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Payment sent. :)  
Have you guys ever considered using a receiver that supports Dolby Headphone output instead of a MixAmp/DSS/etc.? I need video switching at my desk so I picked up a Harmon Kardon AVR 154 for $199 from the clearance section of their store. I think coupled with the FiiO E7/E9 it should sound better than the MixAmp for gaming...right? Here's a link if you guys are interested:
New member here. I have been a long time AD700/MixAmp user - I recently joined the site and now I have a few toys coming from fellow head-fi'ers: a DT 990 / 250 (2005) and a FiiO E7/E9 set. My question to you head-fi gamer experts is how should I best leverage the E7/E9 with the 360/PS3 (i.e. MixAmp) and my PC (i.e. Xonar DG)? I also have an early '11 MBP which I will be PC gaming on the road with. Any tips are appreciated. Also any re-confirmations that the DT 990 / 250...
Payment sent! :)
I'd like to chat with you regarding an offer - but I'm already at my 2 private message/day limit. Any chance you can PM me your email address or any other alternative contact method? Thank you.  
Hi, I guess I am all out of PMs for today...haha. So anyway, your latest proposal is solid. I will wait for your word when you're ready to sell. Is everything in working order, complete (all cables, etc. i.e. the MixAmp) and in excellent to like new condition (obviously I understand the E7 condition above)...any concerns I should have regarding the battery? How many hours used for everything (best guess)? Thanks!   (You can reply via PM if you prefer - I will respond...
I am willing to step up the the task of buying and trying the Psyko Carbons - but the only problem I have had is the return policy. Psyko previously had a 15-day satisfaction guarantee, but with the new 2011 models they removed it. I gave them a call about a return policy and they indicated they did not have one. They offer demos of the units at some gaming LAN shop in Ontario...but that doesn't do 99% of the rest of the world much good. It just seems sketchy that they...
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