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Hmm yeah, it's really hard to decide.What about the fiio k5, it's also a DAC/amp combo. Or is it just an amp, I'm a little bit confused...
Will fiio anounce a successor to the E10K anytime soon?
Thank you for the replies! The reason I'll be buying a DAC is because the audio from my desktop sucks.And how does the shiit FULLA compare to the Fiio E10K?  And have you got a list/idea what fiio will be releasing?
Hello,     I want to buy a DAC/AMP option for my computer/laptop. I've got an ATH-M50 and a creative aurvana live (same as denon denon d1001). I was thinking about a FIIO E10K or the Q1.   The Q1 looks nice because it is portable, but I don't think it will work with my devices in DAC mode (Sandisk Sansa clip+ and Samsung Galaxy S2).The DAC functionality will of course still work with my laptop/computer. What kind of device do you need to use the Q1 when using it...
Thank you for your post,   I game sometime, but it's more casual and don't care to much about the sound during games. I'm more interested in clean sound during music playback.   So for the money I can buy a fiio e10, I won't get better sq when buying a soundcard for my computer? (I know there are better >100$ cards, but I just want to compare to the pricerange of the e10)   The fiio e10 cost about 90$ where I live       Thanks in advance
First of all thank you.   What soundcard do you suggest. Atm I only have M50 en CAL, so not really demanding cans. Does a soundcard really give better sq? I think I've read somewhere the fiio e10 was superior :/    Ans soundcar d+ amp. Doesn't the soundcard am palready? So it's double amp, isn't that bad?
Hello everybody,   I just realised my computersound sucks ;) , I use a few year old Asus M4A785TD-V EVO, which uses an VIA1708S. The trable is horrible and the Bass isn't there :( . (My sansa clip+ with fiio e5 sound MUCH better)   The headphones I have: Creative aurvana live (CAL) and ATH M50   So I was thinking about upgrading my soundcard and thats where I noticed the FIIO e10, I've read many good reviews about it and the advantige compared to a PCIe...
http://www.head-fi.org/t/597062/question-on-e10-revision#post_8403765 It's unclair if it is a revision or just a renamed fiio e10 :/
still no information?
Anybody tried this with the ath m50? Thanks in advance.
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