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Linux... Ahhhhh killing my apps after updating. Not even surprised anymore. I can pretty much expect a 25% chance of an update/upgrade to the Linux distro killing something nowadays. Ubuntu gave me an automated update message today. I ran it and now Kodi crashes and locks entire system up. I just love solving problems when I want to relax.......right?
 The NightHawk AC1900 and 3TB HDD I got for $60 each still isn't here as it is on special order #FirstWorldProblems   I would generally agree with you. But Yume has won my heartI haven't seen recent one yet. Very hyped
Nice! You don't need a laptop? Put a nice SSD and GPU in that and you should be solid
You'll pretty much know if he didn't apply it or didn't apply it correct the moment you get it and play a game with it.
that is honestly so luckyMainly because PCs cost more over there meaning it has good value left
Take pictures of our darling please  When you say picked up........do you mean BOUGHT....or got for free?
 Nice! What kinda date is it? Audio or photography? 
$1009 subtotal and $1059 after tax and 2 day shipping so $8249 HKD.It is Dell Certified Refurbished but it is impeccable. No scuffs scratches or any sign of use on laptop. they give you new charger with laptop. Also 90 day return and 1 yr warrantyNice to hear!I do miss the physical usability of the Macbook Pro though.The new 9550 is literally a clam to open up.
NvmThe SM is faster but PM has more IOPS in certain tests. The PM is enterprise drive. The official review got the same numbers so this is fine. I'm content either way. I don't know/think the SM can fit in laptops? I may be wrongIt is willing to ramp but not to the full turbo boost. You can use override settings to get it to ramp to stock clock but I don't think to full turbo.The i7 I have (finally checked real specs) will go as low as 800MHz so I wasn't that off so it...
The PM should be faster so I guess it was because my computer was doing something during my initial bootup :/ The 700MHz was more of like on idle while I fall asleep during lectures. It clocks up to 1.6GHz fairly quickly when you do stuff and to its standard 2.6GHz when you are doing something 'more'. And then to 2.6GHz + to its max of 3.5GHz when you need more Dakka. the 8.5Hr actual battery life tested by reviews and 10 hours cited by Dell was at 40% screen brightness on...
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