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      oh god steve...........
Looking for a pair of Good condition Westone 4's. I don't want the "R" version because I intend to modify the W4's and test my work for longevity.   I'll take broken cable W4's, but I'd prefer a working version.   Let me know what you guys have got.
Been rocking Dt1350's for a long time. Kinda wish I had some IEM's now, so I'm looking at getting the Quads (from what I hear they sound like the W4, but better?)   Anyone from the CA East Bay Area? I'm trying to find a place to get my impressions done. Don't want to drive out to SF.
  There was no venue for the meet this year. :/
I need a D2000 for spare parts. Please let me know what you'd like for the set.
    I've never told a single customer my cables would make a big difference, and I've never told a customer to buy my cables based on sound alone. If you ask me what the difference between SPC and Copper, I'll tell you one looks silver, and the other looks like copper. As said before, buy amps, DACs, and headphones first, then get cables. If your tight for money, that will give you the most bang for the buck. A lot of people however can't stand the ergonomics of some of...
Meh, again, packaging isn't a must, but it's always nice to have the original box.
I'm looking to acquire a pair of Hifiman He-400's for around $300. I'd like them to be in good condition and still have all of the original packaging if possible.   No cable necessary since these will be modified to take Mini-xlr.
I'm totally in. About time a date was put up!!!   I'll bring my Hd650, modded Dt1350's, C421 and maybe some cables if I have time to make them.   Edit: There may be a conflict with my birthday and Chinese new year. I'll have to get back to you on that.
Wow 2014! Talk about planning ahead!!
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