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None the less for childhood nostalgia, gonna watch the show and give it a look see But I think that it will mainly be targeted targeted ( as in like...legit targeted) towards children rather than the kids who grew up with it But if it happens to be the later, I'll be hyped as hell
I'm too poor to be a daily user of something like a HD 800 Someone on Reddit posted a 'fixed' picture taking the old style faces and putting them on. Doesn't look half bad  I grew up with the Digimon above so I'm fine with the old style animation  Plus, this pic is awesome AF
Thanks for pointing that out dayum I was wondering why it looked a bit weird when I saw that picture at first....
I posted a similar commercial months ago but the one I posted was HELLA metal. No idea what it is called anymore though
Everything needs color lol Anime by no means has any high end graphics or coloring as compared to stuff like BD live movies or graphics work.  get an IPS if you can afford it
I see you haven't lost your way  
The worst ones are practically just uhn-tiss uhn-tiss uhn-tiss without any explanation
I'm getting mine tomorrow as who knows.  nah man Just give it a good dose of Mjolnir and you'll be fine
No spoiler impressions? No, they will need to be on FB
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