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Not exactly. More like a successful Tokyo Ghoul + Parasyte the Maxim combined together  If you liked Parasyte and the general premise of the Tokyo Ghoul show then I seriously recommend checking Ajin out on Netflix. Very cohesive series that executes itself very well and fills the 'serious' hole that Parasyte couldn't.  Yeah, definately a surprise show from last season that I didn't expect to like so much
But then it's not hot fire! @akiroz Borisu, I just started Ajin after hearing you talk about it and since it is now officially on Netflix.  .....this is wow. Can't believe how little attention it got. Well I do. It wasn't officialy licensed for any U.S distribution until after it aired by Netflix and is also CGI making it offputting for general people. The fan subs that were out during the original run was also very bad :( Dang.....really enjoying it
 Yeah, it still has lots of mystery. GuP is very clear with it but its more SoL which is fine. Very good formula that meshed with a whole lot of fans including me. Haifuri has a bit more target towards those wanting more plot oomph. It's hot fire   poi poi it is very good so far yeah! very much looking forward to next episode  Yeah really digging it. It could fall flat if it doesn't hold up its twist ante but so far so good.    
Just saw the available two episodes of Haifuri. Well dang. I was expecting it to be maybe on the level of GuP at most and was hoping it would just copy the GuP formula to get some relative success. They have definately exceeded my expectations. It seems the creators were intent on this by switching the promo images on the websites right after the first episode and 'action' started. It might be hard to keep the momentum of these two episodes so I am keeping my expecations...
Digging The Lost Village this season. There aren't many shows with WTF rationale and characters with just weird anime schiit like Valvrave BUT that is IN on the joke and is doing it intentionally So many red flags in this show that would make me drop an anime typically if it weren't for just how intentional the setup is. Which brings to mind just how uncanny the resemblance this shows 'WTF' is to that of Valvrave. EDIT: That moment on MAL when you realize the default...
It's keeping up it's ante for sure. Not over the top but not continuous monotonous dialogue either. It seems it knows what its viewers expect and is keeping itself in line for an entertaining spy show. 
Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I watched a few during the last few days and just have some prelim thoughts on ones I've seen and ones I still need to see.   I've seen:   The Lost Village - I'm interested so far. It has some very jarring characters, pacing, and visual direction towards how it 'shows' them all of which look very intentional. I'm hoping for something like Suicide Island or Battle Royale maybe but I'll keep watch   Re:Zero - I have good hopes for...
 Sounds good. I guess asking during the first week is also begging for trouble. Thanks! Exactly what I was looking for. Shows that I was on-the-fence about but that some friends suggested. I watched Spy Game when it came out and liked its premise. Will definately keep watch.  Yeah, I'll check out the others but im pretty hyped on Sakamoto :D You mean super biased first week rage quits aren't normal?
There are many shows that I'm on the fence about even demoing.    Care to post the titles of those you enjoy?
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