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  Listening to the X5 Second Gen with the HE-400S  Beautiful stuff!
Y U NO FAT ENUF yep....story of my life.  But I got a car so that's all that matters. Driving all dem female pandies
Haven't had a snack in a long time I'm not eating enough for hibernation 
Dang What sacrifice to the gods of HF must I make to join?
I'm the ruiner of gifs. The harbringer of destruction and doom....i am...the bow-wow Just finaly opened the new X5 Second Gen after sitting on my shelf for like two weeks...tis nice.  HD IPS Screen and some of the best parts from Burr Brown
Can I join this club with the cool kids? I swear I'm cool.
 *little bowei? Says Haiburi lol  Kirino best girlis that...a little animated poop icon thing she is licking?
Oh no. Not a challenge in any way. Just that since you actually have both. I'll allow you the honors of the more accurate compairson man. 
^  That may be very true.  I did have a long listening demo with the 560 but it's been about a year. Since you have both, we'll listen to you on that then. But I do remember the 560s having the darker background and more detail in the mids. Not that 400S isn't detailed there, but that it doesn't have the oomph and tonality in the mids that I remember from 560. I'm looking forward to what your opinions are when you get them. 
The 560s are more dark and have a more pronounced level of energy in the mids. 400S are a bit lighter with a tad bit less bass (if my memory recalls) but with more airiness in the sonic range. The full review will have more information when it's up. We'll have it posted and linked on HF
New Posts  All Forums: