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It is really only past 10 Hours if you have the dual core i5 model with the single M.2 SSD and 1080p screen. Those don't come factory installed with the larger battery though.
I'm using the Samsung PM951 512GB There is probably something wrong with the test or my SSD was doing some writes while I ran it(I ran the benchmark the first time I booted up the laptop)  It can do 10 hours on battery with my setup which is using the bigger 74Whr one. The i7 will down clock to sub 1GHz or even just above 700MHz when it is idling and won't allow itself to go past 1.#GHz on battery. The graphics will switch to only use Intel 530 unless you overide this...
 I'm just not a fan of the price lol! Great support, build and usability yeah. But they are very pricey. Thinkpads that is
Linux supports the Lenovo Thinkpads very well. 
Great to hear that they at least only charged you when it shipped and didn't keep your money in limbo   LQ picture FTW
 Dell computers aren't exactly known for having great Linux hardware support or compatibility. Especially in dual graphics switching units like the XPS15....and even worse. Nvidia GPUs.   I'm also not sure how Linux is with the M.2 PCIe SSD that  this is using or its system support for NVMe.  The precision touchpad, keyboard backlight also worry me in terms  of how Linux will be around it.  I'll be installing Ubuntu 14.04 in the  comming days so I can let you know.
Pictures of what?
Got the new laptop in. So I did a disk benchmark   I got 600MB/s in Writes and 1.8GB/s in Read on the NVMe SSD. A bit off from its official numbers. But reviewers noted  it is still the fastest drive they have seen in a laptop      
 Yeah but those are pretty few. Clevo is nice but I like to stick with name brands typically  Next year my little grasshopper. Just make sure you buy it AFTER you choose your University and college of discipline. Some have requirements for laptops. It's nice  but Windows OEMs still have  a long long ways to go in hardware to software integration and design before they reach the level of something that is truly a Macbook Pro alternative. 
 I'm conflicted with it. It's nice if it was modular and will work with any computer but it also makes me wonder if they are just trying to fill up space in a 17" laptop? While modular designs are nice, if they wanted to go for 'pure' cooling functionality. They could just use the extra space and overhaul the entire design of the laptops cooling system and make it 'better' than just sticking a fan in place of the CD drive 
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