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 Yeah and those are the machines I've been buying lol. My desktop has one and any next storage I buy for my desky will have the M.2 slot filled. But its very observable nowadays seeing manufactuers pretty much flocking entirely to solid state and M.2. They are, in specs, choosing to (if feasable in price) use the M.2 slot over the standard sata if possible which is seen with the high end XPS 15 with top battery blocking off the sole SATA slot for just using M.2
 Probably not much in actual use for normal people. But we use the MSI GS63VR with the M.2 SSD for computer vision. Lots of small file moving, write, read and what not. Much faster on the MSI than one with the typical SSD. And we needed the laptop to be small and power efficent in terms of draw which M.2 affords.
@akiroz   Saw this and thought of you   Really nice character swap. And that RAM at the bottom lol
 We'll be out of a job Borisu if logic and knowledge worked in this world  That trash can....lol. You are making me lose faith in humanity  Hmm, we haven't ran into any issues. But then again, we installed all new drivers from the mobo website as opposed to using it stock. I'll let you know if it comes down to it lol   Hehe. I know why. Cuz plot   And niceu! we get a series! hopefully people won't be confused by all the events going around that are in their own little...
  But for reals. There are engineering reasons for the changes in sockets but they are more so very slight and out of 'why not' for minor boosts than anything major.  Yeah, graphics drivers are pretty much the biggest things to worry about unless you are uptight in league with the Linux FOSS folks. The current state of CPU 'support' in microcode and backdoors and bootup 'DRM' are making lots of them mad. I have a 960m in my laptop and just switched to a GTX 1060 in my...
The smaller lithography typically correlates to more efficency if all is said and done the exact same. But Intel and AMD want not just the efficency of the smaller litho but even more performance as well which can then create the problems you are talking about.
 Typically when you are talking support, its mostly with graphics card drivers and future gaming updates and down the line support. AMD has a record for being very good about supporting their cards for longer than Nvidia has in terms of gaming profiles and general performance updates. But Nvidia is a bit more stable with graphics drivers. Not really much in terms of 'support' when you get into CPUs unless you talking about future socket support...which AMD will win by a...
  I mean, you a graduate and all that. No real reason not too :D
I don't have any need for it.....but I am beginning to get hyped into the new AMD Vega architecture         I have a Nvidia PNY GTX 1060 6GB (desktop) with aftermarket dual fan cooler that I got for $185. But If Vega is that that good. Then I might just sell the 1060 and get whatever is in my range that Vega will push out.   #FIRSTWORLDPROBLEMS
 Probably with a boat load of money and cash to sponsor it
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