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Since my beloved ODAC/Stepdance combo is too bulky and picks up too much of interference to use on the daily commute I'm looking for a portable amp/dac to use with the Samsung Galaxy S4 as a source.   Currently I'm looking at LeckertonUHA-6 mk II  Apex Glacier Audioquest DragonFly Ibasso D12 Pico Amp/Dac   Wich combo (feel free to recommend ones not listed here) would be best suited for use on the go in combination with the dt1350 and occasionaly the AH-D7000?
TB isone
What ITD button?
I'm looking for a durable interconnect to connect my ODAC to my Stepdance. I'm also looking to buy a small usb cable to connect a Samsung Galaxy S3 to my ODAC. The goal is to stack the components so the cables should be short. Will buy used or new, stock or handmade. I'm not looking to spend exessive ammounts on it. It should just be sturdy and well made.    Payment would be made through paypal. As for shipping: I live in Switzerland but since it's going to be a...
Is there any way to get it to work on android?  
I bought the ODAC. I do like it but I'm probably not the right person to review it since I dont really have anything to compare it to.
I went by and picked one up today. Listening to it now. Works perfectly :)
The shop of the website is actually located in the same area as I am. I should be able to swing by and pick one up. Great suggestion. Thanks again.
It is indeed. I didn't find it under distributors on the official website. This does look promising.     I see. I'm going to go through those then.
  Thanks for your suggestion.   I have only been able to find one review of this DAC on headfi and it was semi favourable. They do ship to Switzerland but customs will probably add 1/3 to the price. Then again it's not easy to find such products locally.  
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