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The problem is....you can't diss love unless yo evil.    Because GUP is love. 
http://www.reddit.com/r/anime/comments/2qdknj/mitsuo_fukuda_cross_anges_creative_producer_about/   How did I miss this?   Creative Producer of CrossAnge answers fans questions on the series.      There are massive hints towards the future, future spoilers (as in he is spoiling that some character dies..but its obvious), and also making people aware that the name means something.
http://www.head-fi.org/a/terms-of-service Reading this it sounds tricky PM Jude, Joe , or Currawong and ask I know that a MOT has done a review here before but I'm not sure if it is officially allowed. It seems that you should be granting that they aren't your products. Welcome to Head-Fi! Sorry for your wallet
Haven't heard the X1   But do have the Q701   Great for gaming. But I have a reaction to the material on the pads and can't wear them for long. 
-_- Silly Micey It stands for  Generational Understanding of Pantsu 
 Eve tan has went to the dark side
No one disses on GUP   Whilst GUP girls don't feature any of the 'deep' characterization visible in series like Madoka or Steins Gate.  It has characterization that FITS the theme of the series. The girls aren't supposed to have complicated pasts. They are rather the vehicles towards the delivery of the action in GUP. If you take out all the scenes of the girls. You just get tanks moving around the field. It's their mess ups at the beginning, and their team building that...
It's like they missed the whole point of what made GUP good and then combined it with their puke stragey Producer: Well we all know cutesy schiit that doesn't do anything makes money right? Well and we know GUP made lots of money right? Well, let's make more military style animes. And up the cuteness schiit level to 11. money+money = moar money right?  That strategy only works in so far as you realize that GUP made money because of its more down to earth gritty fighting,...
They sucked during the first few episodes, but got better. That's what I was talking about. Compare their first battle with the final battle in terms of tank mastery, team work, and strategy and use of terrain AND knoweldge of other tanks and using it against them. Night and Day comparison
http://www.head-fi.org/t/750264/fiio-e17k-review Snap Crackle Pop  Nope. I don't have any iBassos or used any of them. 
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