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Just saw Kiniro Mosaic ep 2   So fluffy .....   Me smurking the entire time lol
@jgray91 My cowriter will be reviewing the Creative units btw
When I have time :D  I thought you lived in the middle of nowhere?nice mug lol :D I've had way too many similar mornings of 'one more episode' lol
Could it be a setting issue or a really crappy VGA cable?
Mainly as a way of a 'guarantor' and to use a digital component than an analog one where the analog one can suffer from artifacts, distortion, and possible 'fuzziness' during times. Not sure what you mean when you said the cables changed your resolution though Finally watching KinMoza S1 ep 1 It is way too  Not to mention....the English they speak is American english lol. edit:I'm laughing too hard. Is the reason they call S2 Hello KinMoza because they keep on...
Wait....why didn't/don't you use digital connection? Also what were the two cable types? Owari no Seraph ep 2 Decent. but WHY does serious shows always need to revert to a stupid HS setting for no stupid reason!??
Dang. I may have to watch it While I don't generally care for compilations. I did like Arpeggio quite a bit and am SO down for the part where Silver Sky plays again  Much wow, such poi
Dang How was the movie? Even if it is a compilation :(
lol I have yet to open the retail package We can all be a lazy panda
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