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The HD 380 is one of their professional headphones.  It's pretty well known around here, though not exactly popular and definitely not the sort of thing that'll be sold on the mainstream market.  Though their PC350 gaming headset is based on it, I believe.
Hey guys, question.  How good is the sorting of music with tags work on the latest firmware?  I have a great need for a player which can actually sort albums with the "album artist" tag instead of just the "artist" tag, otherwise albums with different artist names always get split up into separate albums.  Apparently the X3 does not have this feature, which leads me over to here, which would be my second choice.
Yeah, I might have to do that.  iTunes has already sorted them all like that for me, for the most part.  It'll be a huge pain looking for what I want that way though, and I don't think the tracks are all labelled properly...does it sort them all alphabetically, or can it sort them by track number that way?Also, does it support gapless playback for the browser yet?  I read that it didn't back at launch.
Well, simply as a single album.  For example, iTunes will split the album even if they all have the same album name - given that it is, in fact, one album, it should be sorted as such.  This is the case with albums where there are guest artists and mixes where each track is simply a different artist.  Many of these are gapless albums, which would make it kind of lame if they were all just split into multiple albums in the browser. If a mix is mixed by a single artist,...
Thanks for letting me know!  I might have to hold off for now, then.  Honestly a majority of my albums are tagged in such a way that it just won't sort properly then.  I hope they fix this soon, I can't imagine it's a difficult thing to do.  I'd rather not have to retag ever single album that has different artist names for each song, they'd be tagged wrong that way anyway.
I have a question for those who have an X3.  When sorting tags, does it take into account the "Album Artist" tag?  I have many albums which have many different artist names in a single album, but one album artist so they list as being in the same album.  Some audio players (most android ones save for poweramp, for example) don't and put them all into different albums.  Honestly, if the X3 doesn't support this, it's somewhat of a dealbreaker for me.   Also, does it still...
I'm pretty sure one of those reviewers who did the M-100 review on Headfonia hated the LCD-2 as well.  Go figure.
They're great for DJing, but you'll never see them using them in the studio!  I like V-Moda too, I wouldn't have the M-80 or M-100 if I didn't. :P   Anyway, the basic gist of it is, the M-100s are better than the LP2.
V-Moda M-80 or one of the new Logitech ones, either would be good.  If he wants to spend as much as the Studios though, he might as well go for the M-100 because they are significantly better. :P
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