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Thanks. When I googled the lotoo gold i got something different on 6moons. Maybe I was just tired.Would be fun to get more user side by side comparisons. Kf course preference plays a big role and the lack of USB dac function makes this player less useful to me than a similarly priced AK240.
Can anyone point me to specific comparisons with the AK240? The review here on headfi wasn't too helpful and I can't watch any video reviews.
Like Bru said, most DACs will sound different so whatever you like best will be best for you. I've not tried it myself, but my friend tried the AK100 and AK120 side by side. This is an example of almost identical hardware besides the fact that the 100 uses a single DAC while the 120 uses Dual DAC. He told me the main difference was in the soundstage where the Dual DAC produced a much better soundstage all around. Hopefully this helps.
Sounds good!
Thanks It sucks even more because I just got my Nobles back this week from like the third refit and I have no source for them
Looking to buy a high end dap since my AK120 was lost / stolen and hasn't turned up anywhere yet. I get impatient especially when I have nothing to replace it with at home (that was my only dac/dap) I'm looking mainly for products that can function as a dac/amp combo for the computer through USB or optical. The main ones are (another) AK120 or AK120ii, Calyx M right now. Though I would be okay getting something that doesn't fulfill this function Not particularly...
Well today kind of sucks Lost / had my 120 stolen Had it in my pocket, nothing plugged in. Now it's missing and it never turned up in lost and found. If someone sees a used ak120 for sale online wuth no packaging / cable / receipt PM me please =S It last had a brown leather case with a deformed bottom right corner from where I dropped it. 2 microsd cards were inside fill with all sorts of soundtracks Thanks
Never tried. I imagine that Headfi would get more visibility among headphone audiophiles though =S
The biggest issue is finding a place to accommodate everyone and that can only happen when we have a good estimate of how many people want to join.
Hoping to start early on the planning for this meetup since last year was a little last minute and the potential meet up times ended up overlapping with school for a lot of our members. I'm hoping to see a meet organized for sometime in August since that's just before university starts for most people and it's a decent amount of time after SSI (Salon Son et Image for those who don't know. It's an industry meet where a lot of audio companies come and show off their speaker...
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