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Here's the link to the Groupon deal for the IEMs I mentioned.  It doesn't say specifically enginereed for iPhone.  It says "smartphones".  I don't have an Android phone to test out for you.  Hope this helps! Chris   http://www.groupon.com/deals/gg-iluv-fitactive-sports-earphones
I don't have the headphones with me today of all days BUT I am pretty sure they were marketed to work with iPhone and Android devices.  I have an iPhone so I can't attest to first hand knowledge that they do in fact work with Android phones.  Until I get home to see the package, I can't give you a 100% for sure answer about that.  I will check tonite and also give you the make/model of the headphones.  But I agree with your logic that the plug is/should be universal and...
Wait now I'm confused as to what you are looking for.  There are a LOT of IEMs out there now that have inline controls for volume, fast forward, rewind, and pause.  So are you looking for IEMs that have those controls or ........  For example, I just got a set of IEMs off of Groupon for $10 that have all the inline controls and a microphone for taking calls.  I use them at work since I share an office and need to hear what's going on around  me but still want my music...
Yup Qusp.  I have several cables from him and all TOP notch quality and custom built to order, i.e. length, right angle, left angle, type of wire, type of plug.  Totally has my faith and recommendation for ANY needs that I have as far as LODs and cables.  Pics of mine coming soon.
PLEASE don't flame me for the dumb questions to follow.  LOL  I'm more well versed in the portable world than I am the home audio world.  So here's what I am looking for - a new receiver for my house.  Here is the equipment I have to hook up to the receiver:   SPEAKERS Pair of Orb satellite speakers Pair of Boston Accoustics bookshelf speakers Pair of brand new Warfdale bookshelf speakers Subwoofer DEVICES Blu-Ray/DVD player TIVO iPod for both music...
In the US its used to put on shelves so glassware does not chip or break.  It's soft and slightly sticky so it stays in place as do glasses when placed upon it.  I just found a product that I am testing out this weekend which you pour onto the surface of your device.  It dries to a pliable and peelable soft rubber feel to protect the back of my iPod.  The manufacturer said they can even tint it to any shade I want.  I'm using it shortly so I can see how it cures.  Does it...
Here's a link to look at the pictures.  What I do is find a product that appeals to me and then take the make and model to amazon.com and search for it there.  On their site you can read all the reviews left by people who have purchased and used the item to see what their opinions are.  Helps to make the best informed decision possible without a bunch of trial and error.   http://store.apple.com/us/browse/home/shop_iphone/iphone_accessories/speakers
Sorry for the ignorance but can you give a little more description of what the Invicta does?  I might be interested.   Cheers   Chris
If you know what Bose speakers sound like, I think they make a portable bluetooth speaker under $200.  Logitech as well.  A good source to use to shop, ironically, is the Apple store.  They carry many portable speaker brands, most of good to high quality.
Research the DYI area.  There are plenty of tinkerers and tailors that could help you out.
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