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Ive tried with HD800 in the past and while most agreed it sounded a bit better they couldnt say why. There were still quite a few that couldnt hear a difference o.o
Saw quite a few sets of momentums on my way to school this morning
Definitely outside the scopre of the assignment I had =(If I had more time for the assignment as well as more time to present the findings I definitely would have gone more in depth. Unfortunately part of the assignment was to be biased (though maybe the poll should not have been as biased)Furthermore I recognize this is an audiophile forum and that's what I wanted, to get the opinion of audiophiles in regards to cleebrity headphones. There's more than enough from the...
I'm doing a short presentation in my business communications class and the topic choice was really broad (well... completely open) I decided to just present my thoughts on the differences between celebrity and audiophile headphones. But I'd like to get some real data from other audiophiles! I whipped up this survey to do that: and would greatly appreciate getting a few responses! Thanks - GL1TCH3D
Arg T.T6-8 weeks without headphones is going to be toughAt least I got my order in and I'll be shipping out those impressions monday
Price is a lot more reasonable than concordia was offering
Very interesting!
Let me explain the title very quickly. A local audio store used to sell Stax and still has 1-2 leftover BRAND NEW pairs of the Stax SR007mk1 which IMO is superior to the mk2 for the following reasons: Faster sound / slightly more resolving. Better clarity in the treble. Not slow / bass heavy like the MK2+ I talked to the shop owner and he's willing to negotiate but right now the original price is set at $2500 CDN + TAX (~15%) and obviously shipping on top. I'm offering...
Unfortunately the Roxannes will likely be leaving me before this event takes place so unfortunately I can't bring much right now besides the AK120
That was my main issue =[Thanks for clearing it up. If I go the wizard route I'll be sure to be open about it. I haven't disliked any of the ones produced anyway =]
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