took so long to get them back and you knew this and I appreciate your patience. I always made sure to reply when you emailed about the situation. It's too bad USPS damaged them in shipment, there really isn't anything I can do about that. I do agree testing headphones before working on them is a...
  The thing I like about my M8 is the ability to drive all of my headphones. I have never even touched high gain either and that's driving He-1000's at LOUD. (approx 70% on the 2nd gain setting).  But I also use my Westone 4's quite frequently on the M8. (approx 40% on 1st setting)  Very versatile amp, just what I was hoping for! 
Finally addressed the highly discussed issue myself. :P    I debated between Hd800 and 3.5mm but ended up going with Hd800 on my set to allow for testing of Hd800 cables in the future. :D Wood is pretty soft to work with as well. Not as hard as the Th-900 birch. Though mahogany and birch are supposed to be similar hardwoods. :///// not sure what to think here...    
Yep, It's a bit of stretch and actually any larger Beyer headband will work. Ziplock type, button, velcro. 
 How does it attach? 
Well at least I'm not just going to sit here and complain. ;-)Just trying to help out.
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