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Yeah, I had one before as well, those sucked.  Glad to see you are liking your job at FiiO  It's always fun talking with their staff members  Check it out!! :D I got the S107 and I hope its awesomeClariS is legion, they do not forgive, they do not forget   Ah, you have an S107 too I see :Dtry ultrasurf
It's one of the most popular RC vehicles on the web for its price :D Lots of awesome fans for it I'm a huge fan of heli's and planes and love playing sims :D   Syma RC helicopter is on sale. 25% off. Really wanted one for a bit so I bought one.
First episode of Love Live S2 gave me cancer
Inugami San   INSTA DROP
I saw nyanpire a while ago. Quite interesting show :D
Really? I'm fully fully invigorated by shows that are serious but not overly psychologically deep and artistically theme based
Knowing TYG, the real decision maker will be the scene after with the....bread making part. He's the type that may insta-drop a series from that or may not
Yeah, I posted it last night It's 50/50 for you. I think that for you, you'd be more on the side of not liking it But for me, it was quite interesting. The world building, and magic/melee fighting style is very organic and not flowery like others. And so far, going quite well. But the fan service here and there (not too many) and the MC may not be something you like She's the airhead that can barely speak full sentences and gets into messy situations.
 dayum, lots of anime out today is that scale on regular scale or imperial scale?Whiny MC, shallow other characters Sounds like the anime I hate :D
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