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Its a thriller with real substance that it draws upon in terms of both plot, characters and its subtly mature approach to death and its related eventsIf you liked the UERM you will like those two
Like any good boy that makes decisions in VN RPGs. I always choose sleep
yeah. I just saw it on the densha and thought it was sugoi desu*performs Naruto hand sign while saying sentence*Despite that. I think your opinion isn't as good as my opinion desu and I'm gonna obnoxiously tell you desu why .It was just amaze balls desu
This schiit is so true. Everything they said is schiit that I've seen... And I probably live nowhere near thatdude.A recent reddit thread (loads of redditors watch anime) on worst conventions in the USA. Animefestivals topped the listYeah. I read into what happens in WA2 part two a bitOnly watched....yeah
The more I think about and remember the video on anime. The more I get impressed by White Album 2. It wasn't a perfect series but when you think about how much work had to go into it politically from the director, creators and key production people so that it won't suck. The more I am amazed at what it did. Its OST is fabulous as balls as well I hope it sold well enough and broke even enough to get us a season 2
I shall write this message to you for the amount of free with a shipping and handling charge of $7
Makes a lot more sense yo Same score I gave 
 Yes. The all glorious video. Strange that they are doing so.  It may be special mil grade body armor they are banning? The greatest thing a country has to fear - and should be - is its own people.   From all my years of manga reading and anime watching. That is what it seems to be the situation in Japan The show didn't ditch you. The alien species just brainwashed you into not liking it
Anybody here want to buy Payday 2 for $7? I have an extra key
Whiffy wifi fifi whiffy Don't ignore the show. It is glorious
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