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 I've never had an issue with fit with any IEM I've ever used, and tried them with multiple tips. The only thing that tips/insertion depth seemed to affect was the location of the resonances.When I first hear them I suspected that they were maybe, at most, $350. When the guy told me what they actually cost I was stunned. I see no reason why anyone would ever choose these over the JH13. The bass is slow and bleeds into the mids, the treble is hard and metallic, there is...
I don't think so. I've heard many accounts of people having similar issues, and seen measurements that support it. That and I told the owner how I felt about them and asked if maybe he had a bad pair, but he said he'd heard multiple pairs and they were all essentially identical. I have RE0s and GR07s that I use for mobile listening, and my primary cans are HE-400s. 
The issues I had weren't a result of transparency, so it wasn't due to source or amplification. I tried them in several setups and every one had the same problem. 
So I got a chance to hear these and...I don't think I've ever been so underwhelmed by a headphone before. They were, for lack of a better word, very "hollow-sounding," as if there was a whole frequency range missing. The bass was over-emphasized and a bit muddy, and the treble was very metallic, too rolled-off and even harsh.  And these cost how much?  
Apparently the GR07 Classic IS the original GR07.
So, I'm about the drop the cash on a pair of HE-400s (they're in my HiFiMan cart right now), but I have a few questions before I pull the trigger. - Does the stock cable terminate with a 1/4 or 1/8 jack, and does it have an adapter for the other? I need both jacks. - Is it worth buying the velour pads? What do they improve? - I've heard them described as being both bright and dark, which is something that I've thought about the RE0 as well; Mids are a bit...
Fake Beats actually don't sound all that different from real ones...which is a testament to just how poorly engineered the real ones are. As for "the beef" with the Pros, the slow, plasticky treble and mid-bass bloat kill them for me. They're just very muddy and veiled sounding.
How you  burn them in makes no difference. In fact, virtually all of the burn in is happening with your brain. I've A/Bed brand new GR07s with multiple pairs with >300 hours and there was no discernible difference. The hard lower treble and sibilance is virtually undetectable if I listen to them for awhile, but coming from something like the RE0 it once again is painfully obvious. If physical burn in was the source of the change then that would never happen. 
I can't speak on the specifics of how the GR07 and R50 compare, or how the R50 cable holds up because I don't have one in my possession at the moment. The GR07 and the R50 are pretty much neck-and-neck in terms of performance, so whether you'll like one more than the other depends on the sound you're looking for.  Your assessment of the two seems to mirror what most people think. The GR07 certainly have a bit more bass, and the R50 are a bit brighter and thinner. Again,...
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