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Ah well it's always on for my computer. Would make sense.
That's just not a fair statement IMO. That's like saying CIEMs or IEMs in general should match up to full sized headphones in the same price range.As for my thoughts on the matter.I find the UI quite nice. It may not start up fast but it works from what I've used.The crackling issue that I posted about is local purely to my desktop PC and has not transferred over to the other devices I've tried it on meaning it most likely isn't an issue with my unit.Haven't tried the...
My crackling issue is back on my 240... not sure why, was fine for this entire time until about a week ago and it's really annoying me when I'm using it with my video
I'd love to try the pono but I've been hearing really mixed things about it and it's not really made in a good pocket format
I'd assume> Stax SRM-323S > Stax SR-307 Lambda
I'm almost certain that the first HD800 video that Linus posted he wore them backwards.He later corrected this so I don't have proof but I remember watching the video and just going WTF the entire time.It's a trap!He was actually baiting headfiers into taking pictures of himself
that's an SD card though ;PThe new sandisk one is microsd
Bestbuy Canada rarely carries anything good. They have momentums now at least.
I've never seen or heard the XB1000 so that's pretty damn rare indeed.
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