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Hey! I do this =S
Ill send out some messages tonight then. Most likely end of August?
30 minutes by car for me or 3 hours by transit. Anyway what times and dates are is the place free? I can start contacting people for an end of August thing
Do you have a postal code so I could get an idea of how far away it is for me?I live in the west island but if it's more convenient for everyone else that's fine with me
Id be really down to organize times with everyone if I had a decent place to host it. Unfortunately I burned one favor for another meet (kind of) and the only other one I could use is too small to setup up amps and such.
I know one person that had 2 really bad experiences in a row with RW.But it does "improve" the sound.
Just some leather porn and whatnot for you guys as you try and figure that problem out:
I owned the ak120 and the 240 is a lot cleaner. Never tried the ak120ii but my friend (dleblanc) says he barely heard a difference between the 120ii and 240 so he sold the 240. Personally I like the uniqueness of the 240 (i dont like the design of the 120ii)It's odd because my laptop works fine and my desktop worked fine for the ak120 and the 240 worked for a while too. Hopefully i didnt damage it by using it without a hub
I got a powered USB hub and the sound is a lot cleaner now when running the AK240 as a USB DAC
The first problem is that my AK unit isn't unusable. I haven't tried the 2.5MM port but as a DAP it functions perfectly for me and works well as a computer dac / amp.The second problem is that other DAPs don't have the functionality that I want to be used as a computer dac/amp with comparable sound quality.
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