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It's supposed to show more massive facial movement and discourse as a way to emphasize how displeased she is. Mainly because more facial displacement means more pissed and in a 2D anime, it is hard to show such displacement. So shadows are used to indicate a larger facial change which indiacates she is more pissed. 
....what? It makes perfect sense. They are bombing rebels in their country. It so happens to be that the rebels operate very close if not vry very close to Chinese border villages.  Borders are not very well defined and unlike in romanticized textbooks, its not a huge wall seperating the two. You pretty much have two villages right next to each other with people that know and work together differing only by citizenship. Myanmar was bombing the rebels near one of those said...
Aldnoah Zero So just pulled a [[SPOILER]] but seriously, Inaho is ruining the show more and more
While it seems it will be predicatable, I hope it isn't as DP has fullfilled and surpassed all my expectations and then some Schitty as you can imagine it to be. Soggy meat
 Nice work! Glad that more people get to try it out  Best of luck guys
People have stopped battling temporarily and are just holding each other as brother's in arms...for none of their ships will ever make it to port
I don't see a future for Nisekoi, but oh well, the anime is entertaining to watch  I just ate a $1 microwaveable Sweet and Sour Chicken lol
I'm pretty pissed though. Not that I follow the manga, but because I know that there is no 'best ships' in Nisekoi. As one bloke put it bluntly in the threads. There are only submarines.  A continuous cycle of going up and down ....but never docking into a home port. The thing with Nisekoi's submarines are that they are SSNs, nuclear powered. They just keep floating around in the ocean of best girl wars foever....never reaching home 
lol did you make this~!??? That's hilarious either way
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