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Why watch raws?...... its hard to get 50% of what they are saying honestly and Cross Ange has a bit of this
 In ways yes. Unlike Valvrave however. Cross Ange went for a faux pass.  It kinda said SCREW the international watchers. We are going to first draw attention through boobies. And then let the plot rip. It's similar to Spasu Dandy actaully. Spasu Dandy uses Boobies and its alluring elements as a way to provide future development on the characters and to show that they werent stupid and had depth. Cross Ange pretty much has done this. It's pulling a near Code Geass right now
above average is quite good. The 40-60% of anime is a 5   ANyway, just saw ep 9   This series just took all the WTF things that turned people off and turned it into plot and answers. 
Not on the imperial scale. 5 is the average of all scores and is taken as a median for a 'regular hey this is nice to watch' anime. 6 is a good with better than average elements. 
Me gusta though. On the imperial scale, it went straight from a 4.5/10 to a 6/10
Halfway through ep 9 of cross ange     People were right and it was why I picked the series back up   on /r/anime, every week there would be popular posts on Cross Ange getting better.    They were right.      I'm actually excited for the show. 
Just saw ep 8 of Cross Ange   Dayum,    The directors are becomming self aware   The 'plot' (fanservice) ACTUALLY turned into fricking plot! lol   This was the 'beach' episode...but it fricking became plot with the integration of the beach episode lol!
Except that says of 'stuff' that HE sells/produces etc.  The one that is the problem is this statement He'll have to contact the mods for furher info and ability
The problem is....you can't diss love unless yo evil.    Because GUP is love. 
http://www.reddit.com/r/anime/comments/2qdknj/mitsuo_fukuda_cross_anges_creative_producer_about/   How did I miss this?   Creative Producer of CrossAnge answers fans questions on the series.      There are massive hints towards the future, future spoilers (as in he is spoiling that some character dies..but its obvious), and also making people aware that the name means something.
New Posts  All Forums: