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I have done some searches both on the forum and on the Internet but came up with very little. Anyone here has a comparison between the new JH16v2 Pro and the Roxanne?  I'm a drummer who has been using the Futuresonics Custom MG6 (with the largest vent size) for about 8 years and decided I would like a different sound now - something with more clarity, a much larger soundstage without compromising the bass quality and quantity.  I recently put some money down on a JH16v2...
Thanks for the review of the JH16v2! I just put down some money for a pair and am waiting for my appointment to do impressions. However I am still on the fence between the Roxanne and teh JH16v2. I am a drummer looking for a new sound after using my Futuresoncis M6 for 8 years (still going strong!)  What are your thoughts on both as a comparison?
How does this compare to the Futuresonics Atrio with the MG7 drivers?
No one?
I'm planning to reshell my triple.fis and am wondering whether its worth shelling out the extra cash to add a driver to make it a quad driver per side CIEM.   Anyone that has added drivers would care to share the sonic differences before and after the addition of the driver?
Thanks for the replies   MrProggie: I'm definitely not looking for something like that. I need 2 individual inputs that can be controlled by their own volume knobs.   JackMicca: Its sort of like a stereo mixer, but i don't want to have to carry a large mixer device around, was hoping to have something that's amped and around the size of a headphone amplifier as well. I haven't seen anything like that around so that's why i'm asking. :)   Anyone else?
I am looking for a portable headphone amplifier with 2 individually controlled inputs that will both function at the same time.   I've been looking around but the best i found is multiple inputs but only 1 will function at any time, and they're not individually controlled.    Was wondering if anyone here knows of something like that. 
David is an awesome guy. He helped me with my FS customs and I met the man at NAMM too! With the 30day money back guarantee you don't have much to lose except a couple of bucks on shipping. I came from using armatures and will stay away from armatures now because it just cannot reproduce bass frequencies as naturally and the way i like it. I have the Atrios too and i can tell you the customs sound very similar to the atrios except for interchangeable air vents (for more or...
i'm been reading about and tried these two headphones, the Beyerdynamic DT150 and the Denon D2000 and have been thoroughly impressed. Any one has fresh impressions recommendations between the two? Looking to get one or the other. Thanks!
I play drums frequently and moved from Shure to UE to Livewires, to Fidelity to Atrios and to Futuresonics Custom EARS and the Atrios and the Futuresonics Custom EARS are the only ones that are still remaining. They give hte best, most natural sound for monitoring. Period. The sound is not neutral, but it makes monitoring a whole lot more enjoyable.
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