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I only hope Origins is a legit Gundam series. I'll be devastated if it isn't. My hopes in G reconquista were shattered
I've heard horror stories for those as well US pays a lot better from what I know. The rate and hours I gave were the Japanese ones yeah, last I checked. Animators make the least and don't have the ability to sustain themselves with the amount they make.  I believe the average was about 23,000 USD a year doing well over 60+ hours a weekCrossAnge, G Reconquista, Buddy Complex  Were among some of the most..........welll....schiit animated things currently there. Gundam Build Fighters is remotely better. Fairy Tale and Kaito are very average. They are the average ones in animation out of the...
Yeah, I heard the same thing  As much as I love anime...this...just sucks really
  I don't doubt it This was around the time of Aldnoah yeah..OVAH TIME! They didn't  [[SPOILER]] they killed off the animator that drew the show! But man, unlike Aldnoah Zero, unforunately he doesn't [[SPOILER]]
The subs off those aren't bad from what I get Found the answer to the A1 pictures thing There are only 730 hours in a month. 130/30 for the month leaves 4.33 hours of sleep granting that he did nothing at all.
I haven't really looked into their censorship. A lot of anime downloaded seems to be ripped off their site thogh Gatcha My dad gave me the TLDR that was pretty much what you said Nice! I thought I was the history guy. But I did't really ever care for languages I've been noticing this, but A-1 Pictures has been a studio that has been producing some of the best animated airing series of the last half year ....continuously.Their current aring anime are:Idomaster Cinderella...
lol Yeah, it was hilarious imo. The part with Japan was so sublte and amazing imo EASY PEASY JAPAN IS EVIL!Great plan! I have so thought about doing this stuff. But the big problem is that the selection is still only mediocre. Funimation has some show and CR has the others.I don't want this stuff being split between 2 services.I don't mind paying the $3.3 per month....granting that they actually have shows that I want...which something that they don't.It's a...
Buo (like the buo in buo luo or pineapple)wei (like the english word 'way') I love this video way too much Cinderella Girls ep 1 Uzuki's smile is way too contagious. Rin has too much of a derpy face
Yeah..but im still wondering why the hell they chose to just .....forget about accents?
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