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I hate it when I want to buy something nonconventional and they won't even take my money  Yeah, Kirr ra Kirr has a pretty good sound track :) How much was that CD? Where did you get it from?
 Thanks for making me feel better Tango Yankee Golf That's so Mandom of you
It's not but I figured you to have started anime way before SAO. Just what I figured I guess. But I would take it that being here on AAMML distorts the time frame of anime viewingship. manga not traditional? *cries harder*
Wow... I don't believe that... It's a nice show. It seems people are divided on the manga or anime though with some saying the anime adapted many parts of it to be better and streamlined but that the manga was darker and had more themes but wasnt able to convey the emotion as well as say the anime.  Ano Hana is 100% tear-jerk material Chihayafuru is quite a good series though  Manga....not reall.. *cries*
Another thing Rozenberg   You need to identify your spoilers so people dont click the wrong ones.    either by changing the spoiler text to indicate the spoiler or by referencing the name of it in text
I was kinda referring to how Tsugumi's demeanor is similar to those stereotypical of strong and slightly Tsun German woman in popular media.  Ruri huh?.........but she isn't a love interest. Wait, one of your first shows.....wow, didn't know you started into anime so late Nodame may be a bit cheesy romantic but it's also slightly more realistic Try Planetes, Welcome to the NHK, Sakamichi no Apollon, Nana, Ano Hana, From Up on a Poppy Hill, Chihayafuru, Cowboy Bebop,...
And a little bit of  [[SPOILER]]
 What attracts you about Tsugumi? Is it because she stronk German woman who don't need no Ehemann? I didn't know you actually watched and finished Oreimo!?  Like Spice and Wolf then? hmm. You've checked out Phantom Requiem for the Phantom in the past and didn't like it right?What about Eden of the East? Or Nodame Cantible? dayuuuuum Decent but I still want a full core i# Not especially. Like the post said. Technically it will support both DDR3 and DDR4 but the same...
New Posts  All Forums: