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Just saw ReZero and I am fairly impressed. The first part was fairly mediocre but it did surprise me later on. Definitely watching this.
 I wouldn't really call it a merge. It's prospects are WAY more than I would have ever gave them credit for but it still has its limitations. It's called WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) and is mostly an integration with BASH and a few other things giving system access while in Windows and of course the ability to then 'run' and generate stuff as if you were in Ubuntu. There is no linux kernel or real filesystem however. 
 Dang.....don't know what you are doing to come to a conclusion that you need a few grand in just parts costs for a server
The new HF route is similar in content type but it isn't standalone and requires the other routes for full enjoyment.remake? What are you talking about. You mean a new anime. There NEVER was an original Tsukihimr anime......right
Studio Deen saving anime 2016! First Showa Rakugo and Konosuba, and now they hath giveth us Sakamoto Sama
 Yeah, many people were talking about the fillers and it is true. I was initially just thinking about how longer 24 eps was for this series until it struck me. In this decade, there is pretty much no anime that deviates from the cour schedule. In the old days, you could do 16 eps if you wanted but not in this modern age. 12 eps would be WAY too short for False Faces. The first 5 or so episodes before they reach Yamato had perfect pacing and character development. Getting...
I like the pace of it despite what people say. I'm not alone in this thankfully 24 eps was a bit too much and  they had a lot of filler. But 12 eps wouldn't have been enough.....so i guess i can't complain Grimgar or Erased :)  So hype. 3 movies will be torture to wait for. I've waited literally half a decade for Code Geass movies -_- It's gonna be torture for the series too haha. Many didn't like how 'light' UBW anime was compared to FZ........well little do they know...
Well it ended now so you can binge! I did that to Gundam IBO mainly because I've switched from PC viewing of anime to nearly 100% exclusive viewing on a TV using a media center. Gundam IBO is exclusive to Daisuki.net for same day episode release but Daisuki doesn't have an app for Roku which is what I use. CrunchyRoll does thankfully and while it does have Gundam IBO on its list, it is required to only get the episode one week later. This made me put it off but it just...
 Hahaha on Dimension W! It isn't a bad show but it didn't hold up to expectations and the hype for sure.  It's first few episodes had an almost Eureka 7 feel to me. But short story format took over I guess (is what I heard, I'm still on ep 6 or 7 I think). I didn't think you'd be the type to like Akagami Shirayuki . It's a sweet show which is nice to watch here and there. Dont jinx the season! I already know you're looking forward to next season's BeyBlade Blast anime debut!
Many are saying that S2 is pretty decent chance thanks to sales and popularity :D ---------- Just finished Utawarerumono False Faces! I liked it! While I was initially dissapointed at some of the stuff they did, the background reading on what is actually happening changed my mind.  I didn't realize it before but Utawarerumono is supposed to be a trilogy. This second season is meant more as a in-between before schiit gets real in the next game (which isn't released yet). I...
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