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I certainly hope that this is the case. Time will tell!
Redundant step-down, of course, if you are referring to SQ.
Koss charges $9 per headphone set repaired for "shipping and handling." Also, you will spend about $4-5 to send the headphones to Koss in the first place. Currently, Amazon offers new sets for $14.88 with free shipping. A few months ago, I bought some from Amazon for $9.99 with free shipping. The price does fluctuate, but $15 seems to be the upper limit of the range at Amazon. For an inexpensive headphone like the KSC75, "shipping and handling" fees make the Koss lifetime...
Which of these mods gets them to sound like the HD800s? Thanks!
I highly recommend the ZMF mod headphones. Check Zach's new site   You couldn't go wrong with a ZMF basic at $229, or the ZMF Carbon Re-jack for $299.   They perform best with a good amplifier.   Warning: These will make you not like most other headphones!
Thanks, I'll try that!!
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