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I'd definitely ship mine over for $1000 !
I hate having that bar at the top of the screen. I find the AK120 is so much more classy (which I prefer) while the AK100ii has a more modern look (which is fine to prefer too =P)I have no problems with the UI for the AK120 besides the limited EQ function
Buy my AK120! xDThe AK120 is actually fairly small and it's quite nice.Around the size of an ipod classic.
The X5 was actually a tad too big for me.
While they're still not getting the most of their IEMs from a phone I used to do it too when I wanted to save precious pocket space when I already had a wallet, keys, phone and more.That all changed when I got the AK120 though which is much smaller than most of the other DAPs I've had.Still, those people might not feel it's worth it for portable use to get a DAP
Oh Hot damn... No trades I guess?
Here in Montreal a pair of 535s will run you $500 after taxesEven for smartphone use that's still sizable
I am still waiting as wellThis guy has the perfect opportunity and it's being wastedI'm always keeping my eyes out for any and all audiophiles in my area
Looking to buy a Fiio X3 shipped to Canada PM me the condition, price and included parts (box, receipt, etc) I'll be paying by PayPal purchase only.
Well I haven't posted here in a while either but recently I let my underclassman try my W3000anv + AK120 and now she wants to buy the W3000anv
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