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  Lol. I do that so often. The moment I get to a page I wans't aware of that is NSFW in public I whip it out of there ASAP.
I liked Aki Sora A LOT better than Kiss x Sis. It was just a lot more mature... How you like it? Just don't start reading it .
Not enough anime. Needs more Aki Sora action while you are on the bus. (don't google it if someone is next to you)
I'm getting on a 14 hour train ride the day after tomorrow Bringing ALL the ANIME!
Angela Aki and her album BLUE is rocking my world right now. Two years later even. 
Most differentiate their eggs of course. 
Lol thanks! See you in a week man! Enjoy the great Canuck land of Murica Now with 60% more FREEDUM makes you truly realize just how in bad shape the industry is.  And why you keep hearing about animators slaving away at poor pay.  Mainly because such a large amonts of series fail (to break even). Even the ecchi ones. And where the cesspool of anime that 'do' make it with their dedicated anime that you can count on to buy your stuff. Is the stuff that gives you the tiny bit of capital to make new series.   Sad to see that the founder of Madhouse that...
  Awesome video on the industry. Some things I don't fully agree with but the general idea is good. 
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