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 Most UEFI computers these days allow for more advanced options such as disabling un-needed SATA ports and hot plug settings, disabling checking/bootup from certain USB controllers, moving Boot order and record around and deleting the ones you don't use. These things and the other general settings can get your computer booting pretty fast. I do a lot of config, so I pretty much have every option enabled with normal POST check tests. 
 Combo reply to all of you.   It isn't an issue. It's with my setup. It was more of a #FirstWorldProblem rant than a problem My computer has different levels of POST checking, normal, thorough, and minimal with boot screen or not option. I keep it on normal. Also, I disable secureboot, fastboot, and some of the S# sleep options because it screws with being able to access UEFI. I have multiple operating systems installed on a PCIe SSD which does add to POST and booting the...
The POST on my new laptop is super...fricking....slow lol.   It has one of the fastest laptop PCIE SSDs but the POST and BIOS option time is around 30s before it starts loading OS.
Hopefully it will make me want to upll out some cash  There is probably going to be a new Nvidia lineup as well for high end GPUs. Believe it or not. The hottest thing right now in that sector is power, consumption, efficency, size, at the extremely extremely low end. ARM meets x86_64. 
Nice nice.  I went Skylake instead of Haswell as the ship is kinda sailing on Haswell now. Prices are near normalized now and DDR4 is commonly cheaper than DDR3 somehow (or at least matched). Plus new stuff of course.
its not that.Its how there hasn't been a legit AMD lineup since 2012 that isn't based on the same chips or mod variants.
Bowei getting impatient on buying a new Pascal GPU. Eats bamboo in meantime
 Implementation is half the battle :/ They are  trying to do a lot more  of the automatic integration that Mac OSX does with printers. Doesn't work too well
 Google shows people having these problems albeit not on a huge basis. I take it that those that are in similar config aren't asking/goolging about it because it doesn't crash the program. It just makes it 'slower' which to most users. Is meh and ok. It was most likely an update on making Word more robust by caching or pre-emptively queriring your printer so it can print quickly or generate X Y Z. Good idea...they just didn't bug check it with their other teams....you...
Microsoft may be one of the world's largest software companies.....but it still doesn't make me believe that their end user products suck.   On Windows 10 with Word 2013. If your default printer is set to a slow network printer (either by network speed or connection), you will have massive lag in moving around documents.      Both my room-mate and I experienced this on two separate computers (albeit both running Win 10 with same Word edition and same network). We...
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