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They shouldn't be too hard to find considering how much mainstream success that OVA series and manga had
It's been three years but I just reread Aki Sora. Amazing. It's one of the few h out there that has a real theme that it continuously drops on the readers in multiple scenarios. Very good stuff with a nice ending that isn't B S and good background story as well. Easily ranks as one of the best half h out there
It fits thoughHope for the new bus lol.
No charger on the bus? That must suck  You seriously can't just be on HF AAMML now can you?
  Lol. I do that so often. The moment I get to a page I wans't aware of that is NSFW in public I whip it out of there ASAP.
I liked Aki Sora A LOT better than Kiss x Sis. It was just a lot more mature... How you like it? Just don't start reading it .
Not enough anime. Needs more Aki Sora action while you are on the bus. (don't google it if someone is next to you)
I'm getting on a 14 hour train ride the day after tomorrow Bringing ALL the ANIME!
Angela Aki and her album BLUE is rocking my world right now. Two years later even. 
Most differentiate their eggs of course. 
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