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An open backed IEM with a headband!
I mean for my tastes I want to be able to hear music as naturally as possible so I'd aim for a more balanced sound and changing the pads just to change the seal basically fixes the bass right off the bat.
EQ doesn't seem to help much, if at all. They don't respond much to it. Even if I EQ the mids down they're still forward and congested.The seal on the regular pads is still lousy. If I use my hands to puff up the pads while on my ears to improve the seal the bass already improves.As for the treble a brighter amp or something.I plan on buying the mad dogs pads to try with the AT w3000anv.
The n shaped wasn't enjoyable to me on a lot of genres but I question if the alpha pads helps to my ears.I still might try switching pads to something like the mad dogs pads.
Looking to buy a set of pads in good condition. I used the ones that I had to mod the ATH-W3000anv and they were stretched out so I wouldn't mind getting new ones. Send me the price + shipping to Montreal, Canada For reference a pair of brand new pads would be $70 USD
I just did this mod.Bass definitely has more impactI feel if anything treble dropped off a bit.The mids definitely aren't as forwardIf anything the bass is a bit overpowering to me now but damn, is it tight, impactful and deep.Congestion cleared up a bit.Only thing is I really had to stretch the alpha pads to get them on. I hope they'll fit back on my ADs!
I preordered them in January (the universal fit) and only got them end of march. The QC was so bad with cosmetic and sound defects. I returned them for repairs and they only replaced one earpiece. Comparing the new and old earpiece, it seems a lot changed in production.The new earpiece sounded like something I would buy while the old piece just sounded awful.Gotta send it back for a second time to get the right earpiece fixed / replaced now
I'm super interested in a new sony flagship!
I thought the doggie treats was $15?
Well regardless of FP the newer set has a lot better treble response and clarity.
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