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 Wait, you don't live in the greatest place on Earth?
This is a good point that I do make note of. That the E11K works well if used in most situations and with the feet.  But let's be honest. Not everyone uses accessories and stuff like that. 
At that point, it may be better to buy a PSU that is good for a tiny bit of money Seasonic Rebrands that will have enough power are only $29.99 after MIR
Thanks but what credit?  Introducing you to the very known idea that the 8 and 10s rock?
I am really sad right now if this is going to be the case. 
BIG BIG BIG! Thanks to you as well man :) Fellow Bowei-eh Youtuber  lol!
Try Nvidia 750Ti if you want a better GPU...without much need for a PSU (if you get the right versions of this card)
Depends If it is a really good unit, has sufficent amps, and the rest of your stuff isn't outrageous It should be fine.  You'll know if its a really good unit. As you have to have personally purchased...that power supply If it's a stock Dell/HP PSU then no. Don't even try (if you can with the general lack of PCIE cables)
Yeah, it is a great show Link me the video? Even if it is still your brother being in the forefront of it. I'd still like to see it  And thanks man!  
Bishonen desu ne? ~~
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