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Hi Nick01, I know how you feel.   Looks like a really nice headphone, and I for one would like to purchase one, as well as a set of RS1is.  Unfortunately in the UK, we are in the same boat as other overseas customers.   A recent article in whathifi states:     "New from Grado is the PS500, the latest model in the company's Professional Series range. At £700, the...
I second the comments above regarding the HD25-II above used unamped or with the E5, also worth considering the JDS Labs Cmoy BB, as there are lots of options on the opamp.  However IMO don't overdo it with the amp as The Beatles sound best either without an amp or with the E5 as I have used both to good effect.    I re-cabled my HD25-II with a HD650 balanced lead from Ibasso to partner their PB1 and it is brilliant for Rock, but in the Who/Rolling Stones context,...
I'm Interested   1.   Pop 2.   Rock 3.   Punk   London, UK
Go for the SR225i, or if you prefer the flat pads and don't have an amp, Alessandro MS1i and a Little Dot 1+ make a great combo for around the same price.
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What about the Denon AH-D1100.   Review here   "First Opinion: When i first looked at it, i thought that it looks very nice, with Metal plating and Leather headbands. Sure it does not draw attention like the Beats but, the sound totally compensates for that."   "The Soundstage on this is really incredible, considering that this is a Closed Headphone. The Bass on this is very unique, in between a...
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