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Not sure if I've ever posted here, but I'll do it again if I haven't.   I am a cable maker and headphone modifier located in Lafayette, CA. Been doing it for 3 years now. I've always had a passion for music, and been playing instruments consistently since first grade.   I haven't had much time in the past, but this semester I only have one class so I hope to head out to some meets and see the faces of fellow Audiophiles. Last year was hard for me because of a huge work...
I've had my crack at a bunch of headphones over the years and I have to say the most comfortable headphones so far are the beyer t1's. Beyer dt1350s are good as well be I've had a bad experience with their headband breaking but peter at beyer told me they fixed it. To be determined. I have a pretty sensitive head when it comes to pressure and I find the hd650s and m50s to be too clampy also the top band part too hard. I'd say the denon d2k-7k are comfortable but the top...
You could try to solder directly to the driver diaphragm wires but that's risky at best. Honestly, I wouldn't work on re-0's because the aforementioned issue. Just get better iems :P
I've built a grub DAC but it can be difficult if you haven't soldered smd before. Just watch some videos and you should be golden though. Thats what I did. I believe the grubdac is $50 if beezar is still selling it.
I'd have to agree with everyones opinions. PTFE wire is pretty stiff. I played with that stuff a while ago and decided mogami cable was way better. Canare works too if you can't find mogami.
Lead times are coming down now. Working on a few 4-5 week old orders but, I should be back in the 3-4 week range shortly. Thank you everyone for your patience! School work load is going to be a lot smaller this semester so I will be very focused on getting cables done and maybe expanding the product selection!
      oh god steve...........
Looking for a pair of Good condition Westone 4's. I don't want the "R" version because I intend to modify the W4's and test my work for longevity.   I'll take broken cable W4's, but I'd prefer a working version.   Let me know what you guys have got.
Been rocking Dt1350's for a long time. Kinda wish I had some IEM's now, so I'm looking at getting the Quads (from what I hear they sound like the W4, but better?)   Anyone from the CA East Bay Area? I'm trying to find a place to get my impressions done. Don't want to drive out to SF.
  There was no venue for the meet this year. :/
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