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Thank you for your post,   I game sometime, but it's more casual and don't care to much about the sound during games. I'm more interested in clean sound during music playback.   So for the money I can buy a fiio e10, I won't get better sq when buying a soundcard for my computer? (I know there are better >100$ cards, but I just want to compare to the pricerange of the e10)   The fiio e10 cost about 90$ where I live       Thanks in advance
First of all thank you.   What soundcard do you suggest. Atm I only have M50 en CAL, so not really demanding cans. Does a soundcard really give better sq? I think I've read somewhere the fiio e10 was superior :/    Ans soundcar d+ amp. Doesn't the soundcard am palready? So it's double amp, isn't that bad?
Hello everybody,   I just realised my computersound sucks ;) , I use a few year old Asus M4A785TD-V EVO, which uses an VIA1708S. The trable is horrible and the Bass isn't there :( . (My sansa clip+ with fiio e5 sound MUCH better)   The headphones I have: Creative aurvana live (CAL) and ATH M50   So I was thinking about upgrading my soundcard and thats where I noticed the FIIO e10, I've read many good reviews about it and the advantige compared to a PCIe...
http://www.head-fi.org/t/597062/question-on-e10-revision#post_8403765 It's unclair if it is a revision or just a renamed fiio e10 :/
still no information?
Anybody tried this with the ath m50? Thanks in advance.
Somebody tried this with the ath m50? Thanks in advance!
Will thi DAC be the right Dac for me? I now using my M50's with onboard soundcard. Will the sound improve much?   thnx in advance
Yeah, that's because it isn't released yet
Aaah, okay. But is the fiio e10 still the best choice for my budget?
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