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Do we get more engrish like that from Aliez? Also congrats on college choice. I heard my brother gloriously stood in for you as a "Insert_Generic_Asian" here at a swim meet award ceremony hahaha! Can't tell them apart so Copy+Paste I guess haha. 
hmmm. How about the Kabaneri of Iron Fortress OP??? dang...... I like the beginning part of that song but not that rest. 
I was tasked with setting up audio and technology at the new real estate office near me.   So in-mounted ceiling speakers are now set up......guess what I play to demo it???.....hell yes. STYX HELIX and ALLLLLL the ani songs! 
 wow! Dang. I didn't really like the main OP for Kabaneri but ehhhh I was told that it was intentinally meant to be pronounced like Miss Android with that tid bitEmilliaaaaaa-tan!
 Adding Boku no Pico to that list anytime soon?   I was reminded because one of TheIshter's latest anime covers featured it! :D 
 The cliffhangers are pretty damn good though. I hate them but it makes me want to see more!I'd say that it's a pretty good watch that has so far exceeded my expectations.  Yep! Lots of car crashes!
Welcome! And yeah, both are good but the current episodes are pushing Re:Zero a little over though in terms of personal preference. 
Both Re:Zero and Kabaneri are trying for the more than AOTS now....they trying for AOTY!   At the current moment, Re:Zero is currently topping Kabaneri for that title though! 
Eyy. Pretty good cover of Re:Zero ED "STYX HELIX" on a guitar. I was pretty impressed with the production values and the good audio mixing. There seems to be a light filter effect on DR enhancement or soundstage enlargement used but it was mostly tasteful IMO. I listened quickly on laptop speakers so i may be wrong.   
I do! Welcome Really enjoying Netoge but I just can't believe you can ever blow that much money on prem items in games  
New Posts  All Forums: