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There's no way that they'd want to sell them. The only reason they'd probably do it is to have it for themselves. Such an expensive and rare item would have to be sold very carefully and to either someone unknowing of the fraud or to someone who would just want a cheap one. Doesn't hurt to post the S/N though and everyone keep a lookout.
Only one picture?!? Cmon!
Downtown montreal would be the most reasonable for me to make it I know a small tea lounge near concordia but Id have to ask if it's okay and it won't host more than 5-6 people
I used HD800/LCD2 for a while as portables.Ive also seen LCD2s on the metro (even took a picture of the guy)The LCD2 leak a ton and dont isolate for beans.Hd800 leaks a lot but not as bad. It also isolates a lot better than the LCD2For an open back the HD800 isnt bad for portable use if you mind the price and size.
Bottom of the first post
If someone wants to come pick me up in the west island I can still make it =P Otherwise yea... very far for me (3.5hrs by transit all the way there each way)
I won't be able to bring my nakaya =(
I'm still about 1.5 hours away from lionel groulx by bus
Who else is going to be carrying around headphone boxes :P
Train times are absolutely awful for sundays =(
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