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Why the 'i' cable.   Is there a non 'i' version??   The fact that the cable is non removable at this price point makes me sad, especially if there is no regular straight cable version.   Durability or lack-of comes to mind.
Wonder how good will they perform vs Phonak 232
This is probably the slowest moving thread ever for a new-ish IEM. Lol Sleek's team has really been asleep for a few years I have seen one sa7 listed in the FS forums. Very interesting. Seeing as I've just lost my sm64.... I just might... But... Sleek...
As per title describes. Lost my SM64 and sold off my HeirAudio 8.A Looking for top tier replacements.
FS is a very well used ALO RX MKII   Price is low due to the fact that the batteries only hold charge for about 20mins.   I'm unable to source the replacement batteries for them as stupid Mauser only ships within USA   http://www.mouser.sg/ProductDetail/Ultralife/UBBP01/?qs=bAKSY/ctAC6uajF7UoG97A==   These are the batteries required.   Shipping & paypal excluded
The nozzle filter irks me.   They keep getting dislodged and stuck in my ears
First of all.   how do you prove that it fits the last 6 persons universally.   Secondly, didn't you purchase these for 160 CAD?  
If only..  these were..  silver T___T
This is the cutest **** I've seen...
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