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 ...we did something? hey guys...we did something good! ...whatever that may be S2's designs  They've grown on me. The voice acting really does it for me though.  This is really the ONLY series I've ever known where I didn't root for the MC girl as the one I want to win. I 99.9% of the time vote for the main story girl as best girl...but this time it's different. Yui has my vote. Men's Pocky?...where all dem female Pocky then? I like sweeter stuff...
One reason why I do like UBW is because I hate Shirou. This episode again...his annoying sense of justice, self righteousness, aloofness, and basic character design.  I like Archer, and how much he loathes Shirou [[SPOILER]] which really puts it out there for how much loathing there can be and how much I hate that kid
 i said for kicks and giggles lol. I have not seen nearly that manyIs she the english VA for Ryuuko?  Watching it right now lol
Gatcha, mine was rather uneventful as well Saw the two latest episodes of Case Closed just now for kicks and giggles (episode 772 and 773) as they are just solving cases anyway.... meh. Really....bland. In their world, only a year or two has passed since he disapeared....despite over 20 years already having gone by in the real world. 
Nice ep of Dungeon Pickup though. Very good production values
Bad memories from hs?Plastic Memories ep 3 Those 6mins of actual development and 20mins of comic relief......
meh, still a good thing   
Every episode of Yahari Ore has been breaking my heart. The music in the background, the facial emotions, eye movement and complexion.    Such pain. 
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