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Interesting comparison. I really hated the roxannes and felt they were unrefined in the sound. Moved to the K10 and I'm more interested to see how the laylas turn out rather than buying them
used daily for a couple of months. So far no issues with the pads
Been seeing so many shure IEMs lately, most likely the 215 Rocking my AKG K551 while waiting for my nobles to finish getting refit =S
Talked to Brannan and apparently the turnaround for refits is very quick so there's no need to get something in the meantime xDAnyway from my new impressions is looked like it's just a question of how the bores are angled for the sound to be proper so hopefully everything turns out well with that!Can't wait to get the full sound (listening to just one side kind of sucks xD)Service has been fantastic
It's definitely the issue. Tilting the CIEM back a little bit makes it clear up but I obviously can't always do that.While I knew what I was getting into with CIEMs I wish I didn't have to send them back and wait another 2 months without headphones/earbuds for travelling
The left side is a bit muted.I already got a replacement cable from Noble but it's still a bit muted.Going to get my ear checked out by my audiologist as suggested by Brennan to make sure there's no bend deeper in my ear that would be causing this =S
The K10. Pretty sure the pictures showed up here recently =)
Got my nobles! Extremely pleased overall with them and the service. Working out a few kinks in the sound though.
Ive tried with HD800 in the past and while most agreed it sounded a bit better they couldnt say why. There were still quite a few that couldnt hear a difference o.o
Saw quite a few sets of momentums on my way to school this morning
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