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I'm fangirling while listening to BabyMetal lol  I do like metal, but I also like pop a lot. So I'm hear just moving along to the kawaii pop, but digging the riffs in the background
Baby Metal has captured my heart today.   What is funny is that they are considered to be the younger group from Perfume.   Their members include people that at one point were in the little sister group of Perfume's and now feature choreo and many artists/accompanying/companies affiliated and promoting wtih Perfume.   Dang. Just like it   Fancy and stylish adult older oneesan Perfume and rebelious kawaii metal imoto Baby Metal group lol   It's Not My Fault My...   Just pledged for one!
Ore Monogatari is stealing my heart
That engrish in that show though
Wait what show was that?
Is that their official page!? Lolwut is exactly the way to describe it
Just bought the Withcer 3 Wild Hunt for $22!! WOOT   Thank you based Nvidia!    EDIT: 2 hours later   I just spent the last two hours doing the Pre Order bonus paper toy print outs lol   What it's supposed to look like.    What I made lol     not bad
Everything about the episode with Plastic Memories pissed me off   I was completely aggreing with the security squad about how incompetent they are.     Also.......I guess the Psycho Pass Dominator is also in this show lol. 
I love how we had the same reaction and posted the same thing about that....plot
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