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They've been fairly stagnant in their technology so competetive Tech is nice. But it seems that Microsoft's own new product will be doing something similar to what Dell is producing as well.
 Seems everyone is rushing into this artistic space these days even though the actual market for those that CAN use it and CAN afford it are not as large as the marketing campaigns they are pushing out to target. Oh well. It's their money and it is cool tech. Just hope it doesn't crash and go to waste.
Anybody up to DIY some stuff?   Transparent monitor on side of PC case that iBuyPower did at CES or PAX this year     Pretty cool. It's great seeing iBP stepping up their game using actual named mobos and parts and keeping the price fairly affordable as well. 
 Military tech is also interesting from a BOOM BOOM point of view.    As for Ichigo 100%. The manga is where it is at. I've re read it probably 4 times in my life at about two year intervals. Still one of my favorite manga of all time. 
 Yeah, the eyes, eyelashes and facial proportions were very dis orienting for me.  Yeah, we know Borisu. .Especially from all the VNs you play with crazy dismembered lolis in them  Yeah, not really historical accurate. More that I just wanted to bring up the bayonets and just rant more than anything.   You're the odd one out Yeah, did enjoy Demi chan quite a bit. Looking forward to more.    I did like Demi Chan a lot but I'm not so sure about the maid dragon anime. The PVs...
 GB? Poi
 The in anime art is not as cringey/scary as the promo pictures though. Tanya is actually sorta cute in the anime whereas the promos look like an 80year old scary doll.
Seiren Episode 1:   Loving it already. I'm a sucker for anime like this. We are in for 12 episodes and we are getting three heroines this time (out of what seems to be a total of 6 or 7  from the OP scene). It's been confirmed that we will be getting 4 episodes per heroine to fill up all 12 episodes :D   IF it does well, we can expect probably a S2 with the rest of the heroines adapted.    I loved Kimikiss, Amagami, Ichigo 100%, and Hatsukoi Limited so this one...
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