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Sounds really nice :PNot sure how the B1 v1 sounded but this was quite the fun experienceWorking on my reviews between breaks from school
The onkyo is the only one I haven't heard (besides the potential ak320)Currently own the ak240 and auditioned the x7 (which I didn't like)I mostly agree with your ears about the sound of the ak240. However whether that's ideal to pair with various headphones is a different story (almost like a tube amp sound).I think I'll pull the trigger on the trade since I am a sucker for trying something new and the dpx1 doesn't have USB audio yet
I sent off the units to the next person on the list Currently sound wise not impressed by the M2pro but the B1 was really nice to use and I'm actually considering buying it. M2pro was a bit treble emphasized (slightly) And while it was a slightly sweet trebl, the rest of the frequencies were a bit muted and bland in a sense. Battery life was okay but still worse than the x7 and ak240 alike X7 vs m2pro would be iffy for me. x7 has blatant problems in the mid bass and is...
Was there a comparison of the sound of the 320 vs 240 at some point in this thread? Searches brought me to this thread but not what page of 23 pages, thanks
Looking to trade my AK240 with all the accessories, box and all that mojo (haha see what I did there?). What I want: Mojo and QP1R Want to try something different. Not sure what the trade values are for these things since I've been out of the trading game for a while since I got the Nobles and AK240. Though I think I'll have to add to my end which is fine. Anyway I'll let you offer me what you think is fair. Note: Cosmetic damage to the leather case for the 240. Some call...
Well I'll offer $375 + shipping and fees
Always using the same username myself :P
My family is out of town so just HMU with a time and place and I'll see if I can make it
1)Head-Fi user name GL1TCH3D 2) Your location ( City , Country ) Montreal, Canada 2) Which tour you would like join ( USA or Canada) Canada 3)Headphone(s)you have AKG K551 Noble K10 Custom 4)Music player(s) you have Only the AK240 but I am part of the Fiio X7 review tour 5)Links to review(S)you have posted(if any)no matter it is on head-fi or some others I'll do some more recent ones, extremely thorough reviews... (Currently writing the AK240 and X7 reviews...
Updated the X7 just in time to send it to the next person!
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