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  Lol   New preview from DBagChocolat.   Pretty good. Nice results as well which I agree with. Shigatsu, Death Parade, and OreMono are pretty good
Played about 6 hours now. The mas majority of people complaining about the game on Reddit..... are honestly enabling incorrect graphics settings resulting in low FPS, or don't yet have good driver support for their hardware. An issue that plagues every AAA release.  I turned off Nvidia Hairworks...obviously as I have an AMD card....many of whom in that thread seemingly did not understand/realize would cause low FPS as they are some of the highest upvoted posts. And I...
Booting into it now. I'll let you know  Reviews are all extremely positive though This is a good sign though
  Release in less than an hour       ermahgherd ermahhhgherd x 5   It's downloading the final keys!   ermahgherdd!!!     It's done     Well then gentlemen, you won't be hearing from me any time soon  
6 hours to Witcher 3
Finals finished yet? lol I bought a GPU from a friend and here I am with it lol for my summer computer. It's a 7870GHz like my others but this one is a non-reference design from XFX with Double D stuff in it :/
Disable all startup programs. Enable only bare minimum services. Disable AV, and 3rd party programs. Now try. If it doesn't work. Boot into a safe or Windows mode that has minimal services that will still allow program execution. Disable AV. Now Try. Work backwardsd slowly enabling apps to find the one or one(s) that cause the issue.  Another thing could be drivers. Is it the most recent drivers? If so, when did you last update drivers. If recently, rollback to previous...
  Heavy Breathing
Iroha's first line from the new SNAFU episode sounds like something from an ecchi video......
I read through them....dang that is sad  Which is why many 'foreigners' and more confident people from other countries around the world or Asia are having good chances in countries getting wives and what not. Chinese men/businessmen will often go to Korea to get wife's nowadays. 
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