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Bishonen desu ne? ~~
I don't know the word Noodle-people?
The manga was fine. 
Y'all ******** need Jesus     Legend of the Galactic Heros is amazeballs
Might possibly be color profies?   I have no idea as well
The current Mahouka ED is growing on me. Gotta say, I'm liking it. 
 Nice! See, put a little effort in and it rewards Is that a good dayum? As in...dayum, not expecting such awesomeness? Still a few eps behind  
K ON Ed 1, Don't Say Lazy is stuck in my head I wish to thank Evey for always having animu music on my DAP. Even new ones I discover! Only one I couldn't find yesterday was Hyouka ED 1
No... Please no. Don't even mention that name.They are pretty much banned from most audio sites due to their behavior.They are a disgrace.Noble was born from heir
Nice. I can definitely see why you thought that of the 8. Its just that it suited mainstream music so well that I jut didn't mind its mid range "issues".It seems you like the K10 Is it not working right or just a pain?Macbooks and bootcamp versions determine which windows OS you have support in installing by the way. Enterprise windows won't work.This caused me a full days worth of problems until I realized
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