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I highly recommend the ZMF mod headphones. Check Zach's new site   You couldn't go wrong with a ZMF basic at $229, or the ZMF Carbon Re-jack for $299.   They perform best with a good amplifier.   Warning: These will make you not like most other headphones!
Thanks, I'll try that!!
I received my S680s about a week ago (the "red" version).   Out of the box, they were UN-listenable... bloated muddy bass, veiled midrange, and almost no high end at all. I was thinking that burning in could not possible make these phones listenable.   I was wrong! I have done about 50 hours burn-in with the wav file, and they are transformed. The high end appeared and seem reasonably smooth. The mids are much less veiled. Female vocals sound quite nice now. The bass...
Have you heard Zach Merbach's ZMF mod? I think it is significantly better than my Mad Dogs with Alpha Pads. I don't have Alpha Dog's, but I sure would like a comparison between them and the ZMFs!
I was just reacting to Valuephile's comments. At some point I will be able to trade in my Mad Dogs toward the Alpha Dogs. Just trying to figure out if it's "worth it" to do the trade-in.
Does this mean that we classify the Apha Dogs as NOT fun?
I would suggest the ZMF v1 and a good amp.
I believe that you will find noticeable improvements with a higher power linear amplifier. You will get even more of what you already like about the ZMFs.
ZMF Mod T50RPs...  20% off black/white painted models, on Zach's website!
I heard that Zach is having a holiday special on white/black ZMFs. Anybody know the details?
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