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The nozzle filter irks me.   They keep getting dislodged and stuck in my ears
First of all.   how do you prove that it fits the last 6 persons universally.   Secondly, didn't you purchase these for 160 CAD?  
If only..  these were..  silver T___T
This is the cutest **** I've seen...
I need to make liquid some cash for extra spending on vacation.   As such I've got various IEMs for some spring cleaning sale!!   Audeo Phonak PFE 121 ---> USD 150 Perfect condition, full accessories, unopened pouches and tips   Ortofon EQ-5 ---> USD 150 Used condition, fonts faded.
Beautiful, airy, mid-centric headphones.   These are one of the most beautiful on-ear headphones ever made. The Echizen Urushi makes the dark cherry wood grains of the cups appear somewhat 3D. Comfort is somehow a little better than the ESW9, but isolation remains a weakness. It does not isolate as much as say the B&W P5, HD25-I-II or DT1350. From time to time, I buff and clean them with the same high quality leather conditioner used for my Edition 8. They're...
Looking to sell my 8.As.   USD@@@ shipped worldwide   Got them May of 2012. Without the Magnus1 cable. Bought the Magnus 1 upgrade and sold off the original stock cable. Thus the sale will only include the Magnus1 cable.     Alternatively, I'm open to trades for the FitEar TG334 or the AKG K3003. Or other CIEMs.   Shoot me offers.   I'd post pictures if I see the point. They're gonna be overhauled and remoulded to your impressions.  
Lets try this headphone setup of yours       Not bad, let me just get them onto the right position       ERHMAGAD......       Go do your chores!!  and don't bother me!! I'm listening to music
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