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 Lol. All it takes to gain another watcher of Re Zero.   Yeah, i see a bit of that too  
I saw this posted too! Such cute! But to be fair, this isn't exactly Re:Zero REM. Really a generic pretty anime girl using Rem's cloths and what not. I count far off art style differences with a girl different enough to really be more fan art of a slip in character.
 We are currently operating on a scale of harnessing the laws of Quantum Mechanics. But soon, we will need to enter into quantum computing as we get smaller and smaller into the abyss. When the sizes of gates are but atoms in size and the laws of quantum mechanics and physics start to fall apart.  Not really a big deal but an good chip for the time being. A recent video showed that performance differences between the very top Intel i7 chips over the lat 10 years showed...
Transistors are simple switches like a railroad crossing switch. They act on the switch by having a 'control' input. The reason why they are semi conductors is due to the P and N junctions dosed in the right amounts such that they can either turn on and have flow go outwards one of the gates. Or not. They are half kinds of a full conductor precisely because they have the ability to conduct....and also not :D
 That's a good one too lol There are lots of wallet warriors out there. Still now, there are people in threads talking about using the i5 2xxx series and still....waiting lol. They don't want to be upset and want a performance boost of magnitudes. Screw semi conductors. Why don't we advance on the technology map already  And just move to full conductors instead of paltry semi conductors /s  (I've taken semiconductor electronics, I know the futile answer to this)
Yep The game of business is of course profit. Common folk in the majority still will be buying and people upgrading. Us here represent the extremes, the deal waiters, the nit pickers. Low profit margin people. I've bought but what....3 cards new in the last 6 years or so. And then, at massive deals. They have to sell to the majority still
The same reason why people care about the newest iPhone even though they know another one is coming out in a year. What WILL come out is different than what JUST launched :D To many of us that don't upgrade rigs very often, it seems ludicrous. Just wait a year or something right? But the market includes the regular buyer as well. Those who upgrade rigs religiously, or buy stuff that is out at the moment like common consumers. The majority of buyers don't spend hours...
I was too. I saw that show using fansubs too
Yep, some starting at the end of this week. Others starting next week being the more legit start.
I saw this back when it was airing. I liked it until it starting diverging and combining different VN routes together
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