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That was my main issue =[Thanks for clearing it up. If I go the wizard route I'll be sure to be open about it. I haven't disliked any of the ones produced anyway =]
I'm not sure how specific I would have to make the instructions though =(
Arg! All these pictures of wizard designs T.T I'm wondering if I should get one and if so what to request =[
But I remembered them from Puella Magi Madoka Magica =(
I'm in the process of getting my impressions to Noble to have them remolded so it'll be a while before I can get a direct comparison and keep in mind there's a difference between Universal fit and the customsI've been at school almost this entire time unfortunately =SI'd like to take proper pictures for this listing so I haven't been able to put any up (since I haven't even been home long enough)Will try and get some up on Friday
Responded to the 3 PMs
EDIT: I didn't think I'd have to write this but please keep offers reasonable. $400-500 is not a reasonable offer for something of this price. Price is or best offer. Looking to sell these off as I get a set of Noble K10s in. This particular pair was part of the original preorder and has been sent back several times for maintenance. The cable has been reterminated with a stronger 3.5mm jack that won't break like the other...
Wut Wut Wut Just saw someone walk by at school while I'm typing up a survey (for research) and he was wearing the Audio technica ATH-ESW11LTD The second most expensive set of headphones I've seen in the wild besides my own pairs that I've brought around (the most expensive being the LCD2)
Saw a big bald guy with KRK kns8400 on the metro the other day!
Never tried the dt660 Though I would personally recommend the AKG K551 as a very decent closed back. About $180 on the used market akes it affordable. A portable amp like the Fiio e11 should give it some extra juice leaving you at about $250 USD shipped CONUS.
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