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Since this thread was posted that's what I've been hoping!Haha you sly buggerSony should have been more careful with their image titles writing on the IEM says XBA-25 I believe.As for the headphones you can see the vent on the bottom of the cups.
To summarize:We don't really know.Current rumors for the headphones are the ZX7 and ZX5, being placed around $1000 and $800 respectivelyThe latest image suggests a new DAP and IEM as well.
It's painfully obvious that they don't draw nearly the same attention as other brands when they're trying to be in those markets.They must be under the impression that just having the product out is enough to get the buyers when in this day and age it's obviously not.
It's interesting. The only things they really push here where I live are their TVs, cameras and the ps4, that last one being the only thing they really advertise.The big name stores (Bestbuy and the likes) usually have their high end TVs, the PS4 (obviously) and maybe their cameras. Though after that it's mostly the low end headphones and home theater setups. They also tend not to put the audio stuff on display / demo which might have a big influence compared to all the...
I probably should have been more precise with my statement!Disregarding the home setup products (TVs, theatre systems, game consoles), Sony doesn't seem to do well at all, at least here where I live.They stopped selling the laptops here, i rarely see people with Sony phones and even less so with Sony headphones. Their TVs do fairly well and the PS4 is, well, one of 2 consoles targeted at teens.I never said Sony wasn't note worthy in any way, I regard them as having very...
That's like the day after I start school =S
As far as I know only the niche audiophile market even recognizes them as a legitimate brand.I rarely see consumers with Sony equipment.
I think he meant the little flimsy jack was replaced, not the whole cable.
Am I the unluckiest JH Roxanne customer or something? Purchased January, Received early April. Defective on arrival, get authorization to send it back 2 months later, comes back still defective, send it in again, comes back working and now the cable is dead =/
Made in Japan but first mentioned on the Chinese site?
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