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The characters more or less 'ARE' the story. It's depressive and fantasy realism once you get more into it. A surreal refelction of real life underhanded operations in how when schiit goes down, it goes down harder and faster than ever anticipated is one of the main things. The characters are meant to be like that. To serve as a sort of reflective contrast in the later series, and to illustrate relationships If you don't do anything outrageous the cooler is fine.
Steam is a bit weird sometimes, remember to keep the steam.exe in the folder where your games are located and to add library locations once you boot steam up Remember to Delete System 32 to boost performance on your HDD. First time this advice actually isn't a joke lol. Extra files like that sitting there can produce conflicts. 
95% of the time, I completely forget and don't actively 'hear' the games music Back when I played Frozen Synapse, everyone talked about how good it was.... I didn't remember anything about the OST even 3 mins after playing it. This happens with most games I play. I seriously just can't call OST of most games.
So yeah, migrate it or fresh instal
Soup-kun How many times do I have to tell you not to use 12345678 as your password? Geeez Blue lights and all that used to be cool when I was 12. I don't have a thing for them too much anymore.   Series is awesome thoghHad a feeling you wouldn't like it The show is more 'retro' in style. It's based off a retro anime series after all and purposes itself on psychological themes, dark motifs, and careful execution and story progression If you don't like it so far, you won't...
What are you doing with it? Most of the time, people that get an SSD use it for the OS (since you made an announcement with a yay, I'm assuming you didn't have one), and thus never even touch Windows Disk Management software (which is pretty limited and crappy at times). If your computer doesn't have an SSD already, .....make it so. Use disk migration software and remember to either keep BIOS settings or change Windows registry after the move. If you suddenly change your...
They offered me a home to talk in, cookies, a Panda, and moar weirdos mommy!
I used to think the same Until I used the S5 today.  If the OnePlus was a contract phone like everyother but at $100, I probably wouldn't consider it. But it isn't. It's $299 lol
 Ra97or is meeting up with the HK AAMML' should too 
Nice work guys!   So still no body who wants to split a room there?
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