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I wasn't a believer of the mini all in one audio units before.    I am now.    They can't drive big stuff. But dayum.    I have the Cambridge Audio DacMagic XS with me. Not as transparent, but its sonic quality is something that would be awesome on the X5
I still remember the day Jgray busted into this thread using that gif. 
Yeah, the next one looks promising....but I say this every time  You still use your SR 202?
 Well, I'll post the pieces up once they are published.   All...the hyouka gifs.   The new Fall season looks fantastic. FSN fTW!
Yeah....same actually. 
I am offered 6.  One of my publications has 3, the other has 3 as well. All content from the two sites have to go through these editors before being published. 
Dat feel when you know you have 6 editors to clean up your writing.   [[SPOILER]]
What did they mod?   Battery mod? I don't trust most battery mods. As most batteries you can buy that are hi-cap are actually worse. 
Someone on CL is trying to scam me. So fun.  Best part is that it is text book scam. Pretty much near identical to this one.  I'm going along and having fun with the ********* right now.  My last message to himTop part is to do one of those false checks to see if he will actually call me.  If he calls me, and does cash sale. I don't care.   If he doesn't. I'll give him this address 1600 Pennsylvania Ave...
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