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Let's see... $149 + $349 = $498. Then $498/$40 = 12.45. So, yes, they sound 12.45 times better compared to the OEM cable. Right?!!!
Breakfast with Buddha   Highly recommended!
Are there MASCULINE headphones and FEMININE headphones and GENDER-NEUTRAL headphones? Would you be willing to wear one from ANY of these categories, if the SQ is perfect?  
I am finding that my Pono and Philips Fidelio X2s are a lovely match. I am just running single ended at present. My usual volume setting runs 50-75%. (NOTE: For me, the X2's needed a LOT of burn-in before they began to sound well balanced. I'd recommend 50-100 hours. Straight out of the box they sounded overly bassy and muffled.)
"We can seem more than a little nutty."   Like when naming your company Schitt, making frequent sh_t puns, and giving your products names that become more and more unpronounceable as they simultaneously become more and more expensive?   Just kidding, but you know what I mean. LOL
I can't wait until Schitt moves to Icelandic mythology.   Eyjafjallajökull, the Ultimate Amp
Does anybody think a separate thread for the Blackwood would be a good thing?
My thoughts on the Blackwood after listening to it for two weeks:   I've done quite a lot of listening now, and I'd say that, for me, the Blackwood is BETTER than the Vibro in EVERY way! I am happily surprised!   Let me count the ways:   1.) Extended highs, but not overly bright. 2,) Noticeably wider sound stage. 3.) Instrument separation in complex passages very MUCH better. 4.) No upper bass hump muddying the midrange. Yay! 5.) Deeper low end... tighter and...
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