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Just finished the newest episode of Shigatsu Wa Kimi Such a sweet way of  [[SPOILER]]  the next episode's name, the monologue at the end of this episode and the last scene....oh gosh...oh fricking gosh It's no longer a  [[SPOILER]]  Prepare yourself...feels are comming. 
I see this posted here so often lol  Anyway, I'll take pride in recommending you 5cm per second and the massively awesome works of Makoto Shinkai If I had to rank them in terms of how much I liked them, it would be: 5cm per second Voices of a Distant Star Garden of Words The Place Promised in our Early Days The Children who Chase lost voices 5cm per second is without a doubt, the magnum opus of Makoto Shinkai such as Spirited Away is to Miyazaki.
Have you seen the movie?I read the manga The manga was better than the anime imo. I couldn't stand how it did the visual elements of it. Too artistic for me.  Certainly a good read. But it pales in comparison to the mangum opus of the entire phycological genre: Oyasumi Punpun I know you don't read manga....but take it from both: MeJgrayRikkunTYG that Oyasumi Punpun is a fantastic read.   It is highly doubtful it will ever get an anime. Most likely because it wont sell well
Did you know. That cherry blossoms fall at five centimeters per second?
So just got plex.   Decent experience with it so far, but it has some schitty Smart TV support.    Anyway     It butchered and 'fixed' the name of about 10% of my it gives me the name of some schitty movie and its details when in reality the episode is something else   This is VERY annoying as you need to somehow manually find and change it all
Yes and no Yes if you just need a setup to work and do some decent listening But if you are already forking over the cash for the Asgard 2, you should be getting a proper desktop mounted DAC along with it The FiiO is a swiss army for a reason. It has a very fun sound, but misses the mark on a lot of the higher end components of 'transparency' that good amps can bring out. In essence: Yes, you could use 87 octane gasoline in that new Ferrari....but if you bought the...
nah Tron the movie
Good show.  I found the ending to be  unrealistically realistic.  In where it tried to make it realistic in terms of the idea that 'their fairy tale will come to an end'. But it went about it in a very unsatisfactory and almost deus ex sudden way. Also....  [[SPOILER]] they also chucked that off the wall as they didn't want to deal with it anymore despite building it up as one of the largest subplots. 
The good lord has spoken! Begone mere mortal! nah. Genghis Khan was  You messed up CG with GC lol Spoiler tag that please
Speaking of death flags. In Cross Ange It seems like  [[SPOILER]] have death flags on them
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