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Licensed Crunchyroll doesn't license any series. Funimation does as they have to sell it Crunchyroll is just a network but Funimation can both be the network and distributor.  There are some series you are right. But most of them operate under deals where Funimation owns the rights to it int he USA, and they work with CR on it There aren't too many duplicate series (not including the super mainstream popular ones) in terms of Funimations current streaming stimulcasts
Funi is starting a war with Crunchyroll :/ I am on the fence for which service I want to go with....but now its like half the anime are divided between the two I can't afford to buy both services.
That's what like...the majority of people here are waiting for lol  Arr mateys
Nope Not screening anywhere nearby 
Do they come with free durian scented key caps?
Yeah I prefer Full size keyboards However I'm thinking about getting a TKL one day if it gets cheapo
 Mechanical Keyboard MusterdRace
Dont wear it It will turn you evil You may try to [[SPOILER]] if you wear that
Reading Seo Kouji's new manga Fuuka right now   http://www.mangahere.co/manga/fuuka/c004/4.html   Lol   CAMEO for one of his most popular one-shots turned manga Half and Half as a movie they are going to see.   I really liked the oneshot/manga
The E09K probably do realize FiiO is working on the new E09S and will be releasing it in the future The E17K will be docking into it through the standard USB on the bottom.  The prices should be the same...should. Not guaranteed
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