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Made in Japan but first mentioned on the Chinese site?
I just got a pair of these Sony headphones (MDR10RBT) and I'm putting them up for sale. These are new in box with the shrink wrap still on them. Here's the Amazon link: They're pretty good bluetooth headphones. NFC so you can tap your phone to the headphones to connect. I already have the JH Roxanne UF so I have no need for this. These normally sell for about $180+shipping brand new I'm selling it $135 USD + shipping...
Would anyone be able to get me one of these in NA? Seems like it's only available in Australia
Heyo. Looks like I found this too late xD Probably going to end up getting an AK120 anyway but currently have the Fiio X5 and being a Fiio fan may as well weigh in with my opinion. For a portable DAP the main thing is being able to fit in a pocket. The Fiio X5 is the absolute max I'd be able to handle in terms of size. For screen size I honestly don't care. I used the sansa clip zip for a while and had no issues with screen size. As long as I can read the names of the...
Agreed. On certain tracks these sound magical. I wouldn't even be selling them if I didn't need money and the new Sony headphones weren't coming out
Even if it is $1500, Sony headphones have a tendency to go down to half price
Selling my used pair of MrSpeakers Alpha Dogs. Includes the original box, doggie treats, receipt (purchased in April), stand and the 6.3mm and balanced cables. Disclaimer!! These were used as portables so they have been *gasp* outdoors. I've already cleaned the pads in the case of any sweat having been on them. ALSO, the pads have been stretched out when I was using them on the W3000anv. They still fit on the alpha dogs but show a bit of looseness. My asking price...
I'm just scared that the release price / msrp will be horribly inflated like most headphones
Honestly I like Sony quite a bit I really hope they pull out from this I bought a fair amount of their products from a Blu-ray player, PS3, tons of games, headphones to even a TV and have never had issues.
I'm still dealing with them now for replacements / repairs >.>Immediately defective. Moon-audio wanted nothing to do with them and told me to contact JH about it. (It is in the Terms of Sale that they don't refund IEMs)
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