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Not that I am aware of but warranty should take care of it.
On the D1 I know it uses one slot for the DAC aspect, so you could slot in like audio-gd HDAM or something like that. As the D2 has no headphone output or anyhting like that and I wanted to put the HDAM in, do i need to replace all 3 ? or just one for the tube pre-out? :) I have a friend that wants to get a D2 as a D1 is not needed and wanted ot know if the upgrade path I followed can be done the same.   Thanks Spanky!
The normal analog out is striaght from the DAC and not through the tube. The pre-amp goes DAC-> Tube -> out.
That has me quite interesting. I have a D1 with swapped out tubes and swappd out DAC. I have been considering a D2 and just pop the lid off and do what I did with the D1 to the D2. I dno't use the HP output, nor the line in or out anymore unless I take it on the go with me. It already sounds spectacular with the way I have it set up so I am curious if it will be even better. I have a SUN HDAM and WE 396A tube.
The reason most people would have headphones over speakers is because they can't use their speakers :P. Its more or less the unverisal truth. Also as you go up the chain...speakers and the gear to really bring them out become expensive and consuming.
Apparently never got the notification for this. This may be due to the windwos driver changing its "default" speaker device. Not sure. I run my through the optical.
Inner left - Source Outer right - output.
Fair point on the pure part.I should rephrase in the sense that some cars like to be flamboyant (like coloured headphones) as opposed to a car that corners and handles magnificently through corners without its tail trying to throw you out the other side.I went through the article though. Pretty neat.
I think a fair analogy would be cars. If sports cars were controlled, pure, efficient and no hassle. It wouldn't be a sports car. People want cars that can kill em. Isn't why people love Mustangs or Ferraris and the likes.
Chris is very fantastic with his service. I still have to do a write up and photos for my cables that I bought back in February of 2013 but I love it. I think I may have tweened the bass of my HD800s a little bit too much but I love them very much. Great build and quality. 8 braid cable with rhodium 1/4 plug. :)
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